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Chapter 2310: Boundless Sea and Origin Integration Island

On the sea between the human and demon territories was a cluster of islands, among which was a giant island with a radius of thousands of kilometers.

Thousands of low-grade cultivators were busy at work on this island, constructing a series of buildings around the tallest mountain on the island.

At the same time, a series of formation treasures were being set up all over the island, sending restriction fluctuations surging through the air in all directions.

In the belly of the tallest mountain, Han Li was currently placing a round black and white stone that was roughly the size of a human head into a giant formation that covered several acres in area.

In the instant the stone was set down, the entire formation instantly emitted a loud buzzing sound while releasing countless golden and silver runes.

Black and white light flashed from the stone, and a burst of peculiar energy fluctuations erupted forth before fading away.

"Can this formation really make use of the Yin Yang Magnetic Light to defend the island?" Silvermoon asked as she stood behind Han Li.

"Hehe, I set up this Yin Yang Attracting Formation by studying an ancient formation. There are several large magnetic light earth veins under the island, and once fully activated, not only will they be able to defend the island, they can even expand the area of the formation by over tenfold," Han Li replied.

"In that case, the safety of this Origin Integration Island will be assured. I've witnessed the power of the Yin Yang Magnetic Light; as long as the magnetic light veins remain unharmed, they'll be able to trap even a Grand Ascension Stage being for some time," Silvermoon said.

"Not only that, but I've discovered that the entire magnetic light formation of the Boundless Sea is gathered under this cluster of islands. The other islands also have similar earth veins beneath them, and although those veins aren't as powerful as the one under this Origin Integration Island, they can still facilitate the construction of some simpler Yin Yang Attracting Formations. Once those formations are set up, they'll be able to resonate with the formation on this island to further increase its power and expand its range to an astonishing degree," Han Li replied in a slightly smug manner.

"If we can do that, then the entire Boundless Sea will be an impregnable fortress for you, Brother Han," Silvermoon said.

"Hehe, are you a little envious? If I recall correctly, the wolf race has recently sent over another group of people; are you really not going to meet them? If you're willing to go back, then you'll definitely become the next wolf monarch," Han Li said with a smile.

"I have no intention of undertaking that duty; I'll let those geezers choose the next wolf monarch. All I want now is to progress to the Grand Ascension Stage so I won't be left too far behind by you," Silvermoon said with a roll of her eyes.

"In that case, don't go back. As for the Art of Indifference that you've cultivated, I've consulted many tomes and discovered that it's not as irreversible as Senior Ao Xiao once proclaimed," Han Li said as a serious look suddenly appeared on his face.

Silvermoon was ecstatic to hear this, but an incredulous look then appeared in her eyes. "What? You're saying the Art of Indifference can be reversed? But my grandfather told me that there was no way to abandon this cultivation art unless I was willing to return to the Spatial Tempering Stage. Also, if I decide to give up the cultivation art, it'll be very difficult for me to make further progress in my cultivation."

"It's indeed impossible to completely abandon the Art of Indifference, but it wouldn't be impossible to separate it out of your body," Han Li replied.

"What does that mean?" Silvermoon was rather perplexed to hear this.

"It's very simple in theory, but the actual execution is rather difficult. Long story short, I can refine a clone that you can transfer the power of your Art of Indifference into. Once you do that, there's a very good chance that those negative emotions will also be expelled from your body," Han Li explained.

"That's it?" Silvermoon was still in disbelief.

"Of course, it can't just be any normal clone, and once the power of your Art of Indifference is separated out of your body, you'll still revert back to the Spatial Tempering Stage, but the difference is that you'll be able to cultivate back to the Body Integration Stage without encountering any bottlenecks. The only issue is that you'll have to spend some time returning to your current cultivation base," Han Li said.

"That's not an issue if I can reverse the effects of the Art of Indifference. What probability do you think this has of succeeding?" Silvermoon asked in a hesitant voice.

"It should be around 70% to 80%. However, in order to expel the Art of Indifference from your body, you require the assistance of someone with far superior cultivation base and spiritual sense to yourself. If you decide to take this path, I'll assist you myself," Han Li replied with a serious expression.

"That's quite a high chance of success. However, it sounds like it won't be an easy task to create a suitable clone for this purpose," Silvermoon said.

"Rest assured, even if we fail, there will be no threat to your safety. Also, I've already prepared a clone for you," Han Li said with a smile, then summoned a shimmering green figure amid a flash of green light.

"Isn't that your spirit body? Are you giving it to me as a clone?" Silvermoon was stunned by the sight of the green figure.

"That's right. This spirit body is different from normal clones in that it doesn't possess any spiritual nature and is only an empty vessel. I normally control it using a wisp of my spiritual sense or through Qu'er. At my current cultivation base, this Body Integration Stage spirit body doesn't really have much use for me anymore, so it's perfect for you. The spirit body is extremely pre and can easily absorb all types of different power. On top of that, it's already at the pinnacle of the Body Integration Stage, so it'll be able to accept the power of your Art of Indifference without any fear of backlash." Han Li pointed a finger at the spirit body as he spoke, and it immediately took on an identical form to Silvermoon at his behest, except its skin was still green.

Silvermoon was stunned to see this, while Han Li was appraising the spirit body with a slightly forlorn expression.

He had hoped that the mysterious green liquid would allow it to progress indefinitely in its cultivation base with no ceiling, but for some reason, it was stuck at the pinnacle of the Body Integration Stage, and regardless of how much green liquid he used, it was still unable to reach the Grand Ascension Stage.

Thus, there was no better use for it than to act as the clone to resolve Silvermoon's issue surrounding her Art of Indifference.

"In that case, I'll accept this spirit body. With this clone at my disposal, I'm more confident that we'll succeed. I'll begin refining this spirit body right away, and once that process is completed, we can begin reversing by Art of Indifference," Silvermoon said.

"Alright, the sooner this issue is resolved, the sooner I can heave a sigh of relief. During your seclusion, I'll complete the cave abode and all of the formations. After that, I'll be able to lend you my undivided assistance," Han Li said as he nodded with a smile.

Silvermoon also smiled in response before making a hand seal, upon which she instantly vanished on the spot.

Following her departure, Han Li turned around again and began to test out all of the restrictions that the formation was capable of manifesting.

He was in such a hurry to resolve the issue of Silvermoon's Art of Indifference as he was preparing for the long journey that he was going to be making soon.

He had to travel to another continent, and he didn't know what type of dangers he could encounter, so he was naturally unwilling to have Silvermoon accompany him.

After all, the Spirit Realm was a massive place, and even though he could ensure self-preservation, he couldn't guarantee the same for those around him.

Han Li had planned to travel to the other continents in several years, and he was only going to take Zhu Guo'er and Patriarch Hua Shi along with him.

Zhu Guo'er's spiritual power was required to search for an entrance to the Small Spirit Sky, while Hua Shi was very adept in water attribute abilities, so he could come in useful on this trip.

With that in mind, a beautiful figure that resided deep in his heart flashed through his mind, but he took a deep breath to repress the thoughts of her.

If his journey to the other continents were to go smoothly, then he would be able to meet her in the near future.

What he had to do now was complete the Yin Yang Attracting Formation and ensure that there was nothing amiss.

Three days flew by in a flash, and the Origin Integration Island had undergone a drastic transformation.

The spiritual Qi on the island was far more abundant, and some spirit beasts had appeared on the mountains.

Some buildings that were guarded by armed puppets had also been erected, and the puppets were patrolling set routes over and over again in a monotonous and expressionless manner, adding a hint of menace to this immortal-paradise-like scene.

All of a sudden, a few melodious bell chimes rang out from the tallest mountain on the island, and countless streaks of light immediately rose up into the air from the buildings on the other mountains before converging toward the tallest mountain.

Several thousand cultivators quickly gathered on the mountain, then knelt down and kowtowed in unison toward a silver palace up ahead. "We pay our respects to our patriarch!"

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