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"Chief Wang, you've been spending so much today, sending the car and paying for the food. I feel a little embarrassed." Even though Lin Fan was saying this, his hands didn't stop. He continued eating and drinking. To be with this kind of boss, he had to seize the opportunity and spend as much as he could.

"You better do a proper reading for me later. A $300,000,000 investment. If it doesn't work out, I'll lose everything," said Wang Ming Yang.

*clattering sounds*

When Fraud Tian heard "$300,000,000", he dropped his fork onto his plate.

"What? $300,000,000 just to boost one person's popularity? How much is he worth? Why not boost me? I can fight, $30,000- no, $300,000 would be enough," Fraud Tian promoted himself.

"Stand aside. No one wants to boost your popularity. If anything, it would have to at least be a young man like me," Lin Fan said.

"She's here," Wang Yang Ming gestured towards the door.

"Wow, a beautiful lady!" When Fraud Tian turned his head, he was seduced with one look. He started to drool uncontrollably, without a thought for his own image.

Lin Fan despised the look on Fraud Tian's face, but when he looked over to the door, his heart skipped a beat. She was really that beautiful.

She was at least 1.75m tall, and her legs were long and slender.

Her perfect S-shaped body was even more attractive, especially those two mountains. They were large and plentiful things made by the heavens. When she walked, they bounced up and down.

However, she looked a little unripe and inexperienced. If she looked more mature, not many men would be able to restrain themselves before her.

"Chief Wang."

When the beautiful lady arrived, she caught the whole restaurant's attention. Even those men who came with their girlfriends and wives couldn't help but glance over at her occasionally.

"Yes, sit," Wang Ming Yang nodded and when saw Lin Fan faking an expression of indifference, he laughed to himself.

Wu Huan Yue started to get nervous. She was an art student. Other girls from her school always said that if you wanted to stand out, you either had to have someone to back you or have some kind of asset.

She didn't have anyone backing her, but according to her schoolmates, she had the assets, and as long as she opened herself up and made some sacrifices, it wouldn't be hard for her to have a spot in the entertainment circle.

Afterwards, when the film companies came to the school to scout for talents, she met all their criteria perfectly, hence she got selected and signed with a film company.

That day, she was told by Chief Wang that she had to be somewhere that night. He told her to dress up and come. This made Wu Huan Yuan very anxious as she didn't know what to expect.

At this moment, Wu Huan Yuan secretly glanced at the 2 people by Chief Wang's side.

The middle-aged man sitting opposite her had an uncouth appearance, and he was still drooling.

The man next to her was very young and was quite handsome. However, the way he occasionally peered at her scared her a bit.

Could it be that these two men were important people? Did Chief Wang call her over tonight to decide her fate?

Wu Huan Yue was against making such sacrifices and she felt extremely uneasy.

"This is Wu Huan Yue."

"Huan Yue, this is my friend Master Lin. Recently, there's been a lot of talk about him on WeiBo. And this is his assistant, Tian...Tian…" Wang Ming Yang had no idea what Fraud Tian's name was, and stuttered for a moment.

"Fraud," said Lin Fan.

"Right, right, Fraud Tian," said Wang Ming Yang.

*laughing sound*

Wu Huan Yue couldn't hold back her laughter. Afterwards, she felt like she had done something wrong and apologized immediately. She would never have thought that the man next to him was Master Lin who had been trending on WeiBo.

This surprised her as she would occasionally talk about this Master Lin in their conversations, and now he was just next to her in person.

"You're a little nervous, lady," Lin Fan finally opened his mouth, "Don't be. We're all friendly people."

It probably would have been better if Lin Fan had kept quiet because once he spoke, Wu Huan Yue became even more nervous.

Wang Ming Yang laughed, "Alright, enough teasing. She just graduated from university, and today I want you to help to see how's her future as a star."

Wu Huan Yue was shocked. She never thought that Chief Wang called her here just to have Master Lin read her fortune.

Lin Fan stared at Wu Huan Yue. Her cheeks turned red and she lowered her head embarrassedly.

"Raise your head, let me see more closely," said Lin Fan firmly.

Wu Huan Yue raised her head, and her eyes met with Lin Fan's. It felt strange to her as if she was being spied on.

"Wow, I never would have thought that you were from my hometown! The central region produces beautiful ladies. That saying is definitely true," said Lin Fan, laughing.

"Ah!" Wu Huan Yue's tiny mouth gaped open. The master was able to tell where she came from with one look, "Master, you're from the central region too?"

"Yep," nodded Lin Fan, "I've finished my assessment. Chief, how do you want to promote her?"

Wu Huan Yue could already tell that Master Lin's words would likely influence her future. And the contents of the upcoming conversation was likely to be confidential, therefore she wanted to excuse herself to go to the washroom.

"You should listen too," said Wang Ming Yang. He then proceeded to explain his plan to Lin Fan.

"I want to invest $300,000,000 to produce a movie and make her famous. You may not know this, but I don't only own a property company, I also own an entertainment company. The star who was made famous by us recently left us and decided to work on her own. Now, our company lacks a superstar that can support it, hence we desperately need one."

When Wang Ming Yuan talked about the star who ran away, he started to get angry, but he didn't dwell on the thought. Lin Fan became a little more serious as he realized that they were talking about proper matters.

"She isn't suited to be an actor at this early stage. $300,000,000 to put her in a film would be a bad investment," said Lin Fan.

Wang Ming Yang was dumbfounded. He didn't expect this kind of result. However, he believed in Lin Fan's words.

Wu Huan Yue was disappointed and upset, but she continued to listen. Finally, Lin Fan had said the words that she had been waiting to hear.

"However, you can let her be a singer. Things would go smoothly and she would gain fame. Afterwards, when she goes back to film, she would be successful as well."

"Chief Wang, do you believe me?" Lin Fan smiled gently.

"Haha, of course I believe you. That's enough, let's talk about something else."

Wang Ming Yang was firm about his decision. If he didn't believe Lin Fan, he wouldn't have asked him to read her fortune.

"Huan Yue, you should give Master Lin a proper thank you. If he says you can become famous, then you can definitely become famous," said Wang Ming Yang.

"Thank you, Master Lin." Wu Huan Yue thanked him, but she didn't understand the hidden meaning behind Wang Ming Yang's words.

Lin Fan waved his hand. This was just a simple task for him. In the middle of their conversation, Wu Huan Yue excused herself to the washroom.

Wang Ming Yang banged the table roared with laughter, "How about that? Do you want me to hook you up?"

"Nah, I'm just a poor man. I can't afford her. Besides, if someone steals her from me, who would I cry to?" said Lin Fan as he chuckled.

"If anyone dares to steal from my friend's girlfriend, I will make sure he suffers!" declared Wang Ming Yang.

"Alright, based on your words, I'll recognize your friendship!" said Lin Fan as he banged the table.

"Let's have a toast!" Wang Ming Yang raised his cup.

"What about me…" Fraud Tian felt like he was being left out and was upset.

"Join us."

"So do you really not want me to hook you up?" asked Wang Ming Yang again.

"Let's talk about this another time," replied Lin Fan.

Wang Ming Yang: "You have to seize the moment!"

Lin Fan: "..."

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