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The next day!

At Cloud street.

Fraud Tian exclaimed with a look of confusion, "What's with the crowd today? The line today seems a lot shorter."

Lin Fan nodded his head in agreement and said, "I wonder which gods are finally decided to look after me. Alas, I finally have some time to take a short break."

Fraud Tian then chided, "How are you not panicking at all? The crowd has reduced by more than half!"

Lin Fan chuckled "Isn't that good? I only want to sell 10 portions a day, too many customers would mean that majority would have wasted their efforts queuing."

Fraud Tian was at a loss for words and had no idea how to rebut what Lin Fan had to say.

Wu You Lan holding up his phone and exclaimed: "Lin Fan, quick, look at the news!"

"Chefs from Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel managed to produce scallion pancakes that taste like the ones made by Lin Fan after half a month of experimentation."

Hearing this news, Lin Fan didn't even feel worried. He knew that no one could emulate anything that would come close to what he had developed. Besides, the abilities of the encyclopedia were something no one would be able to surpass.

"Wow, looks like that is the reason why the queue has shortened so much today."

Lin Fan said casually.

Fraud Tian took a moment before he exclaimed " No way, I don't believe they really developed it? Do you think this is just false news?"

"I don't really care if it's real or fake, let's just focus on what we are doing. Go ahead and give out the queue numbers, Tian."

Fraud Tian nodded but he was still thinking about this matter. He knew about the hotel and could even remember Chief Zhang. He was the big boss that wanted to collaborate with Lin Fan. He didn't expect him to have managed to come up with scallion pancakes that taste the same.

The townsfolk outside the shop were busy discussing.

"There's something not right about the crowd today."

"I heard that Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel managed to create something that tastes like Lin Fan's. Everyone is rushing there to get some now."

"That's impossible, are you sure?"

"How would I know, I've never tried it before too. But since it's on the news it should be quite accurate."

"I don't care about all these, my heart belongs to Lin Fan's scallion pancakes. Let them go and try whatever they want to try, I'm staying put."

"Me too, they really have no determination. I can't believe they left so quickly upon hearing the news."

Fraud Tian sent the queue numbers. Although the queue had shrunk by half, Lin Fan's business was still booming compared to the other stalls.

At this moment, a bunch of people started to walk out of Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel. They all had scallion pancakes in their hands and seemed to be enjoying it a lot.

"Oh wow, this is so delicious."

"Although this isn't as nice as Lin Fan's, the taste is still really good."

"This scallion pancake can be ranked 2nd to Lin Fan."

"I haven't tried Lin Fan's scallion pancake and I don't know how it tastes like. Based on what I just tasted, Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel's scallion pancakes are the best in the world."

"However, it just feels like the pancakes are kind of lacking in a certain area that I can't put my finger on."

Those in the queue watched curiously at those who had scallion pancakes from Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel. Some of them could not help but ask, "Are the pancakes from Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel really that nice?"

Those who had passed by stopped and commented. "Of course it's good! I must say that it barely loses to Lin Fan's pancakes. Lin Fan's has a special taste that I just can't describe. On a whole, the pancakes from Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel taste pretty good."

Some of the citizens who were loyal fans of Lin Fan's pancakes argued, "How can it be? Lin Fan's pancakes are number one in this world, how can pancakes from Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel even come close?"

"That is not a given. If Lin Fan can make it, I'm sure there's someone out there that will be able to do so too."

"Say what you want, I still don't believe it. I'll just keep waiting for Lin Fan's pancakes."

Regarding the incessant gossip, Lin Fan couldn't even be bothered. He thought that it would be a complete joke if anyone wanted to beat the scallion pancake recipe which was taken from the encyclopedia.

However, if Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel really could make something that was even vaguely similar, they definitely deserve commendation.

All the queue numbers were read out. Those who didn't get chosen were disappointed and some were infuriated.

"Forget it, I'm never coming here again. I'm heading to Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel to get some. Everyone thinks it's good, I'm sure it can't be too far off from Lin Fan's.

"Me too, I'm never coming here to queue again. It's way too tiring to come here, queue up and end up not getting pancakes."

"Let's go, guys. Lin Fan's 10 portion rule is so stupid. If we all stop buying, let's see if his business will still be able to survive."

Some townsfolk shouted, "That's way too harsh on Lin Fan."

"Do you guys even have a conscience? When Lin Fan was about to stop selling, we were the ones who came and begged him to stay. Now that there's a new place you guys are all leaving. Go…go and never come back. Those who are loyal feel free to stay with me, I'm not going anywhere."

"Me too!" a teenager said.

"In that case, you guys can continue queueing. Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel's pancakes are really delicious. I feel that it's on par with Lin Fan's pancakes."

Some townsfolk whipped out their handphones and started to take videos which they subsequently uploaded onto the web."

"Lin Fan's scallion pancake business had landed up in a such a terrible crisis and Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel being able to come up with a delicious recipe. This took a huge toll on Lin Fan's business."

Pictures started to appear on the internet. There were even before and after pictures which were really different.

In the netizens' discussion.

"How well received. They must really be asking for it."

"I would just like to ask, why is it that Lin Fan still insists on selling 10 portions a day? This has angered so many people to the point whereby he doesn't even have many customers left. I guess it's too late to cry over spilled milk."

"Haha, this is killing me. I just love to watch this kind of drama especially the moment when the main character gets crushed.

"Isn't it just a scallion pancake? I can't believe he would think that no one else would able to emulate the same taste. Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel's pancakes are really delicious. Oh my… talking to you guys, I suddenly have a have a huge craving for Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel pancakes. I have to go now, if I don't get some, I'll feel so uncomfortable."

"If we continue waiting for Lin Fan's new strategy, we are not even sure if the anorexic patients will be able to continue eating."

"I'm not sure too. It seems that there are quite a lot of reporters outside Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel. They are all waiting to give it a taste, I'm pretty sure it will be successful."

In front of Shanghai's Grand Ocean Hotel.

A huge crowd had gathered and formed a long line.

Batch after batch of piping hot scallion pancakes left the kitchen.

One batch contained 30 pancakes and it sold for much cheaper than Lin Fan's.

Chief Zhang stood aside and observed the customers. He was extremely satisfied and proud. It was all down to the hard work of their hotel's staff. It was good enough to become the signature dish of the hotel.

He had already thought of expanding the business to a global scale. But if he were to find out that these pancakes contained that 'thing', what would he do?

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