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Director Zhang was completely entranced by that scallion pancake. He had to figure out what exactly was going on. How could an ordinary-looking scallion pancake have this kind of effect? To Director Zhang, it was like having a hidden treasure in front of him, waiting for him to explore it.


The experimental doctor said, "Director, there aren't any special components inside."

Director Zhang was in disbelief, "Well, what components are there?"

The experimental doctor replied, "Coriander, ham, eggs, scallions, chili oil, bacon…"

How could it be?

Director Zhang was astonished. How could it be? Isn't that exactly the same as the scallion pancakes sold by the roadside stall near the hospital? Then how does this scallion pancake produce such an effect? He just couldn't understand it.

A commotion stirred up in the hospital.

It didn't matter if it was a doctor or a nurse, everyone knew about that severely anorexic little lady from ward number 3 who had finally started to eat something. Although it was just a scallion pancake, it was still significant. It was one of the strangest happenings in the history of medicine.

At the apartment block.

Lin Fan stood outside his door. He was going to take his key and open the door, but at that moment, he felt that he should test his own skills. He looked around but didn't find anything, then he proceeded to take out his key and open his door. He found two metal wires in his house. He exited his apartment again and locked the door. He slotted the wires into the keyhole. Suddenly, he felt as if he was possessed by some kind of lock God. With a subtle motion, a clicking sound was made.

Oh, sh*t! It's unlocked!

"This door is really useless. I only took three seconds to unlock it. It's almost the same as if I just used the key."

Lin Fan had never thought that his door could be unlocked so easily. If a thief was to target his place, it would be scary. But he didn't bother about it. There were no valuable items inside anyway. If he was robbed, then so be it. If someone relied on his or her skills to unlock his door, then he would have nothing to say.

The next day!

At 5 in the morning.

At this time, the people on the streets were either those who had just come back from working overtime or sanitation workers cleaning up the city. However, a person just stood in front of a shop.

Even though it was a summer morning, it was cold, especially after the downpour from the previous night. However, a lady was sitting down in front of the 'Master Lin' shop, quietly waiting, as if oblivious to the cold.

The sanitation worker was cleaning the streets. She was well aware of the rumors about Cloud Street and she knew that there was a very popular shop there. It had indirectly caused Cloud Street's popularity to rise and resulted in a large amount of rubbish being left on the street every day.

As the sanitation worker drove by on her sanitation vehicle, she saw this woman sitting in front of the 'Master Lin' shop, "This shop opens at 8 am daily. You're too early. There are still three more hours."

Madam Wang shook her head, "It's not early. It's not early. If I'm late, I won't queue in time."

The sanitation worker couldn't understand it. What was wrong with this woman? Even if it was super delicious, there was no need to queue before dawn. It was so cold too. It was as if she was punishing herself.

She's crazy.

At 7 in the morning.

Fraud Tian leisurely came to work. The days were passing by really comfortably. Then, he saw someone sitting in front of the store. He became curious.

"Lady, what are you doing?" Fraud Tian approached her and asked.

Madam Wang raised her head. Fraud Tian was surprised, "Didn't you come here yesterday?"

"That's right. I came here very early today to queue. I want to buy another serving of scallion pancake," said Madam Wang.

Fraud Tian saw that the lady was shivering from the cold. He cried out immediately, "Lady, don't sit here! Come in and drink some hot water to warm up your body. We only open at 8 every day. You'll have to wait longer to have the scallion pancakes."

He had never thought that someone would come so early to queue. And judging by her appearance, she probably had been there for a long time already.

In the shop.

"Drink some hot water. It'll warm up your body," said Fraud Tian as he brought her some hot water.

Madam Wang nodded gratefully, "Thank you."

Fraud Tian knew that this lady's daughter was suffering from anorexia, so it was understandable. However, just because she queued up early didn't mean that she would get the scallion pancakes. It was all up to luck.

"Lady, where's your child's father?" Fraud Tian decided to chat with her in the shop to understand her situation.

"After our child got sick, he got scared by the medical fees and ran away," explained Madam Wang.

"How unmanly." Fraud Tian despised that kind of people the most. He comforted her, "Lady, next time, there's no need to queue up so early."

Madam Wang shook her head, "No. If I came late, I won't be able to buy the scallion pancakes."

Fraud Tian shook his head, "This has nothing to do with coming early or late. These ten servings of scallion pancakes are sold by a lucky draw. Numbers are first given out, and then random numbers are called. If your number doesn't get called, even if you came first, you wouldn't be able to buy the scallion pancakes."

"Ah…" Madam Wang's mouth gaped open. She was dumbfounded. She hadn't known about this at all. She became anxious and didn't know what to do.

Fraud Tian sighed, "Don't be anxious, lady. Take this number."

He took out a number from the box, then shoved it into the lady's hands, "Remember, number 99. Don't make any mistakes and don't swap it with anyone."

"Big Bro, this…" Madam Wang was lost for words.

Fraud Tian waved his hand, "Lady, there's no need for words of courtesy. This is the least I can do. As for the sickness, it's up to you."

Madam Wang nodded, but she was lost on the inside. Apart from getting those scallion pancakes, she didn't know what was the right thing to do.

At 9 o'clock!

A snaking queue had formed up in front of the 'Master Lin' shop. They were all there to buy scallion pancakes. It was as if they had planned ahead to all line up together when it was time.

Lin Fan casually strolled into the shop. He had pondered for a long time the previous night, but he still couldn't grasp the fact that his scallion pancake had such powerful effects. It was simply defying nature.

Lin Fan said, "Morning, everybody."

The townsfolk shouted back.

"You're early, Little Boss!"

"You look dashing as always, Little Boss!"

Lin Fan laughed, "Don't compliment me. It won't get you any special privileges."

"Haha, I'm just saying the truth. Hurry up and give out the numbers, Little Boss. I prayed this morning. I'll definitely get chosen."

Wu You Lan was getting ready to distribute the numbers, but then Fraud Tian stepped forward, "You Lan, I see that you're always the one distributing the numbers. Allow me to do it today just for kicks."

Madam Wang was first in the queue. Fraud Tian pretended to give her a number, then continued to distribute the numbers to those behind.

Announcing the numbers each day was rather tiring.

Lin Fan held his teacup in his hands and announced lazily.

"Number 1."

"Number 13."

Madam Wang was getting nervous as she stood there. Her number hadn't been called out yet. She was very anxious. Her daughter was waiting for her in the hospital. If she couldn't buy the scallion pancakes, she wouldn't know what to do.

As for the other townsfolk, some of them were delighted after being picked, while some of them were disappointed as they weren't selected.

When Lin Fan was about to reach the final number, Fraud Tian rushed forward, "For the last number, let me announce it today, just for fun."

"Sure, you do it. I'll let you satisfy your urge."

Fraud Tian cleared his throat, then he exclaimed at the top of his voice, "The last number is...99!"

When Madam Wang heard this number, she was so emotional that her tears almost started to flow.

At that moment, Lin Fan saw the lady at the front of the queue. Wasn't that the lady from yesterday? Judging from her expression, it seemed that she had been chosen.

Then, Lin Fan looked over at Fraud Tian and blinked a few times, as if he had seen through it all.

Fraud Tian noticed Lin Fan's gaze and laughed awkwardly.

Lin Fan laughed on the inside. He couldn't help but shake his head. He had never thought that Fraud Tian would have such a big heart.

You must be trying to woo her!

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