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"It's as if there's a vast green plain over the top of your head, do you want to know what Master Lin's fortune reading is for you?"

This sentence seemed perfectly logical for Lin Fan. It was simple and easy to understand even for a handicapped.

No problem at all!

Most of the Weibo profiles that Lin Fan scrolled through did not meet his requirement, and so he continued the grind. He continued to filter through the profiles.

After searching for a while, Lin Fan found a runway model with a huge fan base. She had a nice figure and was undeniably beautiful.

She was Zhou Li Yun, an internationally acclaimed supermodel.

But Lin Fan could tell that she had a rather miserable day based on her newest post.

"Five days away from fashion weekend, I need to give my best."

As Lin Fan was scrolling through the comments. He saw that were all encouraging messages to cheer her on.

"I've read your fortune, you won't be able to make it."

Lin Fan's negative comment was so obvious in the sea of positive ones.

Lin Fan waited to see what would happen. He continued to scroll through more profiles, looking for celebrities who had tragic backstories.

Lin Fan had managed to find another celebrity.

She had over a hundred million followers and was one of the biggest superstars of her time. She had acted in many blockbuster films and had gotten several awards for her role in the films. She was literally standing at the pinnacle of the entertainment industry.

Wang Bing Yan was the female goddess that countless males could only dream of. Even Lin Fan watched a few of her movies and was deeply captivated by her. After all, many people would focus on an actor with good looks, especially such a famous actor like her.

"Hu Da's newest movie 'the unspoken tomorrow' has a very talented female lead. Hope all of you can support her!" @ Hu Da

Hu Da was one of the country's leading directors. He had directed many famous movies and had a pretty good international acclaim as a director as well.

Hu Da said, "Bing Yan, you worked that part! The role suits you a lot! :)"

She was also a hot topic of discussion amongst netizens. But for Lin Fan, it was time to show off his skills.

"Master Lin has read your fortune. This movie won't be a success for you. The lead actress is a woman with the surname Yang."

Although Lin Fan's comment was just one of the ten thousand, it's negativity stood out and all the fans naturally became defensive of her.

After that, Lin Fan continued scrolling through more celebrities, all with different backgrounds, including football players and even table tennis athletes.

"Master Lin has read your fortune, you will definitely lose the next match."

"Master Lin has read your fortune. You will be hospitalized."

"Master Lin has read your fortune. You will be beaten."

At this point, Lin Fan had already lost track of how many fortunes he had read for the celebrities. All the fortunes predicted by Lin Fan were all negative.

When he looked up at the time, it was already 1 am in the morning.

Four hours had passed so quickly. Before Lin Fan knew it, he was already overwhelmed with fatigue.

I didn't think I would do this many in one sitting, and I don't know if I'll get smitten by the public for saying so many negative things!

Lin Fan smiled. The best thing that could happen was for people to focus on his comments. He just had to wait for the fortunes to come to pass. Only then, everything would work out for him as planned.

Time to sleep!

While Lin Fan was sleeping, the netizens who were night owls were on Weibo and they were looking at their favorite celebrities.

A user with the nickname Autumn Sword Fish Killer had accessed Wang Bing Yan's Weibo page. She was his favorite celebrity and her smile gave him tingles down his spine.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer discreetly slid down his pants and prepared the tissue paper in front of his computer.

A minute later, Autumn Sword Fish Killer discreetly threw the tissue paper into the rubbish bin and pulled his pants back up. His heart was full of content as he looked at his idol.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer was especially happy when he saw Wang Bing Yan interacting with director Hu. At this moment, he saw a familiar Weibo username.

"Fortune-teller Master Lin."

He was especially mad after reading the comment that he had posted.

"What in the world? Who dares to slander my idol! I'm gonna kill him!"

Although 'Autumn Swordfish' was only one of the many members of Wang Bing Yan's fan club, he had a higher position in real life. He was the Chief of the internet trolls.

He then mobilized twenty thousand men.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer said, "All troops! Let's get to the bottom of this comment and make this dog regret his existence!"

"Yes sir! The chief has spoken! We will give our lives if we must!"

"We have to scroll through everything and make sure we don't miss out on any of them!"

"Autumn Sword Fish Killer is our prince on a white horse, he will lead us to victory and greater heights!"

As his troops applauded him, Autumn Sword Fish Killer grinned. His plump face was full of satisfaction.

At 7 am the next day.

"What a beautiful day!" Lin Fan washed himself up and did the same routine of opening up Weibo.

However, one look at the screen and Lin Fan was stunned.


Lin Fan's Weibo account had been overrun by the army. His one and only comment on Weibo went viral and had over a thousand discussions on them.

Then, Lin Fan looked at the number of followers that he had. He had lost quite a few followers.

That doesn't make any sense. He had so many discussions on his messages, yet not only did he not get more followers, he lost a number of them.

"Stupid fortune-telling master. Once you're done trolling, you can go and kill yourself."

"How can you talk about Bing Yan like that? Are you mentally retarded? And you claim to read fortunes. Go read your sister's…"

"Green fields? Open up your dog eyes! Unfollowed!"

"Dumb b*tch! Zhou Li Yun is the nation's most internationally acclaimed supermodel. She's not the one that should be getting out. You should, retard!"

"You're absolutely worthless. Unfollowed!"

"You want red? We'll give you red! We've pushed your posts to the top so that everyone can see how much of a d*ck you are. I'm your bloodshed!"

Lin Fan calmly batted his eye as he scrolled through the comments. What a rowdy crowd.

Then, he went to take a look at his comments.

It was no wonder. His comments were pushed to the top and were viewed by hundreds of thousands of Weibo users.

What misery…

Lin Fan knew that those who opposed his views had lost all their sense of rationality. He didn't want to continue arguing with them. As Lin Fan did not want to give in to them, he wrote another post.

"Everyone! Let's wait and see if I am indeed speaking the truth!"

Lin Fan was calm and composed. There was no way his fortune-telling abilities could go wrong. He had absolute confidence in it.

"We'll see who'll have the last laugh after my predictions come true."

Lin Fan chose not to give any attention to whatever was happening on Weibo. He switched off his computer and left for his shop. Today's weather was magnificent and it looked like a good day for business.

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