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The critics of the Blinking Sword Still didn’t know that the sword skill of the founding elder was actually very profound. However, when he was in his prime, he was gravely injured in a close quarters fight and could no longer train True Qi.

In order to preserve his prestigious reputation, he kept this matter a secret. From then on, he immersed himself in studying martial arts and started to act enigmatically, under great secrecy.

But from then on, he could no longer rely on his strength to protect himself against enemies; this was a hard truth that he had to accept. However, by relying on his wit, he managed to deceive everyone and protect himself through deception.

At that time, the Seven Mysteries Sect was in its prime and stood at the peak of power.

This elder understood that he would not keep his position for long if truth got out that he was unable to practice martial arts. In his desperation, he used his authority as an elder to quietly organize many covert raids on no small amount of unknown smaller sects.

From these sects, he chose and stole the strongest and most heroic martial arts styles.  He tried to find one that didn’t use some type of inner energy, one that he would be able to practice.

As a result, after many years of plundering,  he had found many inconceivable and unfathomable martial arts styles. However, none of these suited him.

He was greatly disappointed.

Regardless, this elder had great talent and he still possessed a brilliant mind.  In his moments of depression and frustration, he unexpectedly received a flash of inspiration. By using many of the other manuals, he began to compile his own.  

The idea to create his own style stirred him and he started to become lively again. To create a renowned technique was every martial artist’s dream. Everything grew out of hand as he poured his heart and soul into developing this highly innovative technique. Eventually, for fear that outside forces might hinder him, he went into seclusion to research and no longer paid any interest to the events outside.

Creating your own skill is an extremely difficult task. This difficulty was increased exponentially for him, given that he had a severe handicap, needing to find a way to make a martial arts style without the use of True Qi. However, he had so many stolen skill manuals to work from that he was able to create one profound, comprehensive martial arts style.

This kind of creation was unprecedented, also vastly difficult and far exceeded what he had first imagined. But he was also an extremely persistent and determined man. Only after spending about half of his lifetime in intense concentration was this Blinking Sword Art finally created.

This elder was extremely excited, joyfully announcing the good news to the sect. But unexpectedly. he discovered that the Seven Mysteries Sect was now only a shell of its former self. After being besieged by many numerous gangs over a long period of time, it was on the verge of collapse.

That year, the monk was already 60 years old, and was alarmed and furious at this revelation. Using his newly created, strange sword skill, he struck out with godly power and murdered powerful enemies one after another. The remaining enemy masters were awed and intimidated. The revenge-seeking Seven Mysteries Sect were able to surround them as the enemy masters futilely tried to kill their way out of the encirclement. As they made their desperate getaway, the Seven Mysteries Sect still pursued.

Unfortunately, some of the enemies had made it out alive while this elder was at the limit of his life. All he could do was leave behind his life’s work to the Seven Void Hall as he died.

What was even more regretful was that, even after all of these years, none of the disciples up until Han Li had even tried to learn his skill.  This jewel, this valued skill, was covered in dust and treated like dirt.

Han Li had no clue of this historical significance, and even if he did know, it was unlikely he would have cared. All the he need to know was that this skill suited him, and with it he would be able to survive in Doctor Mo’s hands. Its history? Who even cared? Han Li didn’t even have a bit of interest, for he was a person that focused on the present and reality. Anything that didn’t benefit him wasn’t likely to attract his interest.

Within his room, Han Li lit the oil lamp. He sat at his desk and began to continue browsing these books in the dusky light.

He didn’t actually plan to transcribe the books, for he could instead rely on his own memory. He would carve the text into his own mind. This would also double as a security measure, as he would never have to be worried about his secret ever getting exposed.

It must be known, towards Doctor Mo he was still on high alert. He wasn’t stupid; he knew that Doctor Mo hadn’t stopped monitoring him. If his house was full of rare manuals, it would be ridiculous to think that he wouldn’t get caught. He continued to act with Doctor Mo in mind.

The orange-yellow flame in the oil lamp crackled as Han Li read. These small sounds from the lantern reminded Han Li that he had been reading for an extremely long amount of time and that he should probably sleep.

Yet Han Li ignored all of this and was in his own little world as he read his book. Each and every book, with its own weird scenarios, completely drew him in.

As the light popped, a shadow appeared on the wall and it began to sway back and forth in the flickering light. Han Li continued to sit there, immersed, and didn’t budge an inch. His body contrasted sharply with this almost demonic shape; however, if one looked closely, they would see almost a sort of harmony.

After a quarter of an hour, the shadow at Han Li’s back began to grow a bit fuzzy and indistinct. As it became scattered, it slowly disappeared and outside the sun was already showing.

Han Li had unknowingly read through the entire night.

Pa! Finally the last flame popped out and disappeared. Only when the oil lantern had completely burned out did Han Li at last stop reading.

He raised his head and looked at the lamp, then looked out the window and started to laugh bitterly.

He didn’t expect that he would spend an entire night zealously researching a technique meant solely for killing. He was truly different from before.

Han Li sighed and started to get up. He rolled his neck and shook out his limbs, his whole body making cracking noises. He walked out of his room over to the well and filled a basin with cold water. He carefully washed his face to rouse himself and began to use the Eternal Spring Art. It allowed his to spend the whole night awake and immediately rejuvenated him, his tiredness disappearing without a trace.

After the entire night of studying, Han Li already knew how this martial art style linked together and had mastered it. He didn’t need eight or even ten years. Other people wouldn’t even be able to believe it, even if they themselves were geniuses and had heaven given talent. For them, two to three years would already be considered an extraordinary pace.

But time waits for no man!

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