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Ying Jin was well known in the music industry and was involved in several variety shows. She could use her reputation to turn the unfavorable situation around.

Although 'The New Voice' was a fair competition, if Ying Jin gave Wang Yu Chen an extremely high score, nobody could do anything to her.

But one of the judges was Qi Ming. This left Ying Jin with no choice and what was even more unexpected was that Qi Ming dared to drop the mic and leave the show during a live broadcast.

Because of what he had done, 'The New Voice' had gained a lot of popularity online.

Yi Ming looked at the speechless Ying Jin for a while and prompted her to speak, "Teacher Ying Jin?"

Ying Jin awoke from her daze and said, "These two contestants' performances were perfect and I'm in a dilemma. I need to consider carefully."

Then, there was a commotion in the crowd.

Qi Ming took a glance at her as if he was upset with her. Zhou Hai Teng looked really awkward while Zuo Teng Fei felt helpless. If Ying Jin really dared to choose Wang Yu Chen as the winner, things would go out of hand.

In the comments section.

"What the f*ck does she mean by that? She must be devising another evil plan."

"'Consider it carefully' my a*s, Wu Huan Yue should be able to go through easily with that sort of performance. She doesn't even need to consider sh*t!"

"That's true. As long as you're not deaf, you'd know that Wu Huan Yue is way better than Wang Yu Chen."

"Let's see how this shameless Ying Jin continues with her 'show'. I really wonder what kind of comments she'll say."

Below the stage.

"You gotta stay calm. If you really throw it at her, you won't be able to run away," Lin Fan said.

Wang Ming Yang looked at Lin Fan and said, "Why not you do it instead?"

Lin Fan rolled his eyes and said, "I think you should just prepare yourself and throw it if you wish to."

"This evil witch is too despicable. I can't take it anymore," Wang Ming Yang said.

At that very moment.

Ying Jin cleared her throat and started to speak.

"Wang Yu Chen's new song was good and her voice was also fantastic. As for Zhou Hai Tao's comment about her restricting her voice, I don't think that's much of a problem. It makes her voice richer. What do you think, Hai Tao?"

All of a sudden, Ying Jin asked Zhou Hai Tao such a difficult question. Zhou Hai Tao was stunned as he didn't know how to answer it. If he agreed, he would definitely be flamed online and if he didn't, he would offend Ying Jin. Everyone in the industry knew that Ying Jin was extremely petty and her acting skills were top-notch. On the surface, she looked like she had the air of a female goddess but who knew how many talented people had had their lives destroyed by her?

Zhou Hai Tao was a little awkward and didn't know what to say.

"Sister Ying is a goddess and a renown figure in the music industry. We should take her views into consideration," Zhou Hai Tao didn't agree or disagree, he could only give a neutral view.

Qi Ming just sat there and said, "If there's a problem with her singing, then it's a big problem. Ying Jin, you're a renown figure in this industry. How could you not tell when you heard her sing? Let's not talk about professional singers, I believe even the audience could tell when they were listening to her sing."

Then, he turned around to the crowd and asked, "What do you guys think?"

"Yes, Mentor Qi Ming is absolutely spot on!" Lin Fan lowered his head and shouted. Initially, Lin Fan wanted to start an uproar and spark a commotion in the crowd but he realized that nobody else spoke but him.

Wang Ming Yang stared at Lin Fan as if he was stunned.

The cameraman pointed the camera at Lin Fan.

In the broadcast room.

"666… This guy is f*cking awesome."

"That's the rallying cry of a man!"

"The camera is right in his face."

"This guy is dead. Everyone knows how hot-tempered Ying Jin is. There will definitely be another show to watch later."

"In the previous show, Ying Jin just started to scold the other party and didn't even give him any face."

"I remember that. It was a contestant who said that Ying Jin was a disgrace to the industry and it infuriated Ying Jin so much that she threw the microphone at him. Then, she said that as long as she was still in the industry, he could forget about making it big."

"Ying Jin is f*cking fearless."

The crowd stared at him in shock. The people in the social media team also looked at Lin Fan with a pitiful look.

Nobody should infuriate Ying Jin.

No outsiders could interfere with the battle between Mentor Qi Ming and Teacher Ying Jin. Whoever did that would suffer a tragic death.


"What the f*ck? Who is this guy? Who let him in?"

"Director, we don't know either."

"It's a battle between Qi Ming and Ying Jin and that's none of his business. What the hell is he doing?"

"Quickly send someone out there. It's a live broadcast. If another problem occurs, who's gonna answer to it?"

"I'll see to it right away."

"Why didn't you shout too?" Lin Fan looked at Wang Ming Yang angrily and said.

"I was prepared to shout, but you shouted first," Wang Ming Yang said.

Lin Fan felt helpless and embarrassed as everyone was staring at him. He couldn't even hide. There was nowhere he could go.

Ying Jin was extremely angry. She stood up and said, "Could this fella please stand up?"

Wang Ming Yang nudged Lin Fan and said, "That old witch wants you to stand up."

Lin Fan just rolled his eyes. He wasn't going to stand up.

Qi Ming wanted to help the audience, which happened to be Lin Fan. "Ying Jin, it's a discussion between you and me. Let the audience have their own say too."

But Ying Jin didn't want to let Lin Fan go. "Will this fella please stand up? I just want to know if you have any valuable insights to add to our comments or if you're just talking sh*t."

Lin Fan wanted to stay low and avoid her but when he heard her, he quickly stood up and said, "Wang Yu Chen was indeed good but as Hai Teng said, she has a flaw in her voice."

Ying Jin looked at Lin Fan and smiled. She looked extremely upset. "Wow, you're not even remorseful at all. An outsider trying to act like he knows it all…"

"I, Ying Jin, have been in this industry for more than ten years and I've sung more words than you've ever spoken in your life. You think I'm less knowledgeable than you?" Ying Jin asked.

Since he had already offended her, he didn't want to hide it anymore.

Wang Ming Yang sat beside Lin Fan and said, "Bro, just diss her."

"You can't just base everything on your experience. You mean you can represent everyone in the industry just by your years of experience? Furthermore, I am also part of the audience and I have the rights to say that she has some flaws. The performance of singers like you ultimately depends on the audience like me. If we think the song sucks, then you're trash and if we like the song, then you're good."

"In recent years, it looks like Ying Jin hasn't been coming up with any new songs. You've just been participating in variety shows and it seems like you're not producing any results in this industry. Of course, Mentor Ying Jin is a professional and as a judge, she helped to 'train' a singer, who nobody expected to win, to become the previous season's champion. Looks like an old singer is indeed an old singer. With such an unbeatable 'eye for talent', nobody can beat her," Lin Fan said.

Then, the crowd went wild and the comments section went crazy too. This fella was clearly trying to create a mess.

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