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Chapter 1761: Father, Aren’t We Joining The Meeting?

The frost dragons spat out flames, the abyss demons rolled around on the ground, the trolls pulled out the grass on their heads, and the dwarves jumped up and knocked into the trolls’ knees.

The noise made by the various representatives continued echoing around the restaurant. They all ended up being defeated by the insanely spicy, and did not manage to upkeep their image.

“Yes… this taste is insanely spicy!”

The representatives went back to their seats looking in a sorry state, and all glared at the kitchen.

“This scoundrel… did he… did he poison the food?!” Westin’s lips were swollen, and he was very pissed.

The other representatives were also very angry. The image they had been maintaining all morning was all gone.

“Uncle Duckface. Don’t say that. Father would never put poison in the food. You were the one who ordered the insanely spicy but can’t take it. How can you blame others?” Amy, who had been laughing behind the counter for a while, said seriously.

“Uncle Duck… Duckface?” Westin glared at Amy as his anger rose.

“Her masters are Krassu and Urien,” a fellow tribesman beside Westin reminded him softly.

Westin’s anger subsided significantly. He forced out a smile, and said, “It’s alright, I find this nickname pretty fine…”

Michael stood up with a smile, and said, “Everyone, Boss Mag is the best chef in Chaos City, and is also one with professional ethics. I can guarantee that there is no problem with the food. However, every one of you is very brave to order the insanely spicy hot pot early in the morning. Once you pull through the initial discomfort, you’ll be able to see the true beauty of this delicacy. I think you will regret it if you give up now.”

With Michael’s word, everyone decided to let things go.

Actually, none of them thought that anyone would lace the food in Chaos City. They were just traumatized by the insanely spicy.

“The duck intestine seemed not bad… even the spiciness could not cover its original taste. On top of that, it was surprisingly crispy. Makes one want to have another piece,” the dwarf representative commented as he put two more pieces of duck intestines into the pot.

“Mm-hm. Although it’s a little too spicy, this tripe’s texture is not bad. It’s very thin, but it’s exceptionally crispy. How special.” A goblin representative nodded in agreement. He poured the entire plate of tripe into the pot, and with a pair of chopsticks in each hand, he dunked them in the pot seven times, and put them into his mouth after that.

“These chopsticks…” A troll used his thick fingers to carefully pinch the chopsticks which weren’t even as thick as his fingers. After trying for a while, he threw the chopsticks aside, and pulled out a bunch of thin wooden sticks from nowhere. He skewered the meat and vegetables together on the sticks, and put them into the pot. After a while, he took out the sticks, and ate his food, enjoying it just as much as those using chopsticks.

“That’s… the pioneer of skewered food?” Mag watched in the kitchen, and exclaimed, “What a talent!”

Just like what Michael had said, after they pulled through the initial discomfort, the various representatives started to find joy in hot pot, and were even won over by its deliciousness.

They were eating simple, sliced ingredients according to the instructions, but the moment the food was taken out, it had miraculously become a delicacy.


Josh ate the Enoki mushrooms one mouthful after another with his eyebrows raised. It was just as Vanessa had said. As long as you didn’t stop eating, your throat would not have the time to react to the spiciness. This oddly satisfying sense of being chased was rather addictive.

The various representatives were no longer angry. They were absorbed in the harmonious mood of the hot pot, and some even started exchanging their joy of discovering their favorite ingredient.

Hot pot would definitely have to go with beer.

The various representatives, who had been tortured by the spiciness, finally recalled that they could order drinks. Beer was naturally their top choice.

One mouthful of a large pint of cold beer with a thick layer of foam suppressed the fiery sensation instantly. That satisfaction was just like jumping into a pool of chilly water in the hot summer.

“Satisfying!” Franklin took a large gulp of beer. He turned to look at Yabemiya, and said, “Young lady, get me a big barrel of this beer. I don’t feel like I’ve drunk anything drinking it a little cup at a time.

“Er…” Yabemiya turned to look towards the kitchen. A big barrel of the beer would cost a hefty sum.

Mag looked at Miya, and nodded slightly.

“Alright, please hold on for a while.” Yabemiya nodded slightly, and turned to walk towards the kitchen.

“Miya, get me a barrel too. This beer is good,” Louis said.

“Me too,” Douglas said as his face flushed red.

Immediately after that, the forest trolls and orcs all said they wanted a big barrel of beer.

Although Mag did not think drinking beer early in the morning was a good thing, it did not make sense to stop them from drinking if he had already served the insanely spicy hot pot. Therefore, he would agree to everyone’s request.

“Do I have to pay extra?” Michael asked Dicus, who was beside him, softly when he saw the various representatives gulping down the barrels of beer.

“Boss Mag did not say anything, and we did not dare to ask.” Dicus shook his head. He watched the various representatives worriedly, and softly said, “Right now, I’m a little worried that they would get drunk. This is only breakfast…”

“Don’t worry, they won’t get drunk.” Michael shook his head.

The atmosphere in the restaurant became harmonious with the good food and drinks served. The tense mood from earlier in front of the restaurant was quickly dispelled.

After the one-hour mealtime, the various representatives had already cleared their food. Most of them even burped satisfyingly.

“Mealtime is over. I hope everyone will have a smooth meeting,” Mag said with a smile. The hot pots were cleared, and each person was served a glass of warm water. Mag led the Mamy Restaurant team out so that the restaurant could be used for the meeting.

“Father, aren’t we joining the meeting?” Amy asked curiously as she followed Mag out.

“Yes, we’re not joining the meeting. That’s their business.” Mag shook his head with a smile. He threw Ugly Duckling into the basket of his bicycle and hopped on. “Let’s go. I’ll send you to Daphne’s to play. I have a lot of things to do today, so I might not have the time to play with you.”

“Alright!” Amy nodded obediently as she climbed onto the bicycle, and settled down on the backseat.

In the restaurant, the fragrance of the hot pot slowly subsided. The representatives enjoyably leaned back into their chairs with satisfaction as they relaxed after the big sweat-out.

Just then, Michael stood up and looked at the representatives with a smile. “Everyone, we’ve had breakfast, and it’s time we get to business.”

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