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Chief Zhang was in disbelief. He asked, "Master Lin, do you not believe me?"

Lin Fan replied, "It's not that I don't believe you, I'm just not interested."

Chief Zhang still thought that Lin Fan did not believe him so he asked him again, "Do you know who I am? You see that tall building over there? It's a 5-star hotel and it was opened by me. All those things that I told you just now, I can make it happen. If you don't take this chance right now, you'll be missing an opportunity of a lifetime."

Lin Fan did not know how to convince him that he was not interested. He told him, "Firstly, I don't want to work together, I'm pretty satisfied here selling my pancakes in this small place. Secondly, even if I wanted a partner, I don't want to work with you because I have other people who I can work with. Lastly, I don't want to talk about this anymore."

Fraud Tian knew what was going on. The scallion pancake was really delicious and the recipe was created out of nowhere by Lin Fan. No one else could do it. However, he knew that this worldwide pancake business was not something that could be done, thus he was not really interested when Chief Zhang was talking. He knew that if this whole scallion pancake thing could become a worldwide business, Lin Fan would have worked with Wang Ming Yang instead a long time ago, why would he need anyone else?

Chief Zhang still could not believe it, he said, "Master Lin, if you have any problems with my proposal, we can slowly negotiate. You don't have to lie to me, do you?"

"When have I lied to you?" Lin Fan was flabbergasted.

Chief Zhang said, "You said you wouldn't work with me because you have other people. I simply do not believe this."

Lin Fan laughed while shaking his head. He did not want to drag this any further, so he said, "I'm sure you've heard of Wang Ming Yang before."

"Yes, I have," Chief Zhang said while nodding his head.

"That's good. He's a brother of mine. If I really wanted to go into business, do you think I would find anyone else?" Lin Fan asked.

When Chief Zhang heard this, he clearly had his doubts. However, when he was about to say something, Lin Fan waved him off and said, "Okay, that's all, don't disturb me anymore."

"Master Lin… Master Lin!" Chief Zhang shouted at him from behind but Lin Fan didn't even turn around.

Fraud Tian took a quick glance at Chief Zhang and after that, he went to find Wu Tian He and his daughter. Recently, Fraud Tian's daily life had been revolving around Wu Tian He. The pair spent whole days talking to one another, playing chess and countless other fun things.

Chief Zhang had to accept defeat and leave, however, he was very reluctant to accept it on the inside.

In the car.

"Let's go," Chief Zhang's expression was that of anger. "This Lin Fan has no business sense at all. I gave him such a great opportunity and yet he doesn't know how to utilize it. Just like that, he's letting a fortune slip away."

The driver replied, "Chief Zhang, I'm very curious. You said that these pancakes give people a certain high but I don't believe it. However, I recently saw this old show on television about a man selling soy sauce who put some funny stuff in his soy sauce that made people addicted to it. I feel like this could be the same thing."

"Just drive," Chief Zhang said, clearly irritated.

However, Chief Zhang also thought that it was pretty weird. Thinking back to when he bought the pancake and the way it made him feel, it was definitely over dramatic and it was kind of like he was on drugs.

Chief Zhang was seated in his car, deep in thought, trying to figure out why Lin Fan did not want to work with him.

Could it be something wrong with me? What other reason could it possibly be?

Argh, d*mn it, how can I be so stupid?

Chief Zhang smacked his head as he had a sudden realization. How stupid of him. If he just conducted a test in the laboratory then he would know what was in the scallion pancake.

The next morning.

The shop opened its doors and there was a very long line already.

Every day, Lin Fan would finish making the pancakes in the morning and then go to the association to train his students in the afternoon. His days were usually the same but at the same time, they were very fulfilling. If there were ever any changes to his day, he would just slowly take them on.

Lives were meant to be lived with meaning and excitement.

The townsfolk eagerly waited in the extremely long line for the pancakes.

The owners of the surrounding shops saw the massive lines and said, "Little Boss' business is getting better day by day and the lines seem to be getting longer day by day as well."

"That's obvious. Little Boss' scallion pancakes are getting more famous. In fact, there are people who drive here from very far away just for them."

"Are they crazy?"

"Hehe, there are even crazier people. Do you know how much one serving of scallion pancake managed to fetch the other day?"

"How much?"

"This much," he said while lifting up three fingers.

"Three hundred?"

"Ha! Don't be crazy. Do you really think three hundred is enough? Let me tell you. It was three thousand dollars and the other person was still willing to buy it, do you believe that?"

"Regardless of whether I believe it or not, the fact that these scallion pancakes can fetch that kind of money is really unbelievable."

"I'm done talking to you. One look and I know that you've never tried those scallion pancakes before. I'm going to go prepare my goods, these people are going to come and visit our shops soon."

The townsfolk felt very blessed every day to be able to come to Lin Fan's store and it had become an essential part of their daily lives.

In the line of people queuing up, some of them really wanted to eat the pancake and would not give it up for anything, whereas some of them were short of money and felt very conflicted internally. They would consider for a long time before finally buying it.

Overall, there was not a lack of rich people among those who came to buy the pancakes.

In Cloud Street, there was a saying that was going around.

'No amount of gold can compare to scallion pancakes.'

Wu You Lan was giving out the number tags familiarly. She had already gotten used to seeing this scene every morning. If she had not seen it for herself, she would not have believed that scallion pancakes could become so popular.

"Little Boss, where have you been playing around recently? I haven't seen you at all every afternoon."

"Yes, I haven't had the chance to chat with Little Boss even when I wanted to."

"You guys haven't been keeping up with the news. Little Boss has been taking part in martial arts and he has been very righteous, helping those needy children and even arguing with the leaders because of it."

"Wow, something like that happened? I have to go and take a good look at the news when I go home later."

Lin Fan laughed before reading out some the numbers, "Number 1, 14, 25…"

As Lin Fan was reading these numbers, the residents were all extremely anxious. It was as if they were in a school and the teacher was reading out their results one by one.



Especially when they were chosen, the joy that they felt was like scoring full marks for their exams.

Number 1 was a young man, who appeared to have been chosen a few times already. Lin Fan, who was standing at his stall with his hands busy as always, said to him, "Your luck is not bad, you've been chosen 3 times already."

The young man who was standing in front of the stall could not control his emotions and his saliva. He nodded his head and replied, "Yeah, my luck has been good, I've been chosen 3 times in this week already."

The surrounding people were extremely envious. For him to have been chosen 3 times in a week was almost like being able to taste that irresistible scallion pancake every day.

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