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After a half of a year of extreme cultivation, Han Li at last received Doctor Mo’s test.

Zhang Tie was hopeless compared to Han Li. He had even told Han Li that, over the past six months of cultivation, he couldn’t complete even one tenth of the chant.

Han Li knew that Zhang Tie was not very good with cultivating with this chant. Although he himself couldn’t compare to those others with crazy strength, his ability to do hard work and labor was not at all lacking.  He had dedicated work habits and was totally assiduous.

But strangely enough, this chant had no effect at all on Zhang Tie.  No matter how much effort he had put, there would be no effect.  It looked like there was no chance for Zhang Tie.

Han Li’s mind was a mess and he could not at all think clearly.  He knew that Zhang Tie was ten something years old, but he wouldn’t be able to go and pass the test.  Han Li had at least some strength; although it wasn’t very much, he still had some! What about Zhang Tie who had none? Where would he go?

Han Li’s utmost effort to cultivate had bore some fruit, for inside of his body flowed some strange energy.  If it was compared to before, it was vigorous where as it was previously only a tiny amount.  If before it was like a hair, now it was like a piece of cotton yarn. But it wasn’t for certain that this amount of energy would make Doctor Mo pass him.  So in his heart, he was truly confused and worried.

“Get ready. I will take a look at the fruit of your cultivation.” Doctor Mo narrowed his eyes and coldly looked at the two children.

“We are ready.” Han Li and Zhang Tie braced themselves as they replied.

Doctor Mo slowly got up from his chair, and closely held onto the book before putting it  on top of the desk.

“Extend your arms out.

“I’ll take a look at your efforts.”

Doctor Mo grabbed Zhang Tie’s arm and checked his pulse.  He then placed his hand on top of Zhang Tie’s Dantian (TL: Dantian is below the navel)

He held onto Zhang Tie for the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of tea.  Afterwards he let go and stepped back to expressionlessly size up Zhang Tie.

Zhang Tie’s face was very red, and his arms were jittery.  When they were released he quickly placed them behind his back.  He looked down and did not dare to look at Doctor Mo.  He was certain Doctor Mo knew that his efforts with the chant were fruitless.  On his face was a resigned look.

“You’re next.”

They were astonished. Doctor Mo had not scolded Zhang Tie at all, and only showed a little bit of disappointment.  He had then turned to Han Li.

Doctor Mo did the same thing to Han Li and checked his right hand’s pulse.

“Excellent! Coldness, very cold, this is not at all like the hand of a living person.” Doctor Mo said excitedly.

Doctor Mo’s hands were dry and covered in calluses.  The calluses poked into Han Li’s arm and pricked him a little bit. And after Han Li felt the pain from Doctor Mo’s grab, he became aware of an odd sensation.

With the external stimulation, Han Li’s energy in his body began to undulate and began to move.  It spread out from his eight meridians to his acupuncture points, and from his Dantian to his head and to his four limbs.  This all happened at lightning speed and the energy circulated extremely quickly once before returning to his Dantian.  Han Li’s skin looked a little strange for a moment before it disappeared.

“Whoa!” Doctor Mo couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.  Apparently he had found the  energy inside of Han Li.

“Quick, say the chant one more time,” Doctor Mo said.  He tried to hide his emotions but couldn’t help but light up with joy.  In his eyes was an almost fanatical look.  But all of this action had stunned Han Li.

“Do it slowly so I can look,”  Doctor Mo added.  Usually he had a cold intonation, but this time he spoke with excitement. Finally Doctor Mo put his hand on top of Han Li’s Dantian.

Han Li felt both of Doctor Mo’s hands and shivered a bit. Apparently this was very urgent. So within his body Han Li circulated his energy once.

“Not bad! Not bad!  This is the feeling I want. This is the type of feeling! I can’t be wrong! There’s no way I could be wrong! Haha…”

After Doctor Mo’s careful inspection he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.  He grabbed both of Han Li’s shoulders and his narrowed eyes opened wide and stared at Han Li.  He looked at him like he was looking at a rare treasure and his gaze was almost fanatical.

Han Li’s ears were filled with the sound of Doctor Mo laughing and his shoulders hurt a little bit from the grab.  And again he looked up and saw Doctor Mo’s fervent expressions and grew a little bit afraid.

“Good. Very good!” Doctor Mo said before looking into Han Li’s face. He noticed that within Han Li’s eyes there was a bit of fear.  Suddenly realizing his feelings, he immediately stopped laughing.

“You must continue to cultivate in the future like you do now.  Now you are able to become a disciple of mine.”  He released Han Li’s shoulders and clapped him on the back to encourage him.

Doctor Mo’s expression returned back to normal and regained its previous serenity. It was like his previous fervor had never happened.  The only emotion that was left was that occasionally he would glance at Han Li with an excited look.  After becoming aware of Han Li’s talent he had become quite energized

“As for you…” Doctor Mo looked at Zhang Tie.

Up until Zhang Tie was stupefied with what was going on. When Doctor Mo shifted the conversation his way he started to pay attention again.

Thinking of his current situation, Zhang Tie realized that a grim reality was coming before him.  So he could only look at Doctor Mo pitifully.

“For you to become my disciple, it will be impossible. With your talent, even if you cultivated for a long time, you would only have a speck of energy.  For you to be my disciple, it will be too difficult.” Doctor Mo could only shake his head.

In his heart, Zhang Tie as well could only shake his head, and he could feel his heart sink.

Upon hearing what Doctor Mo had said, Zhang Tie could only accept his fate.

But suddenly it felt like Doctor Mo had a certain idea and gazed at Zhang Tie with a baffled look.

“But just now as I inspected you I realized you had something different in your bone roots.  I have another method that will be compatible with you. I wonder if you will be willing to follow me.” Doctor Mo said.  This statement had completely turned the entire previous feeling around as Zhang Tie thought of this idea.

Upon hearing this Zhang Tie was interested and immediately agreed on the spot.

“ Good. Very good. The two of you go back for today. Tomorrow I will teach you a new technique.” Considering that Doctor Mo’s mood right now was pretty good, he couldn’t help but repeat “Good. Very good.”

Han Li and Zhang Tie took a quick glance at each other and thought about how today’s test was full of unexpected developments.  The two of them talked to each other afterwards and both of them felt extremely grateful for what had happened.

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