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Guo Chen and Wang Yun Jie hadn't expected that he would make a move on them, nor had they dared to believe that he would do so, but now, they had no choice but to believe it.

Lin Fan sent a kick flying towards them. It landed on Guo Chen's chest. Guo Chen's body slammed into the wall and he grimaced in pain. Wang Yun Jie didn't want to give in to Master Lin as he threw punches at him. If it had been anyone else, those fists would have landed, but Lin Fan wasn't just anyone. He tilted his body to the side, then countered with a slap to Wang Yun Jie's face. His palm left a bright red mark on Wang Yun Jie's cheek.

Everyone in the conference room was shocked. Then, they came to their senses.

"Stop fighting! Stop fighting!"

"Master Lin, stop! You can't fight!"

"Calm down, calm down! Don't fight!"

"What are you all looking at? Hurry up and intervene!"

Wu Xuan stepped forward immediately. He wrapped his arms around Lin Fan's waist and dragged him backward, "Master Lin, I beg you to please stop fighting. Vice-President Guo is indeed in the wrong, but nothing can be done now. Will you please calm your temper?"

"F*ck your mom…" Wang Yun Jie's eyes were red with fury. He charged towards Lin Fan, "If I don't kill you today, I'll throw away my pride!"

"What pride do you even have left?" Lin Fan yelled back as he swept Wang Yun Jie to the side with a kick. Wang Yun Jie fell over a chair and tumbled over pitifully.

"Let go of me!" Lin Fan roared.

"Master Lin, I'm begging you! Stop fighting!" How could Wu Xuan even dare to let go? He was dumbfounded. What the heck was going on? He then screamed at the other three people, "Hurry up and restrain them! Do you want someone to die?"

Yuan Guang, Ding De, and Wang De rushed forward instantly to hold Vice-President Guo and Chairman Wang back, The situation had gotten complicated. Hell had really broken loose.

The association members who were listening from the corridor were all shocked.

They hadn't thought that a fight would actually break out. And it sounded like such a fierce brawl too. But they didn't dare to go in. They knew that they couldn't afford to go in.

Wang Yun Jie was being restrained by Yuan Guang. Filled with rage, he exclaimed, "Lin, let me tell you that this isn't over! Don't think that I'll let them participate in the performance now. As long as I, Wang Yun Jie, am still around, don't even think about it! You're right, it's because we want to get back at you! What are you going to do about it?"

Vice-President Guo was being restrained by Wang De Sheng. He was still grimacing in pain. That kick he had just received was very heavy. He still hadn't recovered. Although he was still furious, he didn't want to keep fighting with this madman.

"Alright, the truth is out."

Lin Fan pried Wu Xuan's arms apart and pushed him aside. Wu Xuan was the MMA Chairman, so his body was naturally very strong and sturdy, but with one push from Lin Fan, he stumbled backward.

"I'll let you have your revenge. I'll let you keep up your despicable behavior." Lin Fan couldn't stand it. He picked up the documents on the conference table and swung them towards Wang Yun Jie's face.

Wang Yun Jie was no match for Lin Fan. He was pinned to the wall and he took a flurry of hits.

Yuan Guang and the rest immediately stepped in front of Lin Fan and tried to push him away, but he couldn't be moved at all.

Wu Xuan backed up to the door and saw that there were so many people along the corridor. He instantly screamed at the top of his lungs, "What are you all looking at? Hurry up and stop the fight!"

Master Lin was too strong. They wouldn't have been able to restrain him at all. Now that they were called upon, they dragged Wang Yun Jie away instead. If they stayed there any longer, they feared that something would happen to them.

"Quick! Take Vice-President Guo and Chairman Wang away!" Wu Xuan exclaimed anxiously.

Chairman Wang's face was all bruised. They all gasped when they saw his face.

How pitiful!

As Wang Yun Jie was dragged away, he kept on screaming at Lin Fan. However, there was a timid look in his eyes. He had been utterly defeated by Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was being held back by Wu Xuan and the rest, "Master Lin, if you are still angry then take it out on us instead. You can't keep fighting any longer."

He was surrounded in the conference room. His rapid breathing slowed down and his fiery temper slowly settled down. Gazing at the performance's program list on the conference table, he remained silent.

Wu Xuan and the rest of them glanced at each other, but kept quiet as well, as if they were waiting for Master Lin's rage to dissipate.

At that moment, Lin Fan raised his head, "Chairman Wu, I'm sorry for just now."

"Don't worry about it, but please stop fighting, Master Lin. We know that this is Vice-President Guo and Chairman Wang's fault, but it's already been set in stone. Nothing can change it anymore." Wu Xuan let out a breath of air in relief, seeing how Master Lin had finally calmed down.

He had really been afraid that Master Lin wouldn't stop. Then, the association would have been in big trouble.

After appeasing Master Lin, he had to gather all the association members and make sure that news of this incident wouldn't spread. Of course, he knew that it wasn't possible for it not to spread at all, but as long as it didn't reach the Internet, it was fine.

After a few moments of silence, Lin Fan stood up. His temper had settled. He placed the program list in his pocket, "Alright, I'm going to the practice room. Don't worry, I won't fight anymore. I won't dirty my hands anymore."

Wu Xuan nodded awkwardly. As long as he didn't fight anymore.

He had never experienced an event like this throughout his five years as the association's MMA Chairman. It was truly eye-opening.

He had seen through Master Lin's temper. If you were kind to him, he would treat you well. If you did something despicable, he would teach you a lesson in life.

Chairman Wang had taken hits twice that day. He had been completely humiliated. However, Chairman Wang was a thick-skinned man. He could just forget this incident in the blink of an eye.

At the hall downstairs.

All the association members were looking at Lin Fan. They had gained tremendous respect for Lin Fan and they all wanted to give him a thumbs up.

What a great man!


Lin Fan cleared his throat softly. "Please excuse me, I've disrupted everyone's rest."

Everyone shook their heads instantly.

"Master Lin, you're amazing."

"We respect you!"

"Master Lin…"

Master Lin didn't care about these compliments. He waved his hand and walked towards the practice room.

Jiang Fei had wanted to say something to Lin Fan, but at that moment, he was at a loss for words. What the heck was that incident that just happened? Jiang Fei wouldn't submit to anyone else, but he had to give in to Master Lin.

At the practice room entrance, Lin Fan tidied up his attire, then with a smile, he clapped his hands together, "Everyone, gather for a moment."

"Instructor Lin, I just…" Liu Ming Ming's eyes were red as if he knew something.

Lin Fan cleared his throat, "In the last two days, practice well. The real test will be in two days' time, do you understand?"

Zhang Tao replied, "Yes, Instructor Lin."

Huang Ya Yue was full of confidence. "We'll definitely work hard!"

Lin Fan chuckled, "Good, that's the spirit. Now, practice the entire sequence from start to finish. I'll see if there are any issues."

You're the Vice-President. You're the one who makes the decisions. You say that they can't participate? Fine, I don't have this authority.


You have your authority. I have my way of doing things. Let's see who wins.

If I was just an ordinary person, I would have just sucked it up. But right now, I won't allow it.

In two days, we'll meet on the performance stage.

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