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Upon seeing this the middle-aged lady momentarily freeze on the spot, she yelled, "Me buying scallion pancakes has got nothing to do with you people."

The city dwellers had no room for negotiation. Their love for Lin Fan's scallion pancakes was insurmountable. If anyone were to try and create trouble, they would definitely not let them off.

"How is this none of our business? Having anorexia is your problem, that doesn't give you the right to act out. Lin Fan is not obliged to take your order. If you really want to get a pancake then queue up! Or else you can forget about it and just leave."

"You really think too highly of yourself, if you had spoken nicely to Lin Fan, we would surely have helped you. However, with that attitude, I suggest you take your anger someplace else. Not everyone is a good samaritan here."

The townsfolk pointed at her and reprimanded.

They were all regulars at Lin Fan's stall. Compared to a 'stranger' who had just arrived, who was she to throw her weight around, threatening to shut down the shop?

"You guys… You guys…" The middle-aged lady clearly seeing that how many people were against her finally left in a fit. Of course, she also had a feeling of guilt. In no form did she expect that the customers would have been so aggressive for a scallion pancake. It was almost like they had entered a state of trance.

At another corner.

The middle-aged woman boarded the bus.

"Chief Zhang, I didn't manage to get one…"

Chief Zhang was none other than the chairman of Grand Ocean Hotel. Ever since the Food and Drug Administration took back a sample of the scallion pancake, he immediately gave orders to let the chefs in the hotel study this mysterious scallion pancake.

When the chef saw the list of ingredients that they had to analyze they were all shocked and skeptical. Why did Chief Zhang want them to analyze a scallion pancake? They were all graduates of prestigious culinary institutions. Asking them to focus solely on a scallion pancake can be said to be a complete waste of their talent and skill.

But once Boss Zhan gave the word, no one dared to defy. Over the past few days, the hundreds of scallion pancakes made had all failed the requirements of Chief Zhang.

A huge sense of curiosity filled their hearts as they wondered how they would be able to make a scallion pancake according to Chief Zhang's liking. It was not that their scallion pancakes were bad. Many tasted absolutely delicious but the moment Chief Zhang took a bite, it would instantly be rejected.

Although they were all working for Chief Zhang, they all had the dignity of a chef. After all the hard work put into making scallion pancakes, Chief Zhang was still unhappy. They were all starting to feel anger, thinking that Chief Zhang had totally no respect for heir cooking ability.

Within Grand Ocean Hotel's kitchen, an army of chefs was working tirelessly at analyzing the pancakes. This was when one of the chefs could no longer take it and he finally exclaimed, "What on earth does Chief Zhang want from us? Making us work aimlessly on a scallion pancake. How does he expect us to make something different when we have to work with the same set of ingredients?"

A plump chef then said, "I beg to differ. From what I've heard, the scallion pancake shop from the streets has really been blowing up. If you realize, it was only after Chief Zhang tried it that caused him to become hooked on the taste of those pancakes. I'm sure this is why he is asking us to try and recreate it."

"Sigh…How good can a scallion pancake taste? It's been so many days already. Forget about the list, I'm done with making scallion pancakes. You guys go ahead, I'm resigning right away," the head chef exclaimed in displeasure.

The other chefs were all left speechless, not knowing how they should respond to this situation. Chief Zhang had even thrown multiple fits due because of their inability to make a scallion pancake that suited his taste. At times he would threaten to fire them putting an immense amount of pressure on them.

"Come over, I have something to tell everyone," one of the skinny chefs said.

The other chefs who did not know what was going on all gathered around.

After a short discussion.

"No way, this is not right. If this gets leaked out, we are going to be in big trouble."

"It will be fine, we'll just add in a little. Look at those eateries that are doing so well. Most of them add some too. Besides, they don't even cause much harm to our health.

"Even so, we shouldn't do that! What if we get exposed?"

"This won't work, that won't work… How about someone step out and suggest something so that we won't get fired? With Chief Zhang's constant rushing, we won't be able to accomplish the ideal scallion pancake in time. Trust me on this, I did this before. Just a small amount will help us get through this and we'll all be fine."

"Alright, I'm sold on your idea. Let's just add a little! I can't continue making this scallion pancakes anymore. If we continue making them, I'm afraid I'll lose my appetite completely. Besides, even if something goes wrong, it's none of our business. We just need to pretend that we all don't know about this and it will all be fine."

At this moment, a big group of chef finally gave in due to the immense stress they were put under by Chief Zhang, they all agreed. Working in this profession, who wouldn't know about this 'special ingredient'."

This was the ultimate tool for adding flavor to dishes. If you took a look around, most of the eateries that are doing well are all adding it too.

Out of 10 eateries, there were at least 2 who were doing so.

After your first bite, it gives you an unforgettable taste that keeps you craving for more and more.

"So, where do we put this."

"Let's add it to the seasoning and label it as our secret sauce. If Chief Zhang wants the ingredients in the sauce, we'll hold it back and not give it to him to stall for time."


At Cloud Street.

Lin Fan stood in front of his stall, knowing that this was far from over. The string of events that were about to follow was far more complicated. However, Lin Fan knew that he had to compose himself in order to get through this smoothly.

"10 scallion pancakes coming right up!"

Upon realizing it her pancakes were not ready yet, Wang Mu had a look of dismay on her face. Looking around at the people who had already got their pancakes it crossed her mind that she might be able to buy a pancake directly from them.

"However, she quickly realized that people had already anticipated this and jacked up the price of resale pancakes so much so that she wouldn't be able to afford it.

She was so disappointed.

"Boss! May I have a plastic bag please?" A teenager who looked like a student asked Lin Fan."

Lin Fan didn't know what it was for but he still pulled out a plastic bag and gave it to the teenager.

The teenager than broke off half of his scallion pancake and handed it to Wang Mu. " Here, this is for you!"

Wang Mu held on to the scallion pancake and was stunned by the teenager's actions.

The teenager smiled and said, " Goodbye auntie."

Then, he turned around and left.

Upon witnessing this, Lin Fan smiled to himself, knowing that life indeed works itself out, there is no hurdle that can't be overcome. The world still had its fair share of good samaritans.

This proved Lin Fan's concept of limiting customers to 10 scallion pancakes per purchase as he didn't want to be entangled in this turmoil.

Wu Tian He had unknowingly appeared beside Lin Fan and said, "If this kid were to end up in a robbery situation, he would probably end up dead."

Lin Fan laughed and replied, "Even so, he will surely be blessed in his next life. Kindness can be out of one's heart or just for show. There are two sides to every person, kindness begets kindness and evil begets retribution, this is just God's cycle."

Fraud Tian shook his head and said, "You guys still have the mood to talk about this. You should start reflecting on your own actions."

Lin Fan laughed it off and said "That's about it, it's all fine now. Sometimes these situations are only temporary, we just have to do what we deem as right and not think too deep into it."

In the car.

"Chief Zhang, the scallion pancake is ready. Please come to the restaurant as soon as possible to try it."

Meanwhile, Chief Zhang was still very troubled by the fact that he had so many chefs working on a scallion pancake, yet no one could manage to produce one that tasted like Lin Fan's.

"Alright, alright, I'm on my way."

Hearing this news, it makes Chief Zhang feel like his troubles had faded and he couldn't wait to get back to the restaurant to try the scallion pancake.

If they had really managed to do so, he would be rich.

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