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What others didn't dare to do, he dared

What others were afraid of, he was unafraid.

Everyone, including him, knew the importance of the joint performance. As the Chinese idiom goes, the barefooted aren't afraid of wearing shoes. He wasn't going to hit or scold anyone, but just go and speak the truth on the stage. If he got rejected, he'd have nothing to say because at least he tried his best.

The two hosts were panicking. "Bro, please come back here!"

They were stunned. What was going on? In just a flash, this fella had actually managed to take the microphone and go up on stage. This made them feel extremely helpless.

Should they go up on stage or stay put? If they were to go on stage, what could they say? But if they stayed there, how would the performance come to an end?


Wang Yun Jie exclaimed, "This guy is crazy! Doesn't he know the situation here? If something happens, is he going to take responsibility for it? He's such an idiot!"

Ding De was overwhelmed with shock, "Instructor Lin, you're asking for death…"

Yuan Guang was speechless. His hand trembled while holding a cigarette.

Wu Xuan wiped the sweat from his forehead. How could anyone be as crazy as him?

Below the stage.

Fraud Tian was overwhelmed with shock as he said, "How impressive, he actually took to the stage to cause trouble."

Wu You Lan just stared blankly and felt very curious. It was the first time she had witnessed such a thing. The hosts felt lost and they didn't know how to react to someone who had stolen their microphone.

Vice-President Guo was so shocked that he stood up. He hadn't expected the fella to rush to the stage at such a timing. Also, he wanted to give himself a tight slap for allowing him to do it. He had already had a feeling that Lin Fan was going to cause trouble but he hadn't expected him to really do it.

The guests looked at the man on stage and didn't know what was his purpose for doing that.

The great leaders of Shanghai all frowned and didn't know what was going on. Where did this man come from? Then, they looked at Vice-President Guo. When Vice-President Guo saw the doubtful looks on the faces of these leaders, he felt even more afraid. Finally, he decided to shout at Lin Fan, "What are you doing? Get down!"

Lin Fan just smiled and ignored him.

In the broadcast room.

"I smell something fishy, I'm afraid something major is going to happen later."

"Hey, who is this man? Shouldn't it be the hosts taking the stage?"

"I have no idea, but look at that man standing in the crowd. He looks so anxious."

"D*mn, did something bad happen?"

"How could that be? It's definitely a special programme. Can't you see who's in the audience? The second-in-command of Shanghai is just there! Who'd have the guts to cause trouble here?"

Meanwhile, the reporters that were at the back.

"What's happening? It looks like a problem has occurred."

"Look at the expression of Vice-President Guo of Shanghai Chinese Martial Arts Association. He looks really off. He even asked the man on stage to come down. It looks like this isn't planned."

"Something's going to happen. Quick, record it! I didn't expect such a thing to happen in a joint performance. Perhaps it's just a blessing in disguise."

Vice-President was sweating in fear. He wanted to give a report to the leaders but he didn't know what to say. If he had known about it, he would've stopped this guy from going up on stage even if it meant that he would get his legs broken.

This fella really isn't afraid of death. I thought that since the performance had such important leaders in the audience, he wouldn't dare to mess things up. He should've understood the problems it'd bring.

On the stage, Lin Fan tried to neaten his attire. He placed the microphone beside his mouth.

"To all the respected leaders and guests, good evening. I am the Ba Gua Zhang Chairman of the Shanghai Chinese Martial Arts Association. I wasn't supposed to be in this show but now that I'm here, I just want to say a few things to speak up for my students. Guys, please come up on stage."

Zhang Tao and his friends were extremely nervous. When they heard Lin Fan's instructions, they stood up and walked towards the stage.

The crowd looked at the kids and were extremely curious as to what they were going to do.

Then, the reporters at the back started to react.

"I know who he is! I've been reading the news for the past few days. He's a Chairman from the Chinese Martial Arts Association."

"He had a conflict with the association and it went viral on the Internet."

"D*mn, so it's him! What does he want now? Could it be that something bad has happened again?"

The reporters were fired up. They had found another piece of breaking news.

The crowd was still puzzled as to what the kids were going to do. Why did they only have one arm?

Lin Fan looked at the six children behind him and smiled at the crowd. He said, "My decision to come on stage today has already infuriated some people because I didn't listen to them and now I've messed up the sequence of the show. But what I want to say is that I'm not afraid of this. Even if there are important VIPs among us today, I have to finish what I want to say."

After that, he nodded at the notable leaders in the crowd and said, "I hope the leaders will understand."

The guests were very interested as to what he was going to do.

Vice-President Guo's heart was about to jump out of his chest. It was as if it was the end of the world for him.

"Dear VIPs, notable leaders and guests, as you can see, the children standing behind me are all born with flaws. Some people may think that they're disabled and useless but many more would feel that they deserve our sympathy. What I want to say is that they do not need any sympathy or pity. They just need to be treated fairly. Initially, they were supposed to be performing in this annual show and they've been working extremely hard for it, but their segment has been canceled because of my personal conflict with the association. I don't know if these people from the association are able to sleep properly at night but I suppose they've been sleeping feeling guilt-free because they're used to abusing their power to get rid of people that have offended them. It doesn't matter if you work extremely hard or if you're gifted. To them, as long as you don't fear them and respect them, you're an unworthy being. I sincerely urge every single one of the guests here to give the kids a chance to prove themselves."

"Thank you, I've said what I wanted to say."

Then, the crowd became silent, as if they had been stunned by his words.

The reporters were also overwhelmed with shock. They hadn't thought that someone would actually say such a thing in a setting like this.

Some people?

Although he didn't mention any names, how could they not know who he was referring to?

Suddenly, the audience started to applaud and although they didn't scream and shout, everyone was cheering them on.

Vice-President Guo's face was as white as paper. He just stood rooted to the ground.



Unworthy being?

How the hell can you say such things?

Then, Vice-President Guo was so angry that he wanted to kill him. He hadn't expected Lin Fan to be courageous enough to say such a thing in a setting like this.

Wasn't he afraid of the consequences of his actions?


Wang Yun Jie was dumbfounded. Then, he started to scold him profusely, "F*ck, he's just asking for it…"

Ding De and the rest of the Chairmen just lowered their heads in shame as if this had all been caused by them.

The leaders looked sternly at Vice-President Guo and he started to sweat in fear. He wanted to explain things to them but they didn't bother about him. They looked at Lin Fan on stage and said,

"Please let the children perform."

Lin Fan smiled and said, "Thank you."

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