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He never thought that the Autumn Sword Fish Killer would have such an ability. Indeed, the higher the ability, the bigger the size.

As I have said, it was the Autumn Sword Fish Killer's doing where the argument of a mere pancake can be so heated. It is indeed amusing.

Even though it did not really matter much to him, he still had to post his thoughts on Weibo. He thought for a while and entered a paragraph.

"I always wanted to be famous but did not know it was because of a pancake that made me famous. This feels great. :)"

The comments section went crazy.

"666... I am in awe of nobody but Master Lin."

"The fame-hungry Master Lin has finally become famous because of scallion pancakes."

"Haha, I'm dying of laughter. I knew that Master Lin was not that kind of person. How can such a delicious pancake contain those things?"

"These days, reporters are so unscrupulous. They write such false reports even when they have not tried the pancakes before."

Those that followed Lin Fan on Weibo were mostly his fans, who had eaten his pancakes before and there were some famous people too. They trusted Lin Fan, although there were more netizens that do not.

One of the famous critics on Weibo condemned Lin Fan.

"I do not understand why you can still laugh about this, or even be proud. This is a tragedy, where you became famous as you wished by resorting to unscrupulous means."

"What Mr. Wang said is correct, these kind of person are disgusting."

"People who add drugs to food to harm others should be arrested and shot to death."

Lin Fan casually scrolled through Weibo and saw Mr. Wang's criticism. He was extremely unhappy. Who was he to criticize? Then, he replied to Mr. Wang's post.

"A keyboard warrior named Wang, please do not take advantage of my fame and stop being so shameless."

Netizens saw the notification of the post and laughed.

"Haha, Master Lin is angry."

"That's right, people nowadays are so shameless. When they see that Master Lin is famous, they try to take advantage of his fame."

"Let's start a group and tell that fellow to stop taking advantage of Master Lin's fame. If he wants to be famous, he should do it himself."

Critic Wang was proud of what he said and thought it was perfect. However, when he saw Master Lin's reply, he was stunned. Especially the comments of the netizens made him even more furious. He never knew that there would be someone that's as shameless as Lin Fan.

"Master Lin has said it already, please stop taking advantage of his fame."

"If you want to become famous, count on yourself. Our Master Lin became famous because of scallion pancakes, but I'm afraid you cannot become famous for it."

"It's hilarious how a disagreement could lead to someone taking advantage of his fame. How scary."

Lin Fan sat there, playing with his phone. He did not bother about the matter.

Gradually, some loyal customers of Lin Fan came. Even though there was a heated debate online, those comments didn't mean anything. No one forced them to eat the pancakes. Also, these customers believed Master Lin that nothing had been put into these pancakes.

"Little Boss, please give us a queue number."

Lin Fan wanted to rest at first as he did not expect so many customers. He was shocked and thought that these customers were very loyal. They did not wait until the results were out and they came to buy the pancakes.

"Aren't you guys afraid?" Lin Fan laughed and asked.

The customers shook their heads, "What should we be afraid of? We believe you."

"Yes, what do they know? They just love to report fake news online."

"Today, there are fewer customers. Seems like there is a high chance I will be chosen."

Lin Fan smiled, "Let me distribute the number tags."

These people believe me unconditionally, what else can I say? Of course, I have to give out the number tags.

Some passer-by saw that the queue was still long, and they took a photo to post it online.

"These people must really hate their lives. Even where there are problems with the pancakes, they still dare to eat them."

"Who would have known? I actually queued for the pancakes once. Luckily, I did not manage to get chosen, if not I would have eaten a poisonous food. They are so oblivious to their health. Nobody else is going to be responsible for their health but themselves."

At the Food and Drug Administration.

The test result is out, all components have been attained. There are no problems at all.

The Vice-Chairman of the Food and Drug Administration said, "Chief Zhang, the results are out."

Chief Zhang was very curious about the results and immediately asked, "How is it? Are there any problems?"

"There are no problems. It is all within the healthy range."

Chief Zhang asked in disbelief, "How could this be? If it is within the healthy range, how can the pancake have such a taste?"

"Haha, I am not sure what taste you are talking about. If there's nothing else, I will hang up."

"Old pal, please hold on. Can you pass the result slip containing the various ingredients to me?" Chief Zhang did not think that the pancake would have no problems. However, he suddenly thought of a new way. Since this guy did not want to cooperate, he will find out the recipe for the pancakes. There was definitely a special ingredient in the recipe and the golden ratio of all ingredients to make them. Once he returned, he would let the chefs analyze it and perhaps there was indeed some secret behind the pancakes.

If I can get something out of this, I will immediately open a factory and carry out production. Then, I will be extremely wealthy.

His old friend was confused as the pancake had the common ingredients of the rest of the stores. He was not sure what Chief Zhang wanted.

"Sure, I will send someone to pass it to you."

Chief Zhang immediately rejected, "No, I will come and take it myself. I will reach soon."

After hanging up, Chief Zhang finally smiled.

How can such an important thing be sent over by someone else? I will have to collect it myself.

If I could replicate the pancakes, the recipe will definitely be worth a fortune.

Chief Zhang was still worried even when the recipe was with the Food and Drug Administration. He immediately put down all his work and went to collect the recipe.

*Dong Dong*

"Come in," the Vice-Chairman said.

"Sir, since this result slip has no problems, I will send the test results to the owner," Analyst Xiao Lee said.

Vice President lifted his head, "Call the person and ask him to come and collect it himself."

Xiao Lee immediately waved, "Vice President, it would be better if I send it to him personally. We are from a government institution which is to serve the people. This is what we should do."

The Vice President was slightly taken aback but he smiled, "Not bad, you are conscious. You may go."

After leaving the office, Xiao Lee was so happy. After he analyzed the pancake and realized that there were no problems with it and he ate it as he was hungry. Upon eating, he realized how delicious the pancake was.

Delicious, it's so delicious.

He also did some research and realized that the store only sold ten pancakes every day. There was a low chance of buying a pancake but if he were to send the test results to the owner, Lin Fan might be happy enough to make a pancake for him.

Struck gold, I really struck gold this time!

I'm coming for you, delicious pancake!

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