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As the woman appeared before Han Li, her name appeared in his mind. She was Mei Ning, who traveled with him from the Umbra Realm to the Heavenly South. Her beauty became more captivating over the few years he hadn’t seen her.

“This Junior was only able to reach her current cultivation because of the pills that Senior gave me in the past.”

At that moment, Cultivator Song walked up from behind Han Li and spoke in a familiar manner, “Little Sister Mei, is Fellow Daoist Violet Spirit inside?” This caused Han Li to look at her with slight surprise.

Not daring to neglect the two, Mei Ning wore an apologetic expression and said, “Senior Song! Elder Sister Violet Spirit is currently cultivating inside her room, but her cycle should be done soon. How about you two wait in my room for now?”

Han Li raised no objections. With his spiritual sense, he was able to see from Violet Spirit’s spiritual Qi fluctuations that she was on the verge of finishing a cultivation cycle. The two then entered one of the stone buildings under Mei Ning’s modest invitation and they both took a seat. Afterwards, Mei Ning quickly steeped a cup of tea for each of them.

Han Li took a sip of tea and calmly asked, “Lady Mei, where have you and Violet Spirit been cultivating these past few years? Could it be that the two of you haven’t yet entered a sect?”

Standing at Han Li’s side, Mei Ning lowered her head and replied, “Big Sister Violet Spirit and I had a discussion about this. We will first observe the great sects of the Heavenly South and consolidate our cultivation before deciding on a sect. As such, we’ve been travelling in the last few years. After all, the circumstances in the Heavenly South are quite a bit different from our original home.”

Seeing that Mei Ning didn’t conceal that she was a foreign cultivator, Han Li came to a realization that his Martial Niece Song most likely knew that they came from the Scattered Star Seas. It seems her relationship with Violet Spirit was quite close.

But upon seeing Mei Ning’s gentle and sincere behavior, Han Li stroked his nose and felt it awkward to continue his questions. He simply turned to look at Cultivator Song at the side and smiled. “You didn’t bring me here on behalf of Violet Spirit just so that we could reminisce about old times, right? Otherwise, there should be no need to be so secretive and hesitant about delivering the letter.”

“Martial Uncle, I...” Cultivator Song’s complexion grew slightly red and she swallowed.

Mei Ning revealed a trace of embarrassment. Just as she thought to say something, a woman suddenly laughed from outside the room. “Brother Han, there is no need to make it so difficult for these two little sisters. In truth, it was mostly my idea to invite you here.” Just after she finished speaking, Fairy Violet Spirit walked in. Her appearance was more captivating and her eyes more luminous than ever before. 

“In truth, I should actually be calling Brother Han as Senior now. However, I feel that Brother Han is a more appropriate title as your age isn’t necessarily larger than mine. Brother Han certainly won’t mind.” Violet Spirit spoke with a smile. Having met her in Heavenvoid Hall and the Umbra Realm as well as the days he spent with her in the Endless Seas, Han Li felt that she was a close friend.

Han Li shot the woman an appraising glance. Despite his current cultivation at Nascent Soul stage, he felt his spirit shake upon seeing Violet Spirit’s true appearance. She was no doubt country shattering beauty from legend.

Solely with regards to beauty, even his beloved was an entirely level lower. Of course, Nangong Wan’s calm temperament and charm belonged to a completely different category. They couldn’t be compared.

“It makes no difference to me. However, if Lady Violet Spirit were to walk out of this valley with her true appearance, she will bring about chaos in the Heavenly South. If any of those old eccentrics were to see you, I fear they would attempt to take you by force.” It was in the presence of this old friend that Han Li was able to say the seldom joke.

Violet Spirit smiled and gave Han Li a glance before calling out towards Cultivator Song, “I’ve troubled you quite a bit Big Sister Song. Mei Ning and I found it difficult to travel into Skyfirst City.” 

“It’s nothing! Since I am also involved in this matter, exerting a bit of effort is only natural.” The woman still appeared somewhat astonished. Although she knew Violet Spirit and Han Li were truly old friends, she was quite astonished to see them acting so casually with one another, and it greatly bolstered her confidence in the matter to come.

At that moment, Violet Spirit sweetly smiled at Han Li and casually said, “Every time I see Brother Han, it seems his cultivation vastly increases each time. This unknown cultivation art of yours is truly astonishing. And now, Brother Han’s resounding fame has left us at a loss for words. Rumors have spread everywhere that Brother Han’s strength is greater than even a mid Nascent Soul stage cultivator. Is this matter true?” Once that was said, Violet Spirit mysteriously smiled at Han Li, her eyes faintly revealing a trace of anticipation.

Han Li’s heart stirred, and he pondered for a moment. Rather than offering a direct response, he calmly asked, “Lady Violet Spirit, why is the first thing you ask me is about my strength? Isn’t that too impatient? Can you tell me why you sought me out first? I hope to understand this before we move onto other matters.”

When she heard Han Li, she blinked and wore an embarrassed expression. “I was impatient; it is true. However, this should come as no surprise. This matter is truly important. If you have the abilities of a mid Nascent Soul stage cultivator or greater, our plan will have a chance to succeed.”

Han Li gaze flickered and his smile disappeared. He calmly asked, “What is so important? If you need my help, you may as well ask me clearly.”

Violet Spirit’s expression grew solemn. “It seems there is no need for me to say. Brother Han had already guessed. We truly sought Fellow Daoist Han for help. But before this, I want to ask you a question. Not long before, did Fellow Daoist Han accompany a few Nascent Soul eccentrics to the Moulan Plains and acquire Master Cang Kun’s remains?”

With slight surprise, Han Li asked, “How do you know about that? This matter should only be known to few.”

Mei Ning sweetly smiled and said, “It was something we found out from a Ghost Spirit Sect cultivator. They are of direct lineage with a Ghost Spirit Sect Elder. He accidentally saw Big Sister Violet Spirit’s true appearance and became entirely captivated her. There Is nothing he won’t say.”

“Stupid girl, what nonsense are you saying?” Violet Spirit snorted and her cheeks blushed. It seemed the two had grown quite close over the years.

Han Li nodded and suspicion appeared on his face. “If the Ghost Spirit Sect is involved, this matter can’t be ordinary.”

Violet Spirit’s bright eyes flickered and she said with a sweet voice, “I didn’t expect Brother to still be so cautious after entering Nascent Soul stage.” 

“I’ve only recently entered Nascent Soul stage. If I don’t want to die, I must be careful. Being careful is only natural. However, why does it matter that I head to the Moulan Plains in search for treasures? Could it be that you acquired another secret from the Ghost Spirit Sect?” Han Li curiously asked.

Seeing that Han Li was truly familiar with Violet Spirit, Cultivator Song felt less at ease and interjected herself, “Martial Uncle is truly insightful. This matter involves a treasure inside Devilfall Valley. The Ghost Spirit Sect disciple unintentionally revealed this as we were talking about it.”

After a moment of surprise, Han Li wore an odd expression and said, “Devilfall Valley? I recall that only Master Cang Kun was able to safely leave there alive. How does the Ghost Spirit Sect know of a treasure inside it? Were you not deceived?”

Violet Spirit’s eyes shined and said, “This isn’t the case. At the time, we were curious and we joined hands to perform a charming technique. Not only did we manage to acquire the treasure’s name, but we also found out the treasure’s approximate location. As for why the Ghost Spirit Sect knows of this matter, the person in question also didn’t know. However, this matter is most likely true.”

Han Li frowned. “If this matter is true, then this must be an unordinary ancient treasure. What is this treasure that you covet so greatly?”

The three woman quickly exchanged a glance. Cultivator Song then solemnly asked, “Has Martial Uncle Han ever heard of the Spirit Kindle Fruit?”

Han Li’s calm expression was now replaced with astonishment. “What? The Spirit Kindle Fruit? If I remember correctly, the fruit itself should be extinct. However, Devilfall Valley had been sealed since times of antiquity. Perhaps it is truly inside the valley.”

“It seems Brother Han knows much about the spirit fruit. Then he should also know of the Nature Origin Pill. In legend, so long as one uses this pill, they will be able to break through any bottleneck short of Deity Transformation stage.

It is also said that cultivators who took this pill had their spiritual senses undergo a transformation and ascend to an inconceivable level. Although these rumors are unclear to the point that recorded results differ from each individual, the legend of cultivators breaking through the bottleneck was always consistent.

Despite the many records throughout the ages, they all mentioned the great name of this spirit pill. It is a pity that the main ingredient to refine it, the Spirit Kindle Fruit, was extremely difficult to find even in the age of antiquity. Although the pill formula was preserved, it remained unused for eras.”

Despite their former knowledge of this matter, Cultivator Song and Mei Ning couldn’t help but reveal excitement upon hearing it once more. Mei Ning in particular was excited about the Nature Origin pill as it would vastly increase her chances of reaching Core Formation stage.

But at that moment, Han Li’s excitement slowly faded as he pondered about the matter.

After some careful consideration, Han Li calmly replied, “If the spirit fruit is in Devilfall Valley, that explains why the Ghost Spirit Sect went through such lengths to hire those treasure seeking Nascent Soul cultivators and kill Marquis Nanlong for Master Cang Kun’s treasure. Still, there are a few things I still don’t understand that I need you to explain. I will not be braving this danger otherwise, despite how tempting the fruit may be.”

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