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Chapter 8 – We will fight!

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Upon seeing Xu Baocai’s imminent arrival, Bai Xiaochun suddenly stood up.

“Arriving so fast…” His eyes revealed a trace of hesitation. Despite his ample preparation over these past six months, he still felt unprepared. Originally his intentions were to cultivate to the Fourth layer of Qi Condensation, just to be safe.

However, Bai Xiaochun knew he couldn’t hide anymore. He could only clench his teeth resolutely in the face of Xu Baocai and his gang of seven or eight.

“Fight!” Bai Xaiochun sucked in a deep breath, put on seven to eight leather jackets, and then stored the Spiritual Rice into the wok. After placing the wok on his back, he tensely opened the door and walked out.

As Bai Xiaochun was preparing to depart, Big Fatty Zhang and the others were aggressively wielding cleavers and ladles in front of the door to the Heartfire Kitchens, making Xu Baocai and his companions pause.

“I say, I could’ve sworn I heard some crows cawing earlier this morning, turns out it was just you oppressive bastards from the Supervising House. Little shits like you only know how to suppress the brats of our sect. And yet you come here, to the Hearthfire Kitchen of all places, with the intent of acting wildly!?” Big Fatty Zhang gave a cold snort. He stood unfazed like a small mountain, as his voice resounded throughout the surroundings like a rumble of thunder.

“Big Fatty Zhang, other people might fear your Hearthfire Kitchen, but we from the Supervising House couldn’t care less about you guys! We received a complaint from Junior brother Xu, because of this, we have come here today in order to exercise our power as the Supervising House. Do you dare to oppose us?” The seven or eight figures beside Xu Baocai were all wearing lofty expressions on their faces. Although both sides were wearing the same Miscellaneous Chores Disciples uniform, the disciples from the Supervising House had an obvious ‘Supervising’ character written on the cuff of their sleeves. This represented their authority and status as disciples of the Supervising House, as well as their extraordinary identity.

Among them, there was one who was particularly brawny fellow who was exuding the spiritual pressure of a Third layer Qi Condensation cultivator. A cold glint flashed through his eyes as he stared at Big Fatty Zhang. Meanwhile, the people surrounding Big Fatty Zhang were completely ignored.

“Bullshit! So it’s perfectly reasonable for someone to chase after and attempt to kill my Junior brother then?!” Big Fatty Zhang laughed coldly. “Hu!” After raising his right hand, the big black wok on his back floated up without assistance and began exuding an unstoppable pressure; causing each and every one of the men around the burly fellow to change their expressions. As for the burly fellow, both his pupils shrunk immediately. He quickly started making hand signs with his fingers, and a little flag immediately flew out. It gave off plumes of mist, and one could even vaguely hear the roar of a wild beast coming from within.

At this intense moment of the showdown, Xu Baocai caught sight of Bai Xiaochun who had just walked out of the grass hut. Newfound vengeance and old hatred instantly filled the depths of his heart as he howled with rage.

“Bai Xiaochun!” As he spoke, Xu Baocai furiously lunged forward, and the wooden sword in his hand immediately flew out with a whistle.

Big Fatty Zhang and the others’ expressions immediately changed. Just as they were about to go and block the attack, the burly fellow from the Supervising House sneered and quickly went to stop them.

Right at the moment when Xu Baocai had charged forward and said those words, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes turned red with fury, and he also shouted loudly,

“Xu Baocai, you have forced me! I have no other choice but I’m going to fight you to the death!” Bai Xiaochun’s heart palpitated wildly. Never mind fighting a fellow cultivator, he had never fought with anyone at all in his life!

At this moment, the nervousness almost brought Bai Xiaochun to the brink of insanity. Along with the shout meant to boost his own courage, the power of the Third layer Qi Condensation cultivation immediately burst forth. Putting all of his cultivation on the line, and pouring all of the spirit Qi in his body into the wooden sword, Bai Xiaochun wielded the wooden sword in his hands and pointed it towards Xu Baocai.

With a ‘weng’ sound coming from the wooden sword, the two silver lines hidden among the different colours of the sword faintly flashed, immediately causing the sword’s body to expand in diameter. A cold, oppressive aura exploded from the sword as it sprinted directly towards Xu Baocai.

The rapid speed and imposing aura of the sword stunned the people from both the Hearthfire Kitchen and the Supervising House. What led them to further suck in their breaths was the fact that the particular sword was exuding a sharp will that enveloped the surroundings. The sight before them shocked them so much that they immediately stopped fighting and looked over in astonishment.

Xu Baocai hadn’t even gotten close to Bai Xiaochun when the aura of the latter already made him jump in fright. The Bai Xiaochun before him right now was entirely different from the one in his memory from a few months back- as if he was now an entirely different person. The sight of Bai Xiaochun clenching his teeth and giving it his all sent a shiver down Xu Baocai’s spine.

Soon after, Xu Baocai’s eyes widened with a look of incredulity. He saw the rapidly approaching wooden sword of Bai Xiaochun seemingly turning into a raging waterfall. The qi it was emitting in particular; he had only seen this type of qi before in the battles between the outer sect disciples. Xu Baocai was instantly struck dumb with disbelief as his scalp turned numb.

“Peng” Bai Xiaochun’s wooden sword directly struck Xu Baocai’s wooden sword, causing the latter’s to shudder vigorously. Without any resistance, the sword started to shatter from its tip. In the blink of an eye, the sword was blown into countless smithereens that flew back towards Xu Baocai.

As for Bai Xiaochun’s wooden sword, it did not falter one bit and continued to charge forward, straight towards Xu Baocai. Xu Baocai, who had just had his soul scared out of him, used all of his remaining strength to barely dodge the incoming sword. The wooden sword brushed past his shoulder and struck a big tree behind him.

With a loud ‘hong’, the tree was split in half, falling immediately and setting off a cloud of dust and mud. At the same time, Xu Baocai let out a painful shriek as fresh blood splattered from his right arm. With a pale face, he rapidly retreated from his previous position.

All of this bloodshed was still due to Bai Xiaochun being unfamiliar with the control of external objects.If not, that sword would have been enough to kill Xu Baocai, only leaving an incomplete carcass behind.

“Third layer of Qi Condensation!! Impossible, this is impossible!” Looking towards Bai Xiaochun, Xu Baocai had a face filled with terror, as if he had just seen a ghost. For a wooden sword to have that much power, it was only possible with a cultivation of at least the Third layer of Qi Condensation. That Bai Xiaochun could have such a shocking change in just a few months was beyond his comprehension. The drastic difference between reality and what he had actually expected made Xu Baocai unable to come to terms with it and he felt as if he was living a nightmare.

It was not only him who was shocked with disbelief. At this moment, even the burly fellow and the others from the Supervising House all sucked in a deep breath. They all turned to look at Bai Xiaochun with grim expressions on their faces.

“To transform Spirit into Sharpness, and allow Sword Light to be exuded, this is the hallmark of cultivating the Violet Qi Cauldron Technique to the realm of “Lifting Heavy as if Light”, which can then form the basis of divine skills!” The burly fellow from the Supervising House sucked in a deep breath and looked at Bai Xiaochun with a gaze showing a hint of wariness.

For the cultivators from the Supervising House to react in this way, nothing more could be said by Big Fatty Zhang and the others. They all looked at Bai Xiaochun with shocked expressions. When Bai Xiaochun reached the Third layer of Qi Condensation, they had somewhat already noticed it, but for the wooden sword to emit Sword Light and have a distinct expansion of its diameter… this meant that Bai Xiaochun had attained the realm of “Lifting Heavy as if Light”, and this was the first time they knew about this fact as Bai Xiaochun had said nothing.

Even Bai Xiaochun himself was shocked by the power of his wooden sword. He looked dazedly at the collapsed big tree, and then turned to look at Xu Baocai again. Seeing his pale expression, Bai Xiaochun immediately cocked his head back and started laughing.

“Xu Baocai, to think you are actually so weak, eat my sword!” Bai Xiaochun wa brimming with enthusiasm after ascertaining that he was much stronger than Xu Baocai. With a hearty laughter, he immediately sprinted towards Xu Baocai.

When Bai Xiaochun’s gaze swept over his opponent, Xu Baocai’s body uncontrollably shivered. Witnessing Bai Xiaochun’s hearty laughter and seeing his incoming figure, fear instantly gripped Xu Baocai as he half-stumbled and half-crawled his way towards escape.

However, he had barely taken a few steps when Bai Xiaochun was already in front of him. Looking at Xu Baocai, scenes of being chased by this person and the bitter cultivation over this period of time filled Bai Xiaochun’s mind. Reminiscing the bitterness of those hardships had somehow turned into his strength as Bai Xiaochun viciously lifted his leg and kicked towards Xu Baocai.

“Let’s see how you are going to chase me again!” Bai Xiaochun clenched his right fist and punched Xu Baocai in his eye. Xu Baocai shrieked as he fell onto the ground. As much as he wanted to fight back in his heart, with his Second layer of Qi Condensation cultivation, he had absolutely no form of resistance against the Bai Xiaochun in front of him.

“This is for provoking me, and to let you know that your grandpa here is no herbivore!” Bai Xiaochun jumped and mercilessly trampled on Xu Baocai, continuously punching and kicking with his teeth clenched, causing the latter to endlessly moan in pain.

‘Peng peng’ sounds echoed throughout the surroundings, and be it the fellows from the Supervising House or Big Fatty Zhang and the others, all they could do was to stand there in a daze while their hair stood on end. They simply looked at Xu Baocai who was getting thrashed, and at Bai Xiaochun who became more and more excited with each blow.

Xu Baocai had tears flowing down his cheeks and felt extremely wronged. He could hardly believe that Bai Xiaochun was capable of becoming so powerful in just a few months. His strength and that ‘Lifting Heavy as if Light’ technique in particular; not even several years would be enough to attain this power.

From his perspective, Bai Xiaochun clearly had someone influential behind him. Furthermore, he was this strong from the beginning, but due to his low and wretched personality, he’d pretended to appear weak and inferior. The most irritating part was that he had been so good at acting that Xu Baocai had seriously believed him!

Thinking of this, grief and hatred rushed to Xu Baocai’s head, and he immediately fainted.

Looking at the unconscious Xu Baocai, Bai Xiaochun gave his shirt a pat, and got off Xu Baocai’s body. With a wave of his right hand, the wooden sword instantly flew towards him and was placed inside his sleeves. Putting on the expression of a lonely warrior, Bai Xiaochun tried hard to conceal his excited gaze.

The burly fellow from the Supervising House threw a meaningful look towards Bai Xiaochun, and with a capricious expression, he clasped his hands together.

“Junior brother Bai sure has concealed himself well. You have my admiration,” he said with an expressionless face. Without pausing, he turned around and signaled the others to leave, bringing the unconscious Xu Baocai along with them.

After the group had left, Big Fatty Zhang and the others all came to Bai Xiaochun’s side and looked towards him with a hint of happiness in their eyes. After all, the guys from the Supervising House were outsiders to them, and Big Fatty Zhang and the others knew the amount of hard work that Bai Xiaochun had put in these past few months. At this moment, they only had respect for Bai Xiaochun.

“You brat, not bad, looks like you didn’t play with your life for nothing in these six months!” Big Fatty Zhang patted Bai Xiaochun on the shoulders.

“That is because, when I go all out and put my life on the line, even I get scared of myself.” Bai Xiaochun smiled and cocked his head like a proud little rooster, causing Big Fatty Zhang and the others to throw another fit of laughter.


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