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In front of the stall.

Lin Fan was skillfully making scallion pancakes, but he kept having the feeling that if he continued to involve himself with this anorexia matter, something bad would happen.


A shining piece of golden brown scallion pancake emerged from the wok. He placed it into a plastic bag and wrapped it up.

These scallion pancakes had captured the hearts of many and it had completely seized their stomachs. It was nearly impossible to make them forget the taste of these scallion pancakes.

Madam Wang looked at the people around her, holding pieces of scallion pancakes in their hands and filled with immense desire. However, she knew that she could only have one serving of scallion pancake and it wasn't for herself.

Those who had obtained the scallion pancakes ate away contentedly as they started to make strange and ridiculous facial expressions.

The owners of the surrounding shops had already gotten used to the scene. But even though they saw it everyday, it still amazed them each time.


Simply incredible!

Master Lin's business made all of them envious.

Some of the newer customers in the shops were given a shock. They whipped out their mobile phones and recorded videos of the scene to send to their friends. To them, it was as if the people eating scallion pancakes had become possessed.

Madam Wang received her scallion pancake. She thanked Lin Fan, then she nodded gratefully at Fraud Tian. She knew that if it hadn't been for him, she wouldn't have gotten the scallion pancake.

Then, the crowd dispersed.

Lin Fan sat there, grinning at Fraud Tian. "I couldn't tell that a fraud like you had such a big heart. Have you taken a fancy to her?"

Fraud Tian shook his head. "It's nothing like that. I just saw how pitiful she was. Her daughter is sick and her husband ran away. She had been waiting since early in the morning at the shop's entrance. Anyone with a heart wouldn't have been able to just see this and not do anything."

Wu Tian He said, "This scallion pancake can make anorexic people gain back their appetites. We have to think through this situation carefully, or else I fear there might be complications."

Fraud Tian laughed, "What complications? It's just a scallion pancake."

Wu Tian He shook his head, "Think about it. If all the families of anorexic people found out about it, what do you think they would do?"

Fraud Tian's eyes widened, "They would come flocking. Fighting to buy some scallion pancakes."

Wu Tian He carried on, "If the media exaggerates it further and says that Master Lin holds the cure to anorexia, it would become even more troublesome. Selling just ten scallion pancakes a day would be completely out of the question. Something bad would probably happen."

Lin Fan sat there silently, but he felt that Wu Tian He was right.

"I don't think it will get so drastic..." Fraud Tian didn't dare to admit it.

Wu Tian He shook his head and laughed, "There's nothing scarier in this world than the hearts of humans. Think about it. If the fact that Master Lin's scallion pancakes could make anorexia sufferers eat again is made known to their families, they would surely come begging for the scallion pancakes. If you make them queue, they would surely be unhappy. If they aren't able to buy the scallion pancakes, they would flip out at you. Then, it will eventually go online and the media will go crazy. Standing on the moral high ground, they will criticize you to no end. Don't you think that's scary?"

"Once a problem develops to a certain degree, nothing can be done about it. Hence, it's best to just leave this situation as it is. Sometimes, being too kind will only cause trouble in the future. In just China alone, how many sufferers are there? If we agree to their requests and make scallion pancakes for all of them, Master Lin would die of fatigue. Then, people might say that Master Lin was a good man, but they wouldn't have a large amount of gratitude towards him, because to them, he's just a scallion pancake seller."

When Fraud Tian heard this, he was really frightened. "That's really terrifying. Even if there are just 10,000 sufferers, he would have to make 10,000 servings a day! It would kill him!"

Lin Fan laughed, "Alright, let's not think too much. We'll stick with the policy from now on. Ten servings a day. Regardless of who it is, it doesn't matter. I'm not some savior of the world."

Fraud Tian nodded. At the same time, he was also extremely curious. What was up with these scallion pancakes? How did they possess this kind of power?

At Ren He Hospital.

Madam Wang had brought back the scallion pancake and was about to give it to her daughter, but then, Director Zhang suggested that they crushed the scallion pancake to pieces and then mixed it into rice to see if it would work.

Naturally, she trusted Director Zhang. However, just in case, she only put half the scallion pancake in the rice.

In the end, she was delighted by the result. It really worked. When she mixed it with the rice, Li Li really ate the whole thing.

Director Zhang nodded contentedly, "This is a good start. If we press on, we can bring about gradual improvements."

Director Zhang was convinced of the power of these scallion pancakes. He did a search online and found numerous articles about this scallion pancake.

Master Lin?

Director Zhang became even more curious about this Master Lin.

*knock knock*

"Come in," said Director Zhang.

"Director, there are many reporters at ward number 3 right now," said Liang Yuan.

Director Zhang looked up, "What? Why are they here?"

Liang Yuan shook her head, "Someone told the reporters about how the severely anorexic patient started eating again."

Director Zhang furrowed his brows, "I'll take a look."

Inside the ward.

Reporters filled up the rather small ward. Their flashing lights made it impossible to even open an eye. However, at that moment, Wang Li Li was completely oblivious to her surroundings. She didn't care at all. All that mattered to her was that bowl of rice in her hands.

A reporter said, "Your daughter is suffering from severe anorexia. What has enabled her to eat this rice?"

Reporters loved to look for news with a sense of novelty. They had made a report about this anorexic little lady a few months ago and the response had been great. The viewers sympathized with her and felt that her illness was absolutely tormenting.

They had been waiting all the while for this girl to pass away. Then, they would be able to make another report to serve as a conclusion. However, they had never expected to receive news that this severely anorexic girl started eating again. They were all shocked.

They were no doctors, but after reporting several incidents over the years, they knew how terrifying anorexia was. For someone with severe anorexia, it was as if the only possible outcome was death.

Madam Wang said, "Scallion pancakes. It's scallion pancakes."

The reporters were all stunned. It was like some kind of fantasy. That severely anorexic girl opened her mouth for a scallion pancake? They were in disbelief.

A reporter asked, "Just normal scallion pancakes?"

Madam Wang shook her head. "It's the one sold at Cloud Street. If it was any other scallion pancake, I would have lost my daughter."

Wang Li Li yelled, "Mom! I want to eat more!"

"Alright, alright." Madam Wang refilled her rice bowl, "Eat more and you'll become healthy again."

The reporters were all confused. Scallion pancakes from Cloud Street? What kind of scallion pancakes are those?

At that moment, Director Zhang entered, "My dear reporters, could you please go outside? This is a hospital. Please give the patient some peace and quiet."

However, the reporters couldn't let go of this opportunity.

"Director Zhang, could you comment about how she started eating rice again?"

"Was it thanks to the scallion pancakes or the hospital's treatment that the patient can start eating again?"

"Director Zhang, please say a few words."

Director Zhang was then surrounded by reporters.

To this kind of questions, what was he supposed to reply?

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