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Chief Zhang looked at the reporters and smiled. He had finally created the scallion pancakes of his dreams. The thousands of dollars spent on the salaries of these chefs were not in vain.

The reporters then surrounded him.

One of them asked, "Chief Zhang, as compared to yours, how much better are the scallion pancakes made by Lin Fan?"

Chief Zhang could not conceal his joy and said, "I should not answer these type of questions, instead, let the customers decide."

One of the citizens who was eating the scallion pancakes said, "I feel that the difference between the two pancakes is not a lot, but Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel's scallion pancakes are really delicious."

The reporter then asked, "If you were asked to choose between Lin Fan's and or Chief Zhang's, scallion pancakes, whose would you choose?"

That citizen replied, "Of course I would choose Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel's scallion pancakes. I can order as many as I want here. At Cloud Street, even after waiting a few days, I can't even get a single pancake! I am never going there again!"

The reporters recorded what was said and continued interviewing Chief Zhang.

A reporter asked, "Chief Zhang, what would your next move be?"

Chief Zhang smiled and said, "I have already collaborated with Ren He Hospital and will let the patients suffering from anorexia to try the scallion pancakes which my team made and see if they will like it."

The reporter then asked, "Do you think that you will succeed?"

Chief Zhang nodded confidently and said, "I believe that I would succeed because our scallion pancakes are no worse than Lin Fan's."

The reporter then replied, "If it were to succeed, it would be good news for the patients who suffer from anorexia. After that, would the scallion pancakes be fully released to the markets?"

Chief Zhang already had plans for the future, how could he not release the scallion pancakes to the market? "Of course. Whether the patients like it or not, we will put the scallion pancakes under our brand then sell them to every supermarket in the country, and let more citizens try our delicious scallion pancakes."

The reporters congratulated Chief Zhang and said, "We hope you succeed."

Chief Zhang nodded and said, "Thank you."

At that moment, the chefs were stunned.

Released to the markets? To every supermarket in the country?

Something's big about to happen. They then looked at each other, thinking, "How can it be? We started thinking that we would only be selling from the hotel, who would have thought that we will start selling to the whole country? If we were to be found out, we would be finished!"

In the afternoon.

At Ren He Hospital.

Chief Zhang and his group brought their scallion pancakes to the hospital.

In the third ward, there was a patient suffering from severe anorexia.

The reporters, being prepared, did not want to lose a single second.

Director Zhang was together with them and could not take it. What on earth is happening? Since when do anorexic patients enjoy eating scallion pancakes?

If these scallion pancakes can make his patients start eating, then why does the hospital still need them? Might as well pack their bags and go home.

The piping hot scallion pancakes were taken out.

Wang Li Li whined that she wanted to eat the scallion pancakes and as soon as she saw the scallion pancakes, she grabbed one.

Chief Zhang stood there, waiting with anticipation. If they were to succeed, the reporters and he would be rich as the news would be huge. To have an anorexic patient gobble down the scallion pancakes, however, what comes after that would be complicated.

Wang Li Li took a bite and chewed.

"Did I do it?" Chief Zhang was full of anticipation.


Wang Li Li uncontrollably spat the pancake out.

Seeing this, Chief Zhang was full of disappointment and asked, "Did it really not succeed?"

The reporters knew it too, this was a failure.

Wang Mu sighed and wanted to take the scallion pancakes out of the hands of Wang Li Li, but she still tightly held on to the scallion pancakes.

"I want to eat this." Even though Wang Li Li just vomited, but she still wanted to continue eating the scallion pancakes. She then took a bite, but still vomited it out.

Chief Zhang started to feel good as he felt that there was still hope.


After a few times, Chief Zhang, even though disappointed, felt hopeful and excited. "Looks like the secret ingredient has not reached its potential. I still have to modify my recipe, for the success rate to be higher."

The reporters nodded after witnessing what had happened, as it was not a big problem; it was actually a great improvement.

Director Zhang did not understand. What is happening? This was not scientific. It really was not scientific at all.

"Is it possible to pass me the remaining scallion pancakes? I would like to take a look at them." Director Zhang wanted to have a taste of the scallion pancakes himself. He would feel extremely uneasy if he could not get an explanation.

Chief Zhang, naturally, was fine with it, but before he could speak, one of the chefs said, "Our recipe is still tentative, so I'm afraid we can't do it. Once our recipe modified and confirmed, we will send a set to the hospital."

Director Zhang nodded but was not paying attention.

After the crowd left, Director Zhang had wanted to leave too but suddenly told Nurse Liang Huan, "Take a sample of what was vomited and send them for testing in the laboratory."

Liang Huan nodded and said, "Understood, Director."

At night!

In a random small district.

A couple amidst their sleep suddenly woke up.

The wife said, " Hubby, What's wrong? You have already woken up a good four times!"

The husband replied, "I don't know, just that I have a strong craving for those scallion pancakes. If I don't have them, my mouth feels very dry."

The wife smiled and said, "You really are too greedy! You have already eaten five scallion pancakes today and didn't even have dinner."

The husband replied, "Hahaha, you don't even know how tasty the scallion pancakes are. They can be compared to those made by Lin Fan."

At another random small district.

"Daughter-in-law, why are you having scallion pancakes at night?"

"I really want to eat them, I'm hungry."

"Okay. Have an early night after finishing eating. You still have to work tomorrow."

One family after another, found it hard to sleep, as the craving for the scallion pancakes was too strong.

The next day!

At Cloud Street.

Today's customers were even fewer, it was less than half of those who came yesterday. Everyone started to go to Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel to purchase the scallion pancakes, some even buying ten, twenty pieces.

Upon reaching Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel, the townsfolk started salivating, as though they can't control themselves. Only after eating, then they would feel better.

Chief Zhang looked at the crowd and felt proud of himself. These scallion pancakes were his own creation, and even Lin Fan's scallion pancakes can't beat them.

He originally thought that Lin Fan's scallion pancakes would not stop with the limit of ten sets a day, but it didn't even change.

"Lin Fan's scallion pancakes didn't even change. Forget it. I won't be going there again."

"Me too, the scallion pancakes here are really not bad, I even had two before I slept yesterday."

"You only had two? I had three!"

"That's impressive!"

Chief Zhang heard the compliments and naturally felt very happy.

However, the chefs who heard the comments felt uneasy. They exchanged worried glances and felt that they might have put in too much of their secret ingredient.

People were getting addicted at too fast a rate. Looks like we have to add less of it in the future.

At Cloud Street.

"Little Boss, hurry up and distribute the queue numbers, everyone is already waiting."

"Yes. Our luck today is really good. Everyone already went to Shanghai Grand Ocean Hotel to order the scallion pancakes. Hopefully, they will never come to compete with us again"

"Oh, there are exactly ten people in the queue today, so let's split the scallion pancakes equally then."

Fraud Tian saw Lin Fan sitting and relaxing in a corner and was anxious. "Why aren't you thinking of any new plans? We only have ten people today!"

"Oh, so accurate?" Lin Fan smiled and said. He was unaffected by the predicament he was in.

Selling ten pieces every day was the original idea since there were ten customers, there wasn't a single problem.

Fraud Tian was really at a loss for words. His attitude was too great for someone that just lost all his popularity.

The bosses of the shops around shook their heads after witnessing Lin Fan's decision. They had finally witnessed the downfall of Master Lin.

There was really no change to Lin Fan's plan.

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