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The place where Luke took me was a small house taking custody of women and children with issues.

30 women and children that couldn't go to a monastery because of their origins were living here.

They had been either raped by their house employers and thrown away, or either bullied and discharged without a letter of introduction by their house employers. They had escaped from their parents, like mistresses from old man pigs, etc.

The social position of women in this country was too low! If I were to be a Queen, I would have aimed to raise the women conditions! That being said, I was no longer a noble, and could no longer have this position too with the cancellation of my engagement.

Starting to live in this women refuge, I learnt how to clean, do the laundry and cook (Everyone from the women refuge was very kind. Definitely better than the false angel Meg!), above all, I managed to earn money. So far, I was living from the contributions of the Director's friends. I was dumbfounded when I looked at the contributions stored in the warehouse.

Were they in vogue ten years ago? There were things such as old-fashioned evening dresses or chairs and desks without feet. The women refuge was not a garbage bin…

The old-fashioned dresses were remade in modern style, and the tablecloths were remade as cushions.

The little ones (children pregnant from rape and so on… it was my duty to raise them with plenty of love) were fetching and drying the wild flowers and grass for their fragrance and made them into small pouch sewed with embroideries.

Furthermore, they were making patchwork with the leftover clothes.

They were repairing and repainting the junk furniture. No~, everyone from the women refuge… Now they were my important family, my elder and younger sisters. And also the little boys amongst the little ones. The organization from everyone in this institution was wonderful!

I was only doing poor tasks that could be done by a noble lady.

I was enthusiastic after knowing how to earn money by myself, especially towards my eating habits, the degree of satisfaction was different.

"Let's be independent without a man!"

I was adopting a new motto.

At the beginning we were only receiving goods like second hand clothes and the likes, but half a year later, we opened our store. A second-hand clothes and sundries store. It was junk donated by ladies, but the raw materials were good, so they were remade as high-class items.

The plush toys with initials on it, suggested by me, were particularly popular.

Eh? Isn't it surprising?

Yes, well, on the outside I had the face of a future Crown Princess, my room was full of cute things. It was because my father bought me a lot of cute things from various countries.

Amongst them, I was particularly pleased by a teddy bear. The teddy bears made from patchwork were really popular among girls.

It was a vogue lately downtown to buy a teddy bear with initials as a gift for a newborn baby or your sweetheart.

The bear was having different eyes color corresponding to the persons involved in a marriage proposal. If the marriage proposal was accepted, to indicate mutual love, the bear was sent as a reply.

As a matter of fact, this vogue to give it to your sweetheart was spread by Luke.

Luke was really popular in this town.

He was the owner of popular companies in Yuk country. I accidentally met Luke again when I was looking for a store. It had been 3 months since we first met, I didn't think he would remember me.

I got Luke's assistance for collecting the funds and the store too. He almost did everything though…

I met him and discovered his popularity, I was covering the warm and painful feelings that sprouted when I met him.

However… On my birthday, a yellow teddy bear with light brown eyes was ordered with a message saying "To my Princess. From your Knight".

I had black hair and green eyes. Luke had blond and brown eyes.

The rumor was spreading in town because of the little ones who were there when I received Luke's gift, and then the teddy bear became popular.

The women… At first, they picked a fight with me. They were concerned about Luke's sudden interest for me.

As for me, I couldn't meet Luke because the shop was busy.

The shop was going well, the meals from the women refuge steadily became luxurious. My elder sister who was skilled at cooking said we could sell sweets at the store. For that reason, we wanted to open a cafe, and so on… In the near future, we from the women refuge, planned to increase our shops.

I was very busy, but I was enjoying my fulfilled days better than the time I was a lady.

This rosy life was destroyed by that muscle idiot.

He brought an injured little one at the women refuge, carrying him in his arms. When Zack saw me, his complexion changed, and he suddenly hugged me, I saw the god of death.

The muscle idiot was filled with regrets, as the eldest son of the leader of the knights and an heir of a father that most soldiers were worshipping because of his charisma.

From here, he apologized for his role while being a personnel of Meg's reverse harem.

He had inquired about me the following day after the injury, but I was sleeping. He had come everyday but couldn't meet me. He heard I left the territory for medical treatment 3 days later, and after having sent letters many times over, 10 months had passed.

My father had returned to the country and wanted to meet me to listen to my situation. At last, I could meet him but not in the mansion, the meeting would be at his office in the castle.

Conversing with father, he heard I went missing.

Chris said something like "Older sister ran away in shock of having been turned down by the Prince" and that he was looking for me.

Zack told him about the public execution and was afraid of the Duke's reaction, after being aware of my injury. He told him.

Eh, a customer saw the huge body-built Zack, trembled in fear and ran away from the store.

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