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The plump lady who bought the scallion pancake from Lin Fan in the morning was a nurse at Ren He Hospital. After she was done with her work, she came back but realized that her scallion pancake was gone. Although she wasn't really affected, she was curious as to what had happened.

"Xiao Li, where did the scallion pancake go?" Liang Yuan asked.

Xiao Li said, "I don't know. Didn't you place it on this cart earlier? Oh, I remember now. This cart just went to Ward Number 3."

"Ward 3? Isn't that the severely anorexic little lady? I bought the scallion pancake from the streets and it's really oily. How could she eat it? No, I have to take it back quickly," Liang Yuan said anxiously as she went towards Ward 3.

At Ward 3.

Noise could be heard from outside.

"I'm not going to eat it, take it away, take it all away!" a girl said with a hoarse and weak voice.

"Li Li, listen to mummy, just eat a little, okay?" a lady's voice rang out. She was using a pleading tone. However, it was useless to the girl.

"I don't want to eat it…"


The bowl and chopsticks fell to the ground.

Liang Yuan pushed the door open and saw what had happened. She was already used to it. She felt sympathy for the girl.

She was only 15 or 16 years old and it was at the peak of her puberty but she was suffering from such severe anorexia.

The death rate for severe anorexia was 20%. Wang Li Li was on the brink of death. Weighing only 35kg with a heart rate of 46bpm, she could die anytime.

"Nurse…" Wang Li Li's Mother called out with a sorrowful expression as she looked at the nurse.

Wang Li Li just lay down on the bed. She was extremely skinny. Her cheeks were sunken and her eye sockets were obvious. Her arms were like reed stems, they were extremely thin and looked brittle.

"Li Li, listen to me, eat a little okay?" Liang Yuan had forgotten about the scallion pancake after looking at Li Li. She just wanted her to eat something.

Wang Li Li just turned away in silence.

"Nurse, thank you. I really don't know what to do anymore," Wang Li Li's mother said as she shook her head.

She had done research on anorexia before and she found that the typical anorexia sufferer could be easily treated with a right mindset. However, her daughter was suffering from such severe anorexia that even if she was fed something small, she'd probably spit it out.

Eating was like a painful torture to Li Li. The hospital was also at a loss and they didn't know what to do. They could only feed Li Li with medicine and vitamins to sustain her life.

Liang Yuan tried to console her, "Don't give up, things will definitely get better."

Madam Wang just held her tears back as she didn't dare to cry. She was afraid that it would trigger her daughter. She was just 15 years of age, how could she suffer from severe anorexia?

Her phone wallpaper was an old picture of Wang Li Li. She was plump, innocent, and cute but she looked completely different now.

Liang Yuan sat by the bed. She looked at the cart load of food and said, "Eat some vegetables, okay?"

"No, I feel fine now," Wang Li Li said.

She felt that her current figure was perfect. It was much better than before. She used to be teased by all her classmates and now they definitely would be envious of her body.

Liang Yuan said, "If you eat some, you'll feel even better."

Wang Li Li shook her head and replied, "No."

Liang Yuan was at a loss. Although she was a nurse, she didn't know what to do.

Then, Liang Yuan saw the scallion pancake at the bottom of the cart and she picked it up and asked, "Look, what is this?"

"Scallion pancake."

Liang Yuan smiled and said, "Yeah, this is a scallion pancake. It is extremely delicious. Look at me. I eat so much every day so that I can maintain my weight. Otherwise, I'd be devastated if my weight decreased."

Wang Li Li looked at Liang Yuan and said, "But I think you're already very fat."

"It's a fortunate thing to be fat. Many people out there can't even gain weight when they want to," Liang Yuan smiled confidently and replied. Then, she opened the scallion pancake packaging and placed it in front of Wang Li Li. "Take a sniff, it smells good, right?"

Madam Wang looked at what was happening and sighed. The nurses were extremely thoughtful and were always trying to think of ways to make her Daughter eat some food but they had never been successful. It looked like it was going to be a failure again.

Liang Yuan wasn't really confident either, but she decided to give it a try. She hoped that it would help to restore Wang Li Li's interest in food and change her fate.

Wang Li Li was expressionless. She even looked like she despised the scallion pancake. But suddenly, the scallion pancake went near her nose.

Initially, she had wanted to push it away but then, she was completely stunned. Her nose moved up and down as she sniffed it.

She smelled something that she had never smelled before.


She swallowed her saliva.

The golden crust of the scallion pancake was clearly defined and it seemed like there were fairies telling her to eat the scallion pancake.

"Sigh…" Liang Yuan sighed and said, "Madam, I'll make a move first."

Madam Wang said, "Thank you."

Liang Yuan knew that she wasn't going to change anything. A sufferer of severe anorexia wouldn't be easily treated even with advanced medicine.

She was just a nurse, what could she do to treat it?

Most of these anorexia cases were caused by psychological pressure. Wang Li Li wasn't born this way, it was developed through her lifetime. But this was worse than a natural occurrence of anorexia. It was unique and the chances of treating it successfully were slim.

The doctors had already come to a conclusion: Wang Li Li could perhaps only survive for one to two more months. Madam Wang knew about this but even though she was devastated, she didn't express it in front of Li Li. She just wiped her tears in secret.

When Liang Yuan moved the scallion pancake away from Wang Li Li, she noticed that a shriveled hand stopped her from shifting it away.

Liang Yuan was stunned. She was in disbelief.


Madam Wang immediately wiped her tears when she heard her voice. Her eyes lit up when she saw what was happening. She was also in great disbelief.

Wang Li Li grabbed onto the pancake with her skinny hands. Her eyes were glimmering as if she had found hope.

"Give… Give it to me," Wang Li Li stuttered. Liang Yuan didn't know what was happening but she let go of the scallion pancake and pressed the emergency button as she said, "Quick, get Director Zhang here!"

Director Zhang was the main doctor assigned to Wang Li Li and she wanted him to witness this scene.

"Li Li, what's wrong? Do you feel like eating it?" Madam Wang asked anxiously.

Wang Li Li remained silent as she took another sniff of the pancake.

The aroma!

How captivating!

Wang Li Li started to make unbelievable facial expressions.

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