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Chapter 2321: Battle Outside the Valley

"In this formation's current state, there's no way that one piece of Hierarchical Yin Corpse Lightning would be able to break it," Daoist San Quan replied with furrowed brows.

"I'm naturally aware of that." Huang Yuanzi flipped a hand over as he spoke to reveal three thumb-sized grey beads that were riddled with thin crimson threads.

"You have three pieces of this lightning? You really have made thorough preparations for this trip," Daoist San Quan said with a surprised expression.

"We have to make haste. Fellow Daoist Immortal has just destroyed that person's secret technique, so they could be arriving soon," Huang Yuanzi said.

"Rest assured, with three pieces of Hierarchical Yin Corpse Lightning, it'll only take an instant to destroy the rest of this formation," Daoist San Quan replied with a confident smile.

He then opened his mouth to expel three badges of different colors, which quickly swelled to around 10 feet in size each at his behest.

After that, he made a hand seal, and the giant three-headed python projection behind him also opened its mouths to release three bursts of light of different colors that surged into the badge of the corresponding color.

A loud buzzing sound instantly rang out from the badges, and countless runes appeared on their surfaces.

The badges then suddenly transformed into around 300 to 400 small flags, each of which was roughly a foot in size.

Each flag was translucent and shimmering with spiritual light while emanating hints of the power of laws.

Huang Yuanzi's pupils contracted slightly upon seeing this, and he immediately sent one of the three grey beads in his hand hurtling through the air.

Elsewhere, the Law Destruction Eye on Han Li's glabella had already disappeared, and he was appraising a cracked azure crystal ball before him with a cold expression.

"The fact that he was able to sense my secret technique from so far away indicates that he's far more powerful than the average Grand Ascension Stage being, but judging from the power of that attack, he's still nowhere near the caliber of that female Asura Spider. The only potential factor of concern is that I don't know if he possesses any special secret techniques or abilities," Han Li murmured to himself, then flipped a hand over to summon a golden talisman.

He then raised a hand, and the talisman disappeared into thin air as a streak of golden light.

After that, he stood still on the spot, seemingly waiting for something.

A short while later, a burst of spatial fluctuations emerged before Han Li, and a ball of golden flames suddenly appeared alongside the sound of a bewildered female voice.

"Brother Han, is that you? Why are you here?"

A hint of surprise appeared on Han Li's face upon hearing this voice. "Fairy Yan, why is this transmission talisman in your hands? I recall I gave it to Yuan Yao prior to my departure."

Yan Li was initially elated to hear Han Li's voice, but she then replied in a panicked voice, "Brother Han, it really is you! Get away from here right now! Master is currently transcending his heavenly tribulation, and there are three Grand Ascension Stage intruders outside. If you get caught up in this, you're going to be killed for sure! As for this talisman, Yuan Yao gave it to me for safekeeping. She's currently helping Master transcend his tribulation, so she has no time to worry about anything else."

"So it really is Fellow Daoist Qing Yuanzi who's transcending his tribulation. In that case, I'm..."

Before Han Li had a chance to finish his sentence, three earth-shattering explosions suddenly erupted near the valley in the distance, following which three scintillating grey suns rose up into the air before surging in all directions as massive waves of grey light.

Countless giant flags appeared near the grey suns before releasing a series of threads of light in all directions, impaling and destroying all of the giant ghostly shadows in their path.

As a result, the sea of crimson mist was instantly vanquished.

"Impossible! How did they break the first formation so quickly? They..."

Yan Li's immediately became extremely horrified, and the ball of golden light suddenly flashed erratically before exploding on its own.

Thus, Yan Li's voice was naturally cut off in an abrupt manner.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, and he cast his gaze toward the valley before immediately flying in that direction as a streak of azure light.

The streak of azure light quickly covered a distance of several tens of kilometers, upon which it arrived near the valley.

The azure light then faded to reveal Han Li, who cast his gaze downward to find that the three grey suns had already faded, as had the massive waves of grey light.

Huang Yuanzi's trio were hovering above the giant door, appraising Han Li with cold expressions.

"Who are you? Did you come here for Qing Yuanzi?" Huang Yuanzi asked.

"Hehe, it looks like the three of you are enemies of Qing Yuanzi's trying to take advantage of his heavenly tribulation," Han Li said with a faint smile.

Huang Yuanzi harrumphed coldly in response, "Hmph, so what if that's the case? Are you an ally that Qing Yuanzi invited to protect him?"

"I didn't come here intentionally to protect him, but Fellow Daoist Qing Yuanzi is an acquaintance of mine, so I'm obligated to step in here. I hope you can all do me a favor and leave," Han Li replied in an unhurried manner.

"Why should we do you a favor? Who do you think you are, and what do you make of us? I have a sworn vendetta against Qing Yuanzi; anyone who dares to stand in my way will be killed!" Huang Yuanzi said with a furious look in his eyes.

"I don't care what differences you have with Qing Yuanzi, but if you insist on continuing, then I'll be forced to oppose you," Han Li replied in a calm fashion.

"Alright, let's see how you plan to oppose all three of us on your own. I'd advise you to leave now, and I'd still be willing to let you go. Otherwise, it'll be too late for regrets once you perish here," Huang Yuanzi threatened with a menacing expression.

"I won't know if I can handle all three of you at once until I try, and if you really have what it takes to kill me, then so be it," Han Li replied in a nonchalant manner.

"In that case, you can die now!" Huang Yuanzi said with a vicious expression.

Almost at the exact same moment, a thunderous roar rang out behind Han Li.

Immediately thereafter, an inky-black fist emerged amid a burst of spatial fluctuations before instantly reaching Han Li like a thick bolt of black lightning.

Han Li's expression remained completely unchanged, and he didn't even turn around as he thrust a golden palm behind himself at an incredible angle, striking the black fist with unerring accuracy.

An earth-shattering boom rang out, and a massive explosion of golden and black light ensued, causing the nearby space to warp and quake violently.

In the aftermath of the clash, Han Li remained completely still on the spot, while a massive figure emerged several tens of feet behind him before stumbling back close to 20 steps, and only then was the giant figure able to steady himself before casting a stunned gaze toward Han Li.

The giant figure was none other than the Immortal Heavenly Lord, and right at this moment, the Immortal Heavenly Lord standing beside Huang Yuanzi abruptly exploded into specks of black light amid a dull thump.

Prior to Han Li's arrival, the Immortal Heavenly Lord had already unleashed a concealment secret technique in order to facilitate a sneak attack, leaving only a clone beside Huang Yuanzi.

Huang Yuanzi's trio was completely astonished by what they had just witnessed.

The Immortal Heavenly Lord was vastly renowned for his tremendous strength, yet he had just been forced onto the back foot in a clash of physical bodies even though he was unleashing a sneak attack from the shadows.

Huang Yuanzi's expression darkened even further as he cast his gaze toward Han Li, but he didn't hesitate to sweep a hand through the air, upon which countless yellow threads erupted out of his body before surging toward Han Li in unison.

Daoist San Quan also sprang into action, quickly making a hand seal.

Spatial fluctuations erupted above him, and the three-headed python projection's three heads abruptly plunged downward before vanishing into three plumes of azure smoke.

In the next instant, the three giant python's heads emerged above Han Li, then bit down viciously toward him in unison, sending a foul odor wafting through the air.

The Immortal Heavenly Lord also quickly transformed into a mountainous giant as if he had already choreographed this sequence in advance with his two companions, and he raised a massive foot before stomping down toward Han Li.

His foot was as huge as a house and had a glistening black sheen, as if it were constructed from iron and steel.

As soon as the foot was stomped down through the air, countless bright golden patterns appeared on its surface, and a devastating aura surged through the air.

Following the Immortal Heavenly Lord's failed surprise attack, the Huang Yuanzi's trio was attacking Han Li in unison, clearly in an attempt to crush him in one fell swoop.

Han Li heaved a faint sigh as he swept a palm through the air, conjuring up a grey light barrier out of thin air.

The Provenance True Devil Projection then appeared behind him amid a flash of golden light before swelling to several hundred feet in size, then unleashed countless fist projections with its six fists toward the giant foot and the three python's heads.

The thin threads unleashed by Huang Yuanzi struck the grey light barrier first, creating a sound akin to rain falling upon a banana leaf, and despite the enormous power imbued within them, they were only able to plunge several inches into the light barrier before being stopped cold in their tracks.

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