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Chapter 2209: Crushing a Grand Ascension Stage Being

All of the cultivators were horrified to find that they had suddenly become completely immobilized, as if their bodies were being crushed under giant mountains.

In contrast, a cold smile appeared on Han Li's face as he swept his spiritual sense through this black and white world, following which the Provenance Golden Body rose up into the air as a streak of purplish-golden light, then surged into Han Li's body.

A resounding boom rang out as Han Li transformed into a giant purplish-golden ape with three heads and six arms.

The giant ape thumped its own chest violently with its six fists, then swelled drastically in size to around 8,000 feet tall as countless silver spirit patterns revolved around its body.

The silver spirit patterns then fused as one to form silver formations all over the giant ape's body, as if they were a natural appendage.

The Black Owl Monarch's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he immediately drew a circle downward with his finger.

A resounding boom rang out within the black and white world, and a giant black and white ring with a diameter of around 10,000 feet appeared around the giant ape, then shrank to bind around the massive ape's body like a torture device.

The giant ape looked down at the restrictive black and white ring with a cold expression, and a derisive sneer appeared on its three faces as all of its purplish-golden fur suddenly stood up on end.

Immediately thereafter, the silver patterns became extremely bright, and a burst of enormous invisible power surged forth in a frenzy, striking the massive ring with a devastating impact.

The black and white ring tremored violently before being forced open, following which the massive ape grabbed onto the ring with its six giant hands, then crushed it into countless fragments amid an explosive boom.

An unnatural flush immediately appeared on the Black Owl Monarch's face, and he couldn't help but throw up two mouthfuls of silver blood.

The Black Owl Monarch frantically attempted to repress the backlash from the power of laws in a panicked manner while considering how he was going to target Han Li next, but right at this moment, Han Li took the initiative to attack first.

He raised his six giant arms up into the air, and a dozen or so silver formations took shape on each of his fists, then instantly fused as one.

Scintillating light immediately erupted from his six massive fists, and he let loose a thunderous roar as he unleashed a barrage of countless fist projections upward.

The fist projections then transformed into countless silver threads of light that struck the inky-black sky with immense power, forcibly tearing it apart.

The entire black and white world flashed violently a few times before completely crumbling away, returning the plaza to its former state.

The immobilized cultivators down below immediately recovered their freedom, and they all looked up with elation in their eyes.

Right at this moment, all of the silver threads up above converged to form a massive silver hand that was over 1,000 feet in length, which lashed out violently toward the Black Owl Monarch down below.

A hint of fear flashed through the Black Owl Monarch's eyes upon seeing this, but he then made a grabbing motion to draw the jade fan into his grasp again before unleashing another burst of powerful seven-colored light.

At the same time, he opened his mouth to expel an inky-black treasure that was rectangular in shape, and it instantly swelled to become a giant brick that was several hundred feet in length.

The seven-colored light and massive black brick struck the giant hand almost at the exact same moment, and the entire sky tremored violently amid an earth-shattering boom.

The huge silver hand was able to pulverize the black brick with ease, and the seven-colored light was also instantly torn apart, following which the massive silver hand abruptly appeared right above the Black Owl Monarch before crushing downward without any hesitation.

The Black Owl Monarch was horrified by the sight of his two treasures being crushed so easily, and he immediately fled the scene, vanishing into thin air in a flash.

Han Li harrumphed coldly upon seeing this before lashing out viciously with a giant furry fist, and a silver fist projection instantly shot forth before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

In the next instant, the Black Owl Monarch re-emerged several hundred feet away, but almost at the exact same moment, the silver fist projection also appeared behind him amid a burst of spatial fluctuations.

The Black Owl Monarch was extremely alarmed by this, but it was already too late for him to evade.

A resounding boom rang out as his suit of black armor was shattered by the silver fist projection, and he was sent flying through the air. Due to the ferocious impact, he was no longer able to maintain his giant form, and reverted back to his original size in a flash.

Upon steadying himself, the Black Owl Monarch immediately threw up another mouthful of blood essence, and his aura was significantly debilitated.

His suit of black armor was a supreme defensive treasure that had been refined using 49 types of precious materials over the span of several centuries, yet it couldn't even withstand a single attack from Han Li!

This was extremely astonishing to the Black Owl Monarch, and he immediately realized that he was no match for Han Li.

As such, he rose up into the air without any hesitation to flee into the distance as a streak of black light, covering a distance of several thousand feet in the span of just a single breath.

"You think you can just come and go from my ceremony as you please? Sword Observation Art, slash!" Han Li roared, and as soon as his voice trailed off, his three glabellas split open in unison, revealing three inky-black vertical eyes.

Each of the vertical demonic eyes released a pillar of black light, which instantly transformed into three small translucent swords that vanished into thin air.

In the next instant, the Black Owl Monarch was just about to unleash a secret technique to speed up in his escape when his expression changed drastically, and he immediately took evasive measures.

Right at this moment, three streaks of translucent sword Qi shot forth out of the nearby space like lightning.

The Black Owl Monarch was able to evade two of them, but his body was sliced cleanly in half by the last one.

A howl of anguish rang out as silver blood rained down from above, but what would've surely been a lethal wound for a normal cultivator wasn't enough to kill a Grand Ascension Stage being like the Black Owl Monarch.

A black shadow flew out of the top half of his body, then transformed into a miniature humanoid figure that was completely identical to the Black Owl Monarch.

The miniature figure released a gust of black wind to sweep up the two halves of the body, then continued to flee into the distance.

"I'll remember this! Next time, I'm going to repay you a hundredfold!" The Black Owl Monarch's enraged voice rang out from the distance.

"Next time? Let's see if you can escape my spirit insects first." Han Li reverted back to his human form amid a flash of purplish-golden light, then swept a sleeve through the air to release three golden flowers, which transformed into three massive golden beetles with sinister purple patterns all over their bodies.

As soon as they appeared, the three giant beetles flew away like three golden shooting stars, and it seemed that their speed wasn't inferior in the slightest compared to that of the Black Owl Monarch.

These three faux Gold Devouring Beetles Monarchs possessed late-Body Integration Stage power and virtually indestructible bodies, as well as stamina that struck fear into the hearts of even Grand Ascension Stage beings, so they were perfect for hunting down the severely wounded Black Owl Monarch.

Han Li was confident that even if the Black Owl Monarch could escape, he would definitely sustain even further wounds, rendering him unable to regenerate during his return journey.

As such, even in the best-case scenario for the Black Owl Monarch, he would have to rest for centuries to recover to his former level of power.

All of the cultivators on the plaza were stunned by Han Li's extraordinary display of power, and now that the Black Owl Monarch had been forced to flee in such an embarrassing manner, everyone immediately erupted into a frenzy.

"Senior Han's powers are truly unmatched!" Countless human and demon cultivators were yelling at the top of their lungs with fervent looks in their eyes.

Han Li had only just progressed to the Grand Ascension Stage, yet he had just defeated a veteran Grand Ascension Stage being with ease, and this extraordinary display filled the human and demon cultivators present with immense confidence that he would lead the two races to greater heights.

Raucous cheers erupted into the heavens, piercing through the restrictions to be audible throughout the entire city.

Those who were ineligible to attend the ceremony had no idea what had happened, but the excited and fervent cheers were contagious, and they all erupted into cheers as well.

Thus, the entire Deep Heaven City was instantly transformed into a sea of excitement and celebration.

In contrast, the foreign representatives present at the ceremony were both in awe and feeling extremely wary after witnessing the battle that had just taken place.

The emergence of such a powerful Grand Ascension cultivator in the human race was not necessarily a good thing for the neighboring races, and the foreign envoys had decided that the first thing they were going to do following their return was to report this matter to their higher-ups as soon as possible.

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