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As Han Li flipped through the pages, a crisp sound could be heard.

To Li Feiyu, this was a very annoying sound.

Not paying any more attention to the studious Han Li, he returned to the edge of the pool and began to mind his own business.

Han Li shot him a glance and noticed that Li Feiyu had begun vigorously practicing his martial arts. Afterwards, he returned his attention to the item in his hands.

Ten words, one glance—this was Han Li’s frightening reading pace, which astounded everyone he knew. With each book, he quickly skimmed over the contents before moving onto another.

His eyes narrowed as he read a book, with a thoughtful look. His eyes never left the pages he was reading, though his mind raced with information and he had a scholarly appearance to him.

Time quickly went by as Han Li read each book of the Blinking Sword Art at a rapid pace.

As he finished the 11th book, he suddenly ceased his astoundingly fast reading and stowed away the book back into the bundle.

He closed his eyes and lowered his face.

After resting for a moment, he began to use the Eternal Spring Art to replay the information he had read from the books while meditating.

Before an hour was even up, a healthy glow returned to Han Li’s face as looks of excitement occasionally flashed across it. Sometimes the look of excitement was then replaced by a thoughtful look, or sometimes a look of dejection.

After some time, Han Li finally opened both his eyes and was immediately shocked at what he saw in front of him.

Li Feiyu’s head was somehow right in front of him, so that their noses were almost touching.

“What are you doing? Weren’t you just training?”

“Junior Han, do you know what time it is? You ask such a ridiculous question.” Li Feiyu moved his head away from Han Li.

Han Li then realized that the area around him had become very dark.

He lifted his his head to look up at the sky and saw a faint dusky color, meaning that it was almost night time.

“Damn! Time has gone by too fast. I had no idea that I had been training for this long.”

Immediately standing up, Han Li began to dust himself off.

“How was it? Did you find anything in the books?” Li Feiyu looked expectantly at Han Li, waiting for an answer.

“Hmm, it wasn’t bad. It really suits me.”

“What do you mean ‘it wasn’t bad’? Be more clear about it,” Li Feiyu said with disatisfaction.

“To be specific, the rare books are one huge mash up. There isn’t some sort of logical order and it all seems to be a wild mess of information.” Han Li slowly tried to explain things.

“Just what is the Blinking Sword Art? What fighting style is this? It has such a strange name.” Li Feiyu continued to question him with disatisfaction.

“The Blinking Sword Art seems to be a legitimate fighting style, but within this mish mash of information, I only understand a small portion of it,” Han Li explained patiently.

“As for why this name was chosen, there has to be a reason somewhere.”

“What reason? You say it in one breath instead of speaking one line at a time. You’re like those old masters who train me.” Li Feiyu stared at Han Li with irritation and impatience.

Li Feiyu was at his wit’s end with Han Li, urging him to get to the point.

“This book says that the style utilizes of every ray of light and the flaws in human visual abilities in order to defeat opponents. In the blink of an eye, one could lose their life, hence why it is called the Blinking Sword Art.

“So there is such an unusual sword style? There are many strange people on this world!“ Li Feiyu cried out with interest, but the next few words Han Li said immediately cut short his excitement.

“This type of sword art has 3 restrictions. Those with True Qi cannot practice, those without perseverance cannot practice, and those without talent cannot practice.”

After hearing the first condition, Li Feiyu immediately lost all curiosity. Within his body, his True Qi had already reached a mature stage and he couldn’t just discard it for the sake of this one art.

Because Li Feiyu had totally lost interest in this rare book, he was unwilling to stay there any longer.

He prepared to go, and warned Han Li to quickly make a copy of the book. The next time they would meet, he would take the original back. Obviously, even if no one placed value on these books, them being missing for an extended period of time would attract attention.

Not long after Li Feiyu left, Han Li left as well.

The entire mountain range was covered in a thin layer of fog and was a bit dim. Growing along the edges of the narrow mountain path were large trees with needle leaves. A burst of wind gusted through the forest and made whispering sounds all throughout the forest. The branches and leaves along the path blew with the wind and made threatening gestures like phantoms and goblins brandishing their claws.

Han Li walked on this strange, almost monster-like road, and hurried back to the Valley of the God’s Hand.

Because he had left quite late, by the time he had gone halfway back, the sky was pitch black.

If not for his Eternal Spring Art improving his vision, there would have been no way for him to be able to see anything in this dark environment. It must also be noted this was not some kind of path one could travel at reckless speed, for it was filled with twists and turns like a stronghold. If he wasn’t careful, an accident could occur and he could lose his measly life.  

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