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Lian Zhou.

Wu Tian He was a man who didn't leave his house often, he usually just drank tea at home, read books and meditated. He hoped to accumulate some good karma for his daughter in the last phase of his life. When he had been young, regardless of who came to him for fortune-telling, as long as they paid, he would give his best advice to them.

He had to do it for the fame and power. As such, he had sometimes had to take the side of the evil-doers. But in the eyes of the powerful and influential now, Wu Tian He was considered a living God in Lian Zhou. People who wanted advice from him were willing to pay lots of money. Wu Tian He had already stopped fortune-telling for many years and even if he read fortunes, he was extremely selective.

He did not read fortunes for the evil, the heartless and those who wanted his advice just to become wealthy.

*ring ring*

His mobile phone rang. As he looked at the number, he smiled. Looks like the little girl wants to buy some clothes for his old man again.

"Uncle Wu, I am You Lan's friend. She just got into an accident and is in the hospital now."


Wu Tian He was in shock, his face turned pale and he quickly asked, "Which hospital?"

"The First Citizens' Hospital, 6th level."

After he hung up he didn't even bother to pack his stuff and just quickly left the house.

How had this happened? In order to keep his daughter safe, he had spent a lot of time and effort every day to read his daughter's fortune. How had it turned out like this?

At First Citizens' Hospital.

Although Wu Tian He was over sixty years old, he was still healthy and fit. He arrived at the ward in no time. As he opened the door, he sighed in relief when he saw that his daughter was laughing and chatting.

"Dad, why are you here?" Wu You Lan asked as she saw her dad. Then she looked at her friends and said, "Didn't I say I'm fine? Why did you still call my dad?"

"You Lan, are you okay? What happened? What did the doctor say?" Wu Tian He asked anxiously.

One of her friends replied, "Uncle Wu, while we were shopping today, a flower pot fell onto You Lan's head. The doctor has already examined her. She fainted earlier but she's fine now."

"Thank you, it's good that she's alright," Wu Tian He said in relief. But what worried Wu Tian He was that the accident occurred so suddenly and he had not predicted it despite already reading her fortune.

"It scared me. I never thought that the guy would really get it correct. How despicable," Wu You Lan said as she massaged her head which was still hurting.

Upon hearing what his daughter said, he took her phone and looked at Master Lin's Weibo.

"Dad, this youngster is an arrogant jerk…"

Wu Tian He remained speechless. He waved his hand and continued to look specifically at every line of Master Lin's Weibo. He also looked at the news he had predicted and after reading through Master Lin's Weibo, he looked a little more interested. As they were in the same trade, he could tell if a person was good or not.

Especially since Lin Fan was so young, it shocked Wu Tian He.

"You Lan, rest well. Don't think too much," Wu Tian He said. He had already devised a plan.

"Alright, dad."

Then, Wu Tian He walked to the lobby of the hospital and called someone. He said, "Hi, sorry to trouble you, I am looking for someone's number."

6 pm in the afternoon.

"Fraud, wanna go eat kebabs tonight?" Lin Fan asked.

"Are you treating?" Fraud Tian asked.

"Aren't you stating the obvious?" Lin Fan said.

"Wow, looks like we're quite close to each other now," Fraud Tian smiled and replied.

Just then, a luxurious car stopped in front of the stall. Even though it was a luxurious car, it wasn't a rare sight in Shanghai. But the person who came out of the car attracted Lin Fan's attention.

"Ah, Millionaire Wang is here." Fraud Tian lit up when he saw who it was. He quickly went forward to welcome him and said, "Chief Wang, it's an honor to have you here."

Wang Ming Yang just smiled to Fraud Tian and looked at a Lin Fan who was lying down with his nostrils facing the ceiling. He said, "His friend is here and he didn't bother to even greet me."

"Ah, look who's here. It's Chief Wang. Come, have a seat. You're a rare and special guest. Fraud, pour a glass of tap water for Chief Wang. He's an honored guest. We have to give him our best water," said Lin Fan.

"Hey, you're really looking for trouble, aren't you?" Wang Ming Yang said.

"Haha, you're right. Let me tell you, I have an expert here." Lin Fan was fearless as Fraud Tian was so good at fighting that he could probably take out twenty people without a problem.

"I didn't come to argue with you. I'll treat you guys to a meal tonight. Are you going to give me face?" Wang Ming Yang asked.

"Fraud, time to close the shop." Lin Fan sat up and said.

"Are you coming?" Wang Ming Yang asked.

"If I'm not coming, why would I close the shop?" Lin Fan asked as Wang Ming Yang remained silent.

In the luxurious sports car.

"Wow, this car is nice, it's so comfortable." Fraud Tian said as he enviously touched the car's interior.

"What would you like to eat?" Wang Ming Yang smiled and asked.

"You're the boss here, you make the decision." Lin Fan was rather envious as he saw the luxurious interior of the car. He swore in his heart to make as much money as possible so that he could buy one for himself and even one for Fraud Tian.

"How's the car? It's good right?" Wang Ming Yang asked.

"Yeah, it's pretty good," Lin Fan replied.

"If you want it, I'll give it to you," Wang Ming Yang said but he knew that Lin Fan wouldn't accept it as a gift.

"Sure, no problem. I'll take it," Lin Fan said. Since Wang Ming Yang was giving it to him, he should just accept it.

He couldn't take the one million dollars previously because of the strict rules in the Encyclopedia. But now, he could finally get what he deserved.

Wang Ming Yang was a little shocked. Then, he smiled. He didn't bother much about a car. He felt that this friend of his had a weird personality.

"When we're done, I'll transfer the car over to your name," Wang Ming Yang said.

"You don't have to do that. I'll just drive this car casually and return it to you when I'm sick of it." Lin Fan said. He had obtained his license back when he was in university but hadn't been able to afford a car. Now that he had one, he was rather excited.

"I think you have great capabilities. If you want to earn more, I can recommend some of my friends to you. They're generous. Perhaps you could buy a few cars with just a session of fortune-telling," Wang Ming Yang trusted Lin Fan a lot and his wealthy friends also believed in fortune-telling.

A fortune-telling session for a million dollars was common for the wealthy people.

"No need for that, I'm coping fine now," Lin Fan didn't want to be a fortune-teller for the rest of his life and didn't know what the next page of the Encyclopedia entailed for him. It's could be a change in his fate to help him live a good life.

After a while, they had arrived at their destination.

"This place is luxurious," Lin Fan said in awe as he alighted from the car.

"Wealthy people sure know how to enjoy themselves," Fraud Tian said.

"Let's go, you can eat anything you want today," Wang Ming Yang said. As they entered the door, a bunch of pretty ladies greeted them. Lin Fan remained calm while Fraud Tian got a little excited at the sight of them.

Wang Ming Yang was a regular customer there. Even the manager had personally come to welcome him.

A bottle of expensive wine was presented to them.

"Waiter, give me a bottle of Sprite!" Fraud Tian shouted.

The waiters were stunned. Sprite? Is this a joke?

To the waiters, Wang Ming Yang was a big customer. Naturally, they fulfilled his request. Even if they didn't have Sprite, they would have to think of a way to get it for him.

"Sprite mixed with this wine will taste amazing," Fraud Tian poured a glass for Lin Fan and mixed in some Sprite.

Fraud Tian happily said, "This is how you're supposed to drink it."

Lin Fan downed it in one go and nodded. "You really know how to drink, Fraud."

Fraud Tian was delighted. "Of course."

Wang Ming Yang smiled and shook his head. A bottle of wine that cost over ten thousand dollars just got destroyed by Sprite.

But he wasn't bothered as he treated them like his friends and thought it was funny. "Give me a glass too," Wang Ming Yang said.

Fraud Tian looked at Wang Ming Yang and shook his head. Then, he said, "Sigh, you wealthy people don't even know how to drink it this way."

Looking at Wang Ming Yang and the rest, the manager and waiters were all dumbfounded by what Fraud Tian said. Where did these people come from?

"Help me read someone's fortune later," Wang Ming Yang said.

"What shall I focus on?" Lin Fan said.


"Sure, no problem." I've taken his car and eaten a free meal from him. Fortune-telling for someone shouldn't be a problem.

As for Wang Ming Yang, Lin Fan recognized that he had a great personality, he was loyal and had a sense of brotherhood. Furthermore, he was humble in front of them.

If he was an arrogant and egoistic man, Lin Fan would not have bothered spending so much time with him.

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