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Doctor Mo, with an expressionless look on his face, slowly closed his eyelids halfway as he put his hand firmly on Han Li’s wrist.

He used all of his concentration to determine the true intensity of Han Li’s inner Qi, not speaking for a while.

After about the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, he sighed deeply. Apparently, he was very vexed with this outcome and he suddenly opened his eyes. His now muddy looking eyes stared out, and Han Li was unwilling to meet his gaze.

His disappointment was obvious, and he was very dissatisfied with Han Li, but he still didn’t scold him.

He coldly waved his arms and gestured for Han Li to follow him.

Han Li caught his meaning and followed behind Doctor Mo. Although he was interested in the cloaked man, he knew that now was not the time to ask.

Once they entered Doctor Mo’s room, Doctor Mo seemingly collapsed into his imperial chair and leaned heavily against the back, almost reclining half way down. In his eyes, his muddy complexion disappeared and was replaced by his original sickliness.

The mysterious man stuck close to Doctor Mo, never straying more than a few feet away, and sat behind Doctor Mo in a chair. He was completely ramrod straight and motionless.

Han Li knew that Doctor Mo was in a terrible mood and he did not feel comfortable being near him. He tried to distract himself by studying the mysterious man, but when he went into the room, he instinctively greeted Doctor Mo with a nod. He obediently stopped moving, keeping his eyes downcast while waiting for Doctor Mo to begin questioning him.

After a while, no one spoke and Han Li became a bit baffled. As he was starting to lose his cool, he tried to quietly sneak a peek at Doctor Mo.

“Who do you think you’re trying to fool?”

All of a sudden, Doctor Mo’s neck snapped up as he sneered venomously at him, then he spoke in a severe and cold voice.

Han Li stared blankly for a second, the words not registering. As he heard the sound of Doctor Mo’s voice, he instinctively rose his head to show that he was listening. However, the instant he saw the look on Doctor Mo’s face, he flinched at the overwhelming hostility, staggering backwards.

Han Li’s expression didn’t change. However, he could tell he was in a perilous situation and his heart clenched in terror.

Doctor Mo’s face was terrifying to behold. A dark glow emanated from it, and around his head was a layer of sinister looking Qi. This kind of dark Qi appeared almost like tentacles, which danced around his head and seemed to make threatening gestures.  However, what shocked Han Li the most was Doctor Mo’s face, for he had never once seen such a bloodthirsty expression. As Doctor Mo was looking at Han Li, it was obvious that he had cruel intentions, and the corner of his mouth curled upward jeeringly.

Han Li felt that the situation was becoming dangerous, and his heart pounded as the unknown Qi flowed outwards towards him.

Growing more unnerved, he gingerly retreated a few steps backwards and held the iron cylinder hidden within his sleeve. After nothing happened for a moment and Han Li began to calm down, he heard the jeering voice of Doctor Mo once more.

“You think you’re clever, trying to put up a facade like this?”

Doctor Mo’s slouched posture immediately vanished as he moved with unthinkable speed. Moving almost like a spectre, Doctor Mo appeared by Han Li’s side with a sneer.

Han Li’s face changed abruptly as he suddenly feared for his life. He hastily tried to react by moving his arm up when his body suddenly went numb and his movements locked up.

It was at that moment that he realized there was a finger pressing against one of the pressure points on his chest.

This movement was so absurdly fast that, even with his improved senses, he hadn’t even noticed that Doctor Mo had moved from his original spot.

“Elder Mo, what’s going on? Has this disciple done anything wrong? Elder hasn’t even said anything and just immediately restrained this disciple, but for what reason?” Han Li was nearly frightened out of his wits, yet tried to put up a calm, innocent exterior.

Doctor Mo didn’t say anything, only bringing up his other hand to cough. For that moment, it looked as if he was just a decrepit old man who could be toppled over by a gust of wind.

Previously, Han Li had assumed that Doctor Mo was incredibly smart, but lacked in physical strength. He now realized how mistaken his impression was.

“Doctor Mo, what has gotten into you? If this disciple has done something unjust and wronged you, naturally this disciple will accept any punishment you deem fit.”


Han Li tried to flatter him with respectful words.

Doctor Mo didn’t show any indication that he heard his words at all. He suddenly reached into Han Li’s sleeve, removing the iron cylinder and holding it out in his hand. A contemptuous sneer appeared on his face.

At this development, Han Li was devastated. His contingency plan against Doctor Mo had been so easily thwarted.

With Doctor Mo like this, there was no longer any hope for Han Li.

Han Li gradually closed his mouth, without any further words. His face showed acceptance of his fate as he met Doctor Mo’s eyes.

Suddenly, it seemed as though time had come to a stop in that room. There was pure silence, almost like the calm before the storm.

“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!” Unexpectedly, three words came out of the elder’s mouth.

“You are worthy of being the person I, Mo Juren, chose. Even when facing death, your face showed no fear. It seems that betting everything I had on you was not in vain,” he gleefully said.

“What are you going to do with me?” Han Li didn’t understand what Doctor Mo was saying, so he asked the first thing that came to mind.

“Ha ha! What am I going to do with you?” Doctor Mo repeated Han Li’s words casually.

“What am I going to do with you? That depends on your performance.”

“What does that mean?” Han Li furrowed his eyebrows together as he tried to uncover Doctor Mo’s intentions.

“I won’t say, but you’re smart enough. Shouldn’t you be able to figure it out?”

“I have some suspicions, but no specifics as to what your plans or your motives are,” Han Li replied honestly.

“Very good, this much is acceptable. Whatever questions you have, you should ask rather than keeping them bottled up.” A sinister smile was plastered onto Doctor Mo’s face and the sinister Qi began to grow, giving him a fearsome look.

“I knew you had not once trusted me as your master, always on guard against me. However, that matters little. I never really considered you my disciple either,” Doctor Mo snorted.

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