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Director Zhang had initially been checking on another patient but when he heard that the severely anorexic lady in Ward 3 wanted to eat something, he immediately went over to have a look.

He had done a lot of research on the severely anorexic patient of Ward 3 before and also looked at several similar cases from other countries. His final conclusion was that it was a special illness that was more than just anorexia. It could be compared to cancer and it could be even scarier than cancer.

If cancer was discovered in the mid-stage, the patient could still live for a period of time. However, Wang Li Li had contracted this illness only for three months. A typical anorexic patient would have a transition period of about one to two years but Wang Li Li had lost so much weight in just three months. There were similar cases in medical history but almost all of the patients ended up dying.

The chance of death was almost 100%.

He was shocked when he heard that this severely anorexic patient wanted to eat. Moreover, it was wasn't even hospital food.

In the ward.

Madam Wang was holding her breath.

Liang Yuan watched with a face full of anticipation.

Director Zhang furrowed his brows and was also waiting for something to happen.

Meanwhile, other nurses also gathered in the ward after they heard what had happened. They were also anticipating something to happen.

Wang Li Li kept sniffing the scallion pancake.



Her nose was moving up and down as if she was smelling the best food on earth.

What the others didn't know was that an image had appeared in Wang Li Li's mind. She was surrounded by flowers and then the flowers slowly disappeared as she found herself in a classroom. The classmates that used to tease her were all seated in their seats as they looked at her and the scallion pancake she was holding.

"You can't eat this scallion pancake, you'll become pretty after eating it," a classmate said enviously.

Wang Li Li continued to hold onto the scallion pancake and ignored her classmates.

"I want to eat it, I'm going to eat it. I'm going to eat this scallion pancake and become even prettier so that all of you will be jealous."

"Wang Li Li is actually opening her mouth!" Liang Yuan exclaimed.

"How could this be…?" Director Zhang was in disbelief. In his entire career as a doctor, he had never encountered such an occurrence before. An anorexic patient would typically have to go through counseling to change their mindset and take various medications to treat it. But what was happening now? Could it be that the treatment done previously had been effective?

Wang Li Li opened her mouth. Her tongue was wiggling as if she couldn't wait to eat the scallion pancake.


The scallion pancake was soft and fluffy as it entered her mouth. The aroma filled her mouth. The scallion pancake tantalized her taste buds, It was as if it had given her life.

The scallion pancake soon ended up in her stomach. Wang Li Li stopped and raised her head. Her pale face suddenly turned red. It was as if she was caught in a fire. It was as if she was being hit by strong waves. It was as if she was floating in the sky.

"I feel like a little bird soaring in the sky. How beautiful…"


Wang Li Li started to cry and her tears seemed like they were glistening as they reflected light.

She started to make devilish and exaggerated expressions. Coupled with her extremely slim face, it was a little scary.

But the crowd which was witnessing this moment didn't find it scary. They thought it was cute, as if it represented their hopes of her getting well again.

Wang Li Li finally understood why she had vomited upon eating any food in the past. It was because those foods were simply inedible. The scallion pancakes in her hands were the real deal.

Director Zhang said, "Quick, she can't eat that anymore. The scallion pancake is rather hard. Her stomach is currently very weak and it must not be agitated."

Liang Yuan went forward quickly. She wanted to snatch the scallion pancake away but Wang Li Li held onto it firmly. "This is mine! Nobody can snatch this scallion pancake away from me."

Liang Yuan's hands froze in the air. She didn't know what to do.

Wang Li Li lowered her head and her fingers gently pressed on the scallion pancake. It was as if the golden crust melted instantly upon experiencing her bodily warmth. Then, she twisted it a little and a small piece broke off. It was both springy and soft.

Liang Yuan witnessed the scene and turned back, "Director, I think the scallion pancake is pretty soft. The crispy crust broke off after she pinched it gently. I think she should be fine eating it."

Madam Wang started to tear up uncontrollably. "Let her eat it. I haven't seen her have a proper meal in such a long time."

As Liang Yuan witnessed Wang Li Li happily eating, she swallowed her saliva forcefully. She had never tried the pancake before and now that she was witnessing Wang Li Li indulging in it, she wanted to try it for herself too.

"Director Zhang, what is this situation?" Madam Wang asked.

Director Zhang paused for a moment and said, "I think the early stages of treatment are taking effect. Did she do anything unusual today?"

Madam Wang shook her head. "Nope, this literally just happened."

Director Zhang wasn't sure either. He didn't dare to confirm that the early stages of treatment worked but he believed in science and medicine. "Looks like it must have been the medicine taking effect. Let her try some other food when she's done with this pancake. If she eats other food, it proves that the illness has improved."

Madam Wang was elated when she heard his words. "Director Zhang, you mean my daughter's illness is getting better?"

Director Zhang nodded and said, "I believe so, but we would need to conduct some tests to confirm that."

Wang Li Li made extremely exaggerated expressions after finishing the scallion pancake. It seemed like her usual appetite had come back.

Wang Li Li even licked the plastic bag that contained the scallion pancake as if she didn't want to waste any remnants of the pancake.

"I still want to eat!" Wang Li Li shouted.

Director Zhang paused and then picked up a bowl filled with vegetables. "Have a piece of this."

"I don't want to eat vegetables. I just want scallion pancakes," Wang Li Li said.

"Have a piece of vegetable then I'll give you another scallion pancake," Director Zhang insisted. He had to make sure that things had improved.

Wang Li Li picked up a piece of vegetable and placed it into her mouth. However, she didn't swallow it.


It had only just entered her mouth and she already puked it out. This situation puzzled Director Zhang.

How could this be? She just ate a whole scallion pancake but now she can't even eat a piece of vegetable?

Wang Li Li slammed her bedframe and cried out, "I want to eat scallion pancakes, I want to eat scallion pancakes. I don't want to eat any vegetables!"

"Daughter, be good, I'll go buy a scallion pancake right now," Madam Wang said without any hesitation. Then, she ran out immediately. There was a scallion pancake stall just outside the entrance of the hospital.

Liang Yuan wanted to say something but Madam Wang had already left.

Soon, Madam Wang returned with scallion pancakes.

Madam Wang said, "Li Li, come, the scallion pancakes are here."

Wang Li Li's eyes gleamed with excitement when she saw the scallion pancakes. Then, she took a bite.

She puked.

"What's wrong? What's wrong with that?" Madam Wang was shocked.

Wang Li Li shouted, "It's not this taste! I want the scallion pancakes that I just ate!"

Director Zhang had been a medical practitioner for many years and the current situation had left him dumbfounded. What was going on? Was there any scientific evidence to explain what was happening?

It was also a scallion pancake. Why did she reject this piece and not the previous one?

Liang Yuan said, "The scallion pancake that Li Li just ate was bought from Cloud Street. I heard that the pancakes there are delicious, so I went to buy one before coming to work."

Madam Wang immediately replied, "I will go there right now."

"Madam, hold on. It's not that easy to buy it. There is a daily limit of ten scallion pancakes per day. Also, your number tag has to be chosen in order to purchase a pancake. It's not that easy," Liang Yuan replied.

Madam Wang shook her head and replied, "No, regardless of how difficult it is, I have to buy it. Li Li, be good, mom will go and get some for you."

Liang Yuan thought about it for a moment and said, "Madam, I will go with you."

Madam Wang said with gratitude, "Thank you, thank you…"

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