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Chapter 2266: Trip to the Spirit Race

As the runes revolved, the entire disk also began to rotate, and countless runes emerged or vanished within the disk, presenting a very chaotic sight to behold.

At the same time, the antiquated azure mirror also began to emit a faint buzzing sound, and azure light surged over its surface.

There seemed to be something indistinct residing within the mirror, but it was impossible to make out exactly what it was.

Han Li was staring intently at the changes unfolding in the disk with an unblinking gaze, seemingly calculating something in silence.

After a long while, the giant disk had already revolved countless cycles, and Han Li suddenly yelled, "I've found it!"

He then pointed a finger up at the disk, and a burst of invisible energy fluctuations erupted forth to encompass the entire area within a radius of around half a kilometer.

A dull thump rang out as the giant disk shuddered, and most of the runes on it disappeared, while only around a dozen runes remained, forming a strange diagram, at the center of which was a ball of gentle white light.

Han Li carefully examined the diagram, then cast his gaze toward the azure mirror up ahead.

The blurry image on the mirror gradually became clearer and clearer, and all of a sudden, a massive map appeared on its surface.

There was a scintillating speck of light on one part of the map, and it seemed to be resonating with the diagram on the giant disk.

Han Li stared at the map for a short while before his brows furrowed slightly.

Zhu Guo'er had been waiting this entire time, and she couldn't help but ask, "Senior Han, have you found the entrance to the Small Spirit Sky?"

"Not really; I can only say that I've narrowed its location down slightly," Han Li replied with a shake of his head.

"What do you mean by that, Senior Han?" Zhu Guo'er was rather perplexed.

"The entrance to the Small Spirit Sky isn't situated on our Tian Yuan Continent. Instead, it's on one of the other two continents," Han Li replied.

"It's on another continent? Is it the Thunder Continent or the Blood Sky Continent?" Zhu Guo'er asked.

"I'm not sure. The sensory range of this altar is limited only to the Tian Yuan Continent, so if we want to find the location of the entrance to the Small Spirit Sky, we'll have to find the same altars on the other continents," Han Li replied.

Zhu Guo'er's face immediately fell upon hearing this. "So that means we'll have to go to the other continents."

"It looks like we'll have to. Thankfully, once the entrance to the Small Spirit Sky is finalized, it won't change location for at least the next few centuries, so we have plenty of time to do this. It's just that our entry to the Small Spirit Sky will have to be delayed," Han Li sighed with a resigned expression.

Fortunately, with his current level of power, he was virtually a dominant force across the entire Spirit Realm, so exploring the other continents wouldn't be a perilous task for him.

Furthermore, this was also an opportunity for him to complete the task that he had agreed to complete for Fairy Ice Soul's clone.

With that in mind, he swept a sleeve through the air, releasing a burst of golden light that stowed the azure mirror away, then cast string of incantation seals toward the formation on the altar.

Another burst of violent tremors ran through the altar, and all of the lights on it were instantly snuffed out, while the compass formation also reverted back to its original form.

As a result, the giant round disk up above also slowly disintegrated into nothingness.

Another burst of golden light erupted from Han Li's body, and both he and Zhu Guo'er vanished on the spot.

In the next instant, the two of them appeared beside Silvermoon amid a burst of spatial fluctuations.

"How did it go, Brother Han?" Silvermoon asked.

"It didn't go very well, but it didn't go too badly, either," Han Li replied with a wry smile, then revealed the outcome to Silvermoon.

After hearing his recount, Silvermoon chuckled, "It's just like you said; it's not great, but it's not bad, either. Even though we haven't found the entrance to the Small Spirit Sky, this at least confirms to us that the method provided by Bao Hua is feasible. Now, all we have to do is explore the other continents and find Ancient Compass Altars there as well."

"It looks like I'll have to leave the Tian Yuan Continent for some time. I just so happen to have some things I need to do on the other continents anyway, so I'll be able to kill multiple birds with one stone. However, before that, I have to make a trip to the Spirit Race and resolve the issue of your grandfather's tribulation transcendence first," Han Li replied.

"We'll do as you say, Brother Han. That Spirit Monarch is an extremely mysterious figure; make sure to take care when facing him," Silvermoon cautioned.

"I'll be sure to do so. Regardless of whether this Spirit Monarch really has lived for 1,000,000 years, his origins are very suspicious, so I'm very interested in him," Han Li said with a smile.

With Silvermoon's exceptional intelligence, she was immediately able to infer what Han Li was implying. "Are you suspecting that he's not a being from our Spirit Realm?"

"I checked through some tomes, and according to the information I found, the Spirit Race has existed for the shortest time among all of the races in this area. Apparently, it's only been around for about 1,000,000 years, and most of the Spirit beings seemed to have suddenly emerged in a very short time, but their population has been increasing extremely slowly since then," Han Li analyzed in a calm manner.

Silvermoon's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and she didn't ask any further questions, but she had already formed her own conclusions on the matter.

"It's time for us to go back now. That Patriarch Hua Shi isn't all that powerful, but he possesses some decent water-attribute abilities, so he may be useful on our trips to the other continents. Let's take him back to the holy island with us," Han Li said.

"That shouldn't be an issue; I'm sure Fellow Daoist Hua Shi wouldn't refuse the chance to stay with a Grand Ascension Stage being and occasionally receive some guidance from you," Silvermoon chuckled.

Han Li merely smiled in response, then released a burst of golden light that swept up all three of them before flying away into the distance.

Over half a year later, a clear cry suddenly erupted into the heavens from a restricted area on the holy island, causing all of the spirit clouds above the holy island to tremor violently.

All of the high-grade beings on the holy island all sensed this commotion, and elated looks appeared on all of their faces.

Han Li was in the process of refining a certain type of pill in his cave abode, and he smiled as he cast an incantation into his cauldron, then murmured to himself, "Fellow Daoist Mo has finally recovered, so it looks like we'll be able to set off to the Spirit Race soon. I hope I'll reap some rewards from this trip."

After that, Han Li continued to cast incantation seals toward his cauldron.

A month later, the enormous Inkspirit Holy Ark appeared above the holy island again, then immediately sped away into the distance.

Han Li, Silvermoon, and Zhu Guo'er were all situated on the ark, and they were accompanied by Mo Jianli and Patriarch Hua Shi.

Just as Silvermoon had anticipated, Patriarch Hua Shi was ecstatic that Han Li was willing to keep him around for a while, and he immediately rushed back to his cave abode to pack up his things before traveling to the holy island with Han Li.

To his credit, Han Li had treated Patriarch Hua Shi very well, bestowing upon him some pills and guidance in his cultivation.

As a result, Patriarch Hua Shi had benefited significantly, and made a breakthrough to the mid-Body Integration Stage during this short span of less than a year.

As such, Patriarch Hua Shi was filled with gratitude and veneration toward Han Li, and he had become virtually half a disciple to Han Li.

After departing from the holy island, the giant ark immediately sped toward a predetermined direction, and at its extraordinary speed, it reached Deep Heaven City in the span of just over two months.

Han Li and Mo Jianli only stayed in the city for two or three days to meet some of the elders, then continued onward into the primordial world.

With two Grand Ascension Stage beings at the helm, a trip through the perilous primordial world was like a stroll in the park.

They encountered some ancient beasts along the way, but the puppet army on the ark was more than enough to handle them.

The only time they encountered any real trouble was when they had flown into a galestorm as they were traveling over a massive canyon.

Pillars of gale-force winds that were over 100,000 feet tall surged toward the giant ark from all sides, making it look extremely tiny and insignificant.

The puppet army was only able to protect the ark to a certain extent, but was unable to truly alleviate the threat.

Only then did Han Li and Mo Jianli appear on either side of the giant ark.

The latter made a grabbing motion to conjure up two balls of lightning, which transformed into a pair of lightning swords that swept viciously through the air, while the former transformed into a giant golden ape that was over 1,000 feet tall, then thrust his fists violently toward the pillars of wind in the distance.

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