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Lin Fan was already familiar with the sound of the Encyclopedia. The moment he received a prompt, he knew that he was f*cked.

"The third task has been completed. Encyclopedic Points +20."

"Unlocking the fourth page of knowledge. It will also be related to someone close to the host."

"Tian Han Ming is a huge fan of the host, therefore, the fourth class of knowledge to be unlocked is: Locksmithing."

Lin Fan felt defeated.

'Locksmithing', are you sure this isn't a joke?!

"Task: As usual, to become the famous Master Lin."

"Reward: Encyclopedic Points +20 and the ability to unlock the fifth page of knowledge."

"Note: Since it is a small class of knowledge, there is no need to be involved in the profession."

Current Encyclopedic Points: 98

Fraud Tian suddenly shuddered and said, "It's so cold. How could it be so cold when it's so sunny outside?"

Wu Tian He could sense that Master Lin was behaving weirdly. He asked, "Master Lin, are you okay?"

Lin Fan face palmed himself and waved his hands weakly as if he had something to say. Then, he said softly, "Fraud…"

Fraud Tian asked, "What's wrong?"

Lin Fan said, "Follow me to the park, I want to practice with you."

Fraud Tian was shocked, "Wow, I can't do it. I'm weak and frail, how can I withstand your blows?"

What Lin Fan was most afraid of was that the Encyclopedia would use Fraud Tian as the main source of knowledge and tasks. The main problem was that Fraud Tian used to have too many careers which included cleaning services and sales.

At least becoming a locksmith wasn't that bad.

If it had been cleaning services, he probably would've killed Fraud Tian.

Now that things had advanced to such a stage, there was no turning back.

He opened the Encyclopedia.

Encyclopedic Points: 98

The task was a little complicated. It was just locksmithing, how could he become a famous Master Lin?

Fraud Tian looked at Lin Fan suspiciously and said, "What's wrong? Did something happen?"

Lin Fan felt scarred, "Yeah, something bad happened."

Fraud Tian said, "That's just a pity, I definitely won't be of much help."

After such a miserable event, he vowed to avoid Fraud Tian in future and not let him ruin his life.

Just as Lin Fan was talking to them in the shop, a bunch of townsfolk came over and gathered outside.

"Little Boss, you're d*mn impressive."

"Of course, Little Boss was insane. I read the news today. People like them should be exposed."

The townsfolk kept complimenting him. As long as they had phones, they all would have seen the news. When they saw the man on stage, they recognized Little Boss instantly.

Therefore, they came over early in the morning to compliment Little Boss so that he'd be happy. Perhaps Little Boss would sell more scallion pancakes then.

Lin Fan smiled and said, "Thank you, everyone."

A resident said, "Little Boss, you don't have to thank us. Why not sell more scallion pancakes in future?"

Lin Fan was taken aback as he shook his head and said, "The daily limit of 10 scallion pancakes is fixed."

The residents were heartbroken. They had been hoping that he would sell more scallion pancakes. They were used to queueing up for it every day. At least it gave them hope of tasting the coveted scallion pancakes.

Wu You Lan gave out the number tags and Lin Fan started picking ten lucky winners from the crowd.

Those that got chosen were extremely excited while those who didn't were a little disappointed. But they were already familiar with the rules set by Little Boss and hence they didn't have much of a reaction. If they didn't get chosen that day, they still could try the next day.

"Number 97."

"That's me, that's me!" a slightly plump lady rushed to the front of the shop.

"I heard from others that the scallion pancakes here are super delicious and I've decided to try my luck today. It really paid off!" the plump lady chuckled.

Lin Fan raised his head and smiled, "Yeah, your luck is indeed good. There are people who've queued here for a long time."

The plump lady liked to try out different delicacies and she found out about these scallion pancakes on a gourmet food forum. She was there to queue early in the morning before work but she hadn't expected to be chosen on her first attempt. She was extremely lucky.

In a short while, the first scallion pancake was ready to be served. The plump lady held it and wanted to take a bite but then she cried out when she looked at her watch.

"It's too late, I'm going to be late for work!"

She immediately ran off.

Lin Fan shook his head and laughed. Then, he continued to make scallion pancakes. He looked at the people who were queueing. There were many of them and the number seemed like it was increasing but the daily limit of ten scallion pancakes was still fixed. Lin Fan felt really proud of his scallion pancakes when he witnessed the devilish expressions of the people who had eaten them.

It was 10 am.

Lin Fan lay there with nothing to do. The matter with the association was finally over and he didn't want to go there anymore. As for what was going on there, he couldn't be bothered to pay attention to it. Anyway, it didn't have anything to do with him.

"Little Boss."

Lin Fan looked over, then stood up and laughed, "Chief Liu, what brings you here today? I haven't seen you in such a long time."

Liu Xiao Tian was extremely busy. As a platoon leader, he had to ensure Shanghai was a safe place. The residents had been leading safe and peaceful lives but they didn't know that it was because of people like Liu Xiao Tian that they could have such lives.

"Hey, it's rare that I can take a break so I decided to come here and take a look," Liu Xiao Tian smiled and said.

Lin Fan went to the cart and made a scallion pancake for Liu Xiao Tian.

Liu Xiao Tian was stunned but he smiled and said, "Little Boss, I know of your rules. You can't bribe me with this!"

Lin Fan smiled and said, "Yeah, treat yourself like you're at home. You've worked so hard for all of us."

Liu Xiao Tian hadn't eaten the scallion pancakes for a long time and he immediately said, "I shall eat it then!"

"You don't know…" Liu Xiao Tian stopped as he took a bite. Suddenly, his facial expression changed as he closed his eyes.

Lin Fan just smiled. It looked like Chief Liu was going to be dominated by a scallion pancake again. Even the strongest people weren't able to escape from the wrath of the scallion pancakes.

"Little Boss, sorry to have been a joke to you. I can't help but make such awkward expressions every time I eat these scallion pancakes," Liu Xiao Tian said.

Lin Fan smiled, "Chief Liu, what have you been busy with lately?"

"Sigh, don't bring it up. A few days ago, someone wanted to commit suicide but we managed to save him. After our investigations, we found out that he had lost all his money from an email scam. We're still finding out who's the culprit. It's been a few days and we still don't have a clue," Liu Xiao Tian said.

These online scams were the hardest to solve. If the culprit was captured, it was only due to luck.

"Oh, these scams are the worst. Chief Liu, you could go to Sichuan and take a look. Perhaps you will find something there," Lin Fan said.

"How could it…" Liu Xiao Tian stopped as he thought of how capable Lin Fan was. Then, he anxiously asked, "Little Boss, did you say Sichuan?"

Lin Fan smiled and nodded.

Liu Xiao Tian immediately stuffed the scallion pancake into his mouth and left hurriedly. "Little Boss, if this is true, you'd have done us a great service again."

Lin Fan just waved his hands as he didn't think much of this. He didn't mind helping out to create a more peaceful society.

At that moment, at Shanghai Ren He Hospital.

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