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In the broadcast room.

"D*mn, that was insane. Who the hell is this guy? I'm so d*mn impressed by him."

"Me too. This guy is insane. He actually tried to challenge Ying Jin."

"He's my idol for speaking my mind. Of course it's up to us to decide if the song is nice or not. If we don't like it, no matter how hard she tries to convince us, it'd be useless. I feel like chopping my hand off now. In the past, I bought Ying Jin's album when she wasn't even popular yet. Now I regret it so much."

"6666… This brother must be looking for trouble, to challenge Ying Jin, the world's number 1 b*tch."

"This show, 'The New Voice' is getting more and more interesting. I love the exciting content."

"Cameraman, please let us have a look at Ying Jin's face."

The entire auditorium was in chaos. The audience was dumbfounded at how daring this fella was. He actually challenged Ying Jin. This would definitely cause a war."

Furthermore, he even pointed out her not-so-glorious history. Although he didn't say it directly, it was offensive enough.

Everyone knew that the singer who Ying Jin had tried to bring to fame was trash. Who even still listened to Liu Xing Fei? Ever since she had gotten the championship trophy, it was as if she just vanished into thin air. She couldn't even become famous at all. She was probably just singing at bars, while the first and second runner-up singers were making their names known in the music industry.

Wang Ming Yang was stunned. He just gave Lin Fan a thumbs up and said, "Bro, you're too d*mn fearless."

Lin Fan just stood there as if nothing had happened. He was waiting for Ying Jin's reply. Ying Jin was taken aback. She had been a judge for many variety shows and contests, but it was the first time she had seen such a rude audience.

She had been the judge cum mentor on the show for quite some time and regardless of whether it was the audience or contestants, all of them treated her with respect. Although she knew that some of the contestants weren't happy with her, she wasn't bothered by it. After all, she was reputable and respected. If they wanted to survive in the industry, they had to be humble and act as a junior should.

The host, Yi Ming, saw the situation and was a little anxious. There couldn't be any more screw ups. But just when he was about to speak, Wu Huan Yue started to talk.

"Mentor Ying Jin…"

The furious Ying Jin just waved her hands at Wu Huan Yue, signaling her to shut up. Then, she pointed at Lin Fan and said, "What's your name? Don't you have manners? Do you know that with your words earlier, I can sue you for slander and attempting to destroy my reputation?"

In his heart, Lin Fan just laughed. "What did I say wrong? Oh, I didn't mean anything else. I'm just saying that Liu Xing Fei got the first place because you had a special vision for it. There's no issue with that, is there? Mentor Ying Jin has such wonderful vision. I heard that Liu Xing Fei is currently singing at several bars. She's sharing her unique voice, that Mentor Ying Jin discovered, with the world. However, Mentor Ying Jin, you speak so knowledgeably. You know that the law is your best defense mechanism."

Laughter filled the stadium.

The crowd just laughed and the people that were watching the broadcast were all amused too.

"6666… I admire this man so much."

"Did you see how angry Ying Jin was?"

"He struck her so viciously twice. I think it should be sufficient to stop Ying Jin from arguing further."

"He's indeed an immortal in the midst of men. This man must be fearless."

Ying Jin looked at the situation and was extremely angry. Then, she said, "Everyone, please keep quiet."

Then, the backstage crew came to Lin Fan and wanted to bring him out of the auditorium. But Ying Jin was still infuriated and she didn't want to let him leave just like that.

"Will the backstage crew please leave? I need to make things clear with this chap. I, Ying Jin, have been in this industry for more than ten years and the reputation that I have maintained cannot be destroyed by anyone," Ying Jin said.

The crew members were all stunned. Then, the director called them back through their earphones.

Things had already gotten heated and Lin Fan was unafraid of what was to come.

"That's for sure. Teacher Ying Jin is a goddess in this industry and I am in no position to humiliate her. It's pointless for me to do so. Everyone in the crowd here, and those watching the broadcast know how fair Ying Jin is. She's so fair with her judgment that nobody can match up to her in this industry."

He purposely emphasized the word 'fair' as he spoke.

Then, everyone started laughing. This man was indeed interesting and his words had such a 'deep' meaning.

Wang Ming Yang was dumbfounded. It was the first time that he had seen Lin Fan dissing someone so sarcastically and subtly.

He was really good with his words. He was complimenting her with his words but at the same time, it sounded like he was scolding her. Mentor Qi Ming just stood there and laughed in his heart. That was just great banter by the man. His mood had improved quite a bit.

Zuo Teng Fei and Zhou Hai Tao just shook their heads. Thankfully, this man didn't belong in the music industry, or else he would have been slaughtered alive.

Ying Jin was so angry that her hands started to tremble. Then, she took a deep breath and said, "Alright, let's not talk about that. Firstly, as an outsider, do you even know what a good song should sound like? Or how you should sing to express your feelings through a song? Okay, before that, let me ask you, what's your occupation? Judging from your looks, I believe you must be a student," Ying Jin asked.

Lin Fan just laughed and said, "Teacher Ying Jin has such good judgment. No wonder you're the at the pinnacle of the music industry. But I'm no longer a student. I have graduated and now my main profession is fortune-telling and my side profession is selling scallion pancakes. I just need to make some money to survive."

Laughter and cheers filled the room again. Everyone in the room laughed.

Did he need to diss Ying Jin like that?

Meanwhile, the comments section in the broadcast room had exploded. The whole screen was filled with '66666'.

Ying Jin felt like her lungs were going to explode from the anger. Then, she said in an unusual tone, "If you don't learn, you won't have any skills. You're so young and you're already a fortune-teller. Although the scallion pancakes business sounds good, you're doing it while you're so young. You will definitely not have a bright future. Such a person like you will be disadvantaged in society."

Lin Fan laughed and said, "Mentor Ying Jin really has great judgment. Just one look and you know that I won't have a bright future and that I'll be disadvantaged in society."

"But Mentor Ying Jin said I'm an outsider, that was pretty accurate. I'm indeed an outsider but I still know a bit about music. But of course, I don't know as much as Mentor Ying Jin. After all, she's the best in this industry. In fact, I feel that Wu Huan Yue's song, 'Sky' still has some flaws and it isn't really able to bring out the true potential of her unique voice," Lin Fan said.

The crowd started to become rowdy again.

This fella should stop saying that Ying Jin is a musical goddess!

Also, he should stop trying to act like he knows it all. It's okay for him to diss Ying Jin but that song, 'Sky', was really good. He doesn't have to infuriate the crowd too.

Ying Jin just laughed but she still had a black face. "Do you know what's a good song? Wu Huan Yue's 'Sky' wasn't good enough? Do you know that I'm thinking of putting this song as the main single of one of my albums?"

Lin Fan shook his head and said, "You should forget it. Mentor Ying Jin is one of the best in the industry. How could this song, 'Sky', match up to your wonderful and timeless voice? Won't this be a disgrace to the song? Oh, no, I mean, won't this be a disgrace to Mentor Ying Jin's voice?"

Laughter filled the room again.

The entire crowd and comments section also went wild.

This fella must be Ying Jin's nemesis!

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