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At least until Doctor Mo returned, Han Li knew that using this bottle within the Valley of the God’s Hand would be quite safe. He was the only person in the entire valley, and no intruder would rashly enter. Since he was all but guaranteed to be safe for this period of time, he used the bottle as brazenly as he wanted.

Han Li estimated the time it would take for Doctor Mo to return. Most likely, he had left to hunt down some uncommon herb. He doubted that it would be very easy to find such herbs in the local vicinity, so in this case, Doctor Mo would have gone extremely far away, onto a mountain where man’s footprints will not be found. However, if just left to pick up some medicine, at most it would take him a year to come back.

Doctor Mo had already been gone for a year. Han Li reckoned he had six to seven months before Doctor Mo came back. The day before Doctor Mo would come back, Han Li would begin to greatly limit his usage of the liquid. So until Doctor Mo came back, Han Li needed to figure out the most efficient way of producing rare herbs so as to get as much value from the green liquid as possible.

Han Li would make these medicines and use them to break through his bottleneck, all before Doctor Mo would come back. In the past, he did not have access to the best herbs for this purpose. Many plants that he needed were so extravagantly expensive, their market prices would cause families to lose their fortune and cultivators to come to blows in order to acquire them.

Doctor Mo was truly brilliant at medicine making, but he never had any kind of medicine stockpiled, only making them as they were needed. Though Han Li learned medicine-making from Doctor Mo, he still had been unable to make the medicines he needed so all he could do look up and sigh.

Before, Han Li had learned Doctor Mo’s recipes because he was interested in making these prescriptions. Never did he have the least hope that he would get a chance to make medicine that required extremely expensive ingredients, but he had memorized a lot of their recipes anyway. Doctor Mo taught with zeal but with indifference as well. As long as Han Li asked questions, he would give a long and detailed explanation about everything and wouldn’t hide a single thing. Doctor Mo probably thought these medical recipes were useless, but he explained them anyway.

The green liquid changed things however, and he now had access to many of these necessary herbs. He had to earnestly restrain himself from going crazy and growing all of the medicines that were needed for these prescriptions. However, he did not dare to relax either, knowing that there wasn’t that much time left until Doctor Mo returned.  Then he would no longer be able to use it unrestricted, and it was possible that he’d never get another chance to use it at all.

Han Li didn’t even have the slightest bit of confidence in talking to Doctor Mo about the small bottle. In his heart, he was already suspicious of Doctor Mo, so it was natural that he would not want to leak to him even the tiniest secret.

Han Li felt that the relationship he had with Doctor Mo was a bit strange. It was distant and it was not so simple as a regular master-disciple relationship.

He recalled how Doctor Mo would frequently look at him with a peculiar gaze, which made Han Li feel that it was hiding some kind of terrible secret. Especially in the past two years, Han Li had felt this particular gaze intensify. This made Han Li and Doctor Mo unable to have any kind of comfortable, close disciple and master relationship and nothing could be said to change it.

However, other than this oddity, Doctor Mo was actually very good to him, and always helped him, never beating or abusing him.Whenever Han Li was practicing the chant, Doctor Mo would spare no effort to provide the ideal environment for cultivating. However, even this kindness he showed could not mask the awkward air between the two.

Doctor Mo was very aware of this divide, but he did not seem to even try to heal the relationship between the two of them. Their relationship was mostly limited to Doctor Mo supervising Han Li’s cultivation with the chant. However, it was almost like he began to conceal that grotesque look on his face as he realized the unease it caused Han Li. Eventually, it got to the point where it was hardly ever revealed.

But Han Li still had this small sort of feeling, like a voice in the back of his head, that was telling him that even though Doctor Mo had ceased to ominously stare at him, he still hadn’t given up on his plans just yet. Rather, Doctor Mo was just trying to deceive him. Rather than putting Han Li at ease, Doctor Mo merely caused him to become more guarded. With these certain circumstances, he didn’t dare let Doctor Mo know about the bottle.

Han Li had never lacked history books to study, and thus he had learned one unshakable rule: “Don’t hurt others, but guard against those trying to hurt you.”

If Doctor Mo really did have evil intentions, then Han Li would be ready to protect himself. But if the voice in the back of Han Li’s mind was wrong, and he had his guard raised for nothing as Doctor Mo did not try to harm him, then nothing would change and he would remain Doctor Mo’s obedient apprentice and would properly respect him.

In his heart, Han Li was not very comfortable. He knew that this kind of fearful disciple master relationship he had with Doctor Mo was not normal, even within the Seven Mysteries Sect, and he couldn’t help but sigh.

The bottle absolutely not be used when Doctor Mo returned, that was obvious. However, Han Li knew that not a single thing on this world was unbreakable. Even if he had the fortune to not get caught by Doctor Mo, that wouldn’t mean others in the Seven Mysteries Sect wouldn’t catch him and expose his secret. Ultimately, his best bet would be to never use it at all and pretend it never existed, though Han Li was unwilling to do this.

Having organized his thoughts, determined to keep his secret, Han Li decided he would no longer brazenly use the bottle after Doctor Mo’s return. Only then did his heart relax, as he fell back on his bed and went to sleep.

For the next couple of months, Han Li used the little bottle’s green liquid and created large quantities of precious herbs. He used these drugs according to the recipes and made many precious medicines. However, he had also failed the concoction process many times. Each time, it would hurt Han Li inside for quite a while. Every time he failed, it was losing a fortune, though it was only natural that he would fail sometimes, as he did not have enough experience to work with such rare herbs perfectly. Even if Doctor Mo himself were to make these medicines, it was very likely he would mess up once or twice. So Han Li consoled himself in this way.

Yellow Dragon Pellet, Pure Spirit Powder, Gold Essence Pill, and Rising Vitality Pill were all rarely seen medicines, yet they were by the dozen stacked up in front of Han Li in bottles. Han Li looked at these bottles and his face was ecstatic, as he had all of these miracle elixirs. He now had all the aid he needed to break through into the fourth layer, fifth layer, and even possibly the sixth layer! He could do all of that with this kind of medicinal power.  

These pills had great effects. Yellow Dragon Pellet and Gold Essence Pill both had the effect of raising the body’s power, helping those training in martial skills.  It also sheds one’s mortal body for that of an immortal’s as the body becomes born anew. Pure Spirit Powder had a rare detoxification effect, and could guard one from over hundreds to thousands of poisonous effects.  Finally was the Rising Vitality Pill, which was a legendary internal wound medicine. No matter what type of injury one received, as long as one had this medicine and wasn’t dead, they would recover to the point of being even stronger than before, truly a life saving medicine.

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