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Chapter 2319: Arrival of Both Enemies and An Ally

"I'm naturally aware of that as well, which is why I suggest we make a big commotion while removing these restrictions. Even if Qing Yuanzi can resist the urge to use the measures he's set up, he definitely won't be able to focus wholeheartedly on transcending his tribulation. Fellow Daoist San Quan, we'll be counting on you," Huang Yuanzi said with a cold smile.

"Rest assured, leave it to me," Daoist San Quan replied.

Immediately thereafter, he made a hand seal, and a white cloud instantly appeared beneath his feet before carrying him toward the valley.

Huang Yuanzi and the Immortal Heavenly Lord quickly followed along behind him as two streaks of light.

After advancing for no more than 100 kilometers, a rumbling boom suddenly rang out, and the surrounding area blurred before the trio found themselves situated in a forest of giant trees.

Each tree was around 1,000 feet tall and was entirely black in color, making it look as if they were constructed from black steel.

In the instant that the trio appeared in the forest, the surrounding trees began to tremor violently before toppling toward the three of them, sending fierce gusts of wind sweeping down from above.

"What a crude formation; it's downright laughable to think that such a restriction is being used against me," Daoist San Quan chuckled.

Immediately thereafter, he swept his sleeves forward, and bursts of yellow Qi surged forth in a frenzy before spreading in all directions.

As soon as the giant black trees were swept up by the yellow Qi, they were immediately sent flying like feathers in the wind, then disintegrated into sand amid a string of dull thumps.

The surrounding area warped and twisted, then reverted back to the same scenery as before.

Thus, the trio continued onward, and both Huang Yuanzi and the Immortal Heavenly Lord were quite elated to see this.

After flying for less than 10 kilometers, several of the hills down below suddenly began to glow, and three formations, each of which was around an acre in size, appeared on the summits of the hills in unison. Countless fireballs were then conjured up before hurtling toward the trio in a torrential storm.

A disdainful look appeared on Daoist San Quan's face upon seeing this, and he pointed a finger forward, releasing three green threads of light that transformed into three thick pillars of light in a flash.

Three earth-shattering booms rang out as the pillars of light flashed through the fiery storm like three agile snakes, then struck the three formations down below with devastating might, instantly razing the three hills to the ground.

Daoist San Quan wasn't even delayed in the slightest as he continued onward, followed closely by the elated Huang Yuanzi and Immortal Heavenly Lord.

Even though Qing Yuanzi had set up many restrictions, the ones on the outskirts were quite ordinary and were only there to deal with intruders of lowly cultivation bases.

Only the restrictions near the valley were the truly formidable ones that were meant for fellow Grand Ascension Stage beings.

Yan Li was in the midst of meditating at the entrance of the valley when a grim voice transmission from Qing Yuanzi suddenly sounded beside her ears.

"Look out, Yan'er, there are powerful enemies approaching the valley. Take the treasures I gave you and activate the Baleful 18 Heavens Formation."

Yan Li's heart jolted upon hearing this, and she hurriedly rose to her feet before extending a curtsey toward the direction the voice had come from. "Yes, Master!"

At this point, all of the restrictions in the valley had already been completely activated, conjuring up countless light barriers of different colors.

In addition to the black winds raging incessantly outside, it was impossible for anyone to see into the valley.

Aside from the rumbling thunderclaps ringing out from up above, Yan Li couldn't hear anything else from the giant platform.

Qing Yuanzi seemed to have sensed her unease, and he transmitted his voice to her again in consolation. "Don't worry, the Baleful 18 Heavens Formation will at least become 20% more powerful when controlled by someone, and it should be enough to impede the enemies outside for several days. After I transcend my tribulation, I'll be able to face them myself."

Yan Li's anxiety was eased slightly upon hearing this.

The fact that Qing Yuanzi still had the spare capacity to transmit his voice to her indicated that he was dealing with his tribulation with relative ease.

Thus, she immediately rose up into the air before departing as a ball of yellow light.

Shortly thereafter, Yan Li arrived on a mountain summit with a giant formation disk hovering beneath her, upon which stood a row of small flags of different colors.

Yan Li was currently appraising a copper mirror in her hand with a grim expression, and there was an image on the mirror, depicting Daoist San Quan destroying a golden light formation on the outskirts with ease using a white flying dagger.

Daoist San Quan then completely vanished from the image in a flash.

Yan Li drew a sharp breath upon seeing this, and her brows furrowed tightly with concern.

She knew that the intruders had to be Grand Ascension Stage beings for Qing Yuanzi to take them so seriously, but she didn't think that there would be someone among them with such a high level of expertise in the art of formations.

There were many restrictions around the valley, but they definitely wouldn't be able to delay the intruders for long. If she wanted to buy more time for her master, then she would have to rely almost solely on the Baleful 18 Heavens Formation.

With that in mind, Yan Li immediately swept a hand downward, and several of the formation flags immediately vanished into plumes of smoke.

Around 15 minutes later, fierce winds were swept up near the valley, sending sand and small stones flying in all directions, while a series of rifts abruptly split open on the ground.

Bursts of crimson mist billowed out of the rifts, quickly encompassing the area surrounding the entire valley.

Immediately thereafter, several sharp screeches rang out, and the sound of ghostly howls suddenly erupted within the crimson mist while countless giant black figures emerged.

An astonishing baleful aura also surged into the heavens, scattering much of the dark clouds up above.

In this short time, Yan Li had completely activated the 18 profound formations around the valley.

Individually, the formations didn't pose much of an obstacle to a Grand Ascension Stage being, but they were designed in a unique way so that anyone facing one of the formations would actually have to face all 18 formations at once.

Thus, if they couldn't destroy all 18 formations at once, then they would have to patiently destroy the formations one by one.

This was why Qing Yuanzi was still so calm even though there were powerful infiltrators approaching.

Close to a day later, Huang Yuanzi's trio arrived near the valley, and Daoist San Quan's expression immediately darkened slightly at the sight of the Baleful 18 Heavens Formation.

After being introduced to the troublesome nature of this formation by Daoist San Quan, Huang Yuanzi's expression also darkened significantly.

"So we have no choice but to destroy these formations one by one if we want to enter the valley," Huang Yuanzi confirmed.

"I'm afraid so. However, with interconnected formations like these ones, the most difficult one to destroy is always the first one. After that, it'll become easier and easier as there will be fewer formations supporting one another. As such, the power of the first formation is equivalent to that of all 18 formations combined, so it'll be very difficult to destroy," Daoist San Quan replied.

"Hmph, that Qing Yuanzi really is a cunning bastard, but he's dreaming if he thinks that this will be enough to stump me! How long will it take to destroy all of these formations, Fellow Daoist San Quan?" Huang Yuanzi asked.

"If you're willing to use the Nine Illusion Fortune Door to assist me, then four days should be enough," Daoist San Quan replied.

"That won't do; what if Qing Yuanzi's heavenly tribulation concludes early? How about this? When you reach a critical juncture, I'll use my Hierarchical Yin Corpse Lightning to assist you, but we must destroy all of these formations within three days," Huang Yuanzi said in a cold voice.

Daoist San Quan's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, but then quickly reverted back to normal again. "You even prepared Hierarchical Yin Corpse Lightning for this trip? In that case, we'll definitely be able to break the Baleful 18 Heavens Formation in three days."

"Good. Fellow Daoist Immortal, you don't have to do anything aside from priming yourself into the best condition; your power will be extremely important for when we face Qing Yuanzi," Huang Yuanzi said.

"I understand. After all, my cultivation arts just so happen to have a suppressive effect on several of Qing Yuanzi's abilities," the Immortal Heavenly Lord replied in a nonchalant manner.

Huang Yuanzi didn't say anything further as he flipped a hand over, summoning a miniature translucent door before tossing it forward.

The door immediately swelled to over 100 feet tall amid a flash of piercing white light, then descended from the heavens.

Huang Yuanzi appeared at the top of the door in a flash before gently stomping down onto it, and it instantly flew toward the formation up ahead with arcs of lightning flashing all around it.

A cold smile appeared on Daoist San Quan's face as he followed along behind the door, and the Heavenly Immortal Lord also trailed along in an unhurried manner.

In the air above a certain swamp in the earth abyss, the space suddenly warped, following which a streak of green sword Qi that was over 1,000 feet in length emerged before slashing downward in a casual manner.

The entire sky was sliced apart by the streak of sword Qi amid a crisp crack, following which a giant black ark that was over 10,000 feet in length emerged.

At the front of the ark stood Han Li with his hands clasped behind his back and a calm look on his face.

The black-robed blood soul was standing behind him, and she quickly inspected her surroundings as she asked, "Senior Han, is this the place where that good friend of yours is residing?"

"That's right. Do you find that to be strange, Fellow Daoist Blood Soul?" Han Li replied with a smile.

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