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Chapter 2172: Battle of the Wood Tribe (11)

The seven winged women let loose a collective delicate cry, and crimson magmlike liquid instantly poured out of all seven formations.

The liquid quickly spread over the vast expanse of blood mist, forming a sea of ferocious flames.

However, what was quite strange was that the sea of flames was giving off a frosty sensation rather than scorching heat.

The seven formations began to swell drastically amid a flash of light before combining as one, forming an ancient "seal" character that was around an acre in size before descending toward the sea of flames.

In the instant that the rune entered the sea of flames, it vanished into the fire as specks of spiritual light.

In the next instant, countless specks of light surged out of the sea of flames in a frenzy, forming a reddish-black light barrier that sealed the entire sea of fire beneath it.

Countless runes surged over the surface of the light barrier and fluctuated erratically in size, presenting a mysterious sight to behold.

The elation on the elderly man's face became even more pronounced upon seeing this, and he immediately rushed over to the air above the sea of flames.

After that, he opened his mouth to expel a ball of white light, which landed in his hand to reveal a white jade vial that was around a foot in size.

The elderly man then raised the vial up with both hands while chanting something, and a burst of scorching white flames instantly surged forth, transforming into three white fiery wyrms that plunged straight through the light barrier and into the sea of fire.

The three fiery wyrms blasted bursts of white flames out of their mouths, and the sea of flames began to burn with even greater ferocity.

At this moment, the seven winged women and the elderly man all sat down with their legs crossed and closed their eyes while making a series of hand seals.

Ferocious waves of fire were swept up within the sea of flames at their behest, and countless balls of flames exploded as the three fiery wyrms threatened to tear through and incinerate everything.

If a normal cultivator were to fall into this sea of flames, they would most likely be instantly reduced to ashes.

However, Han Li's calm voice rang out from within the sea of fire only a short while later.

"Is this all you've got? It's not that impressive."

The elderly man and seven devilish women were stunned to hear this, and they all opened their eyes before turning their attention toward the sea of flames.

All of a sudden, a clear cry rang out from within the sea of fire, and a silver Fire Raven that was several tens of feet in size emerged before flying toward the light barrier up above.

The Fire Raven had shimmering silver feathers that were burning with silver flames, and was extremely dazzling to behold.

The elderly man's expression darkened upon seeing this, and he immediately pointed a finger toward the sea of flames.

The three fiery wyrms instantly rose up into the heavens at his behest, then pounced directly toward the Fire Raven.

The silver Fire Raven seemed to have sensed the threat that was approaching it from behind, and it quickly swiveled around before swooping toward the three fiery wyrms in retaliation.

Thus, a vicious battle ensued between the two sides, and scales and feathers came raining down from above.

The silver Fire Raven displayed no fear despite the face that it was facing three opponents, and it firmly held the upper hand.

Right at this moment, golden light flashed within the sea of fire, and six thick pillars of light erupted forth before striking the reddish-black light barrier.

An earth-shattering boom rang out as balls of golden light exploded on the light barrier, and most of the runes on the surface of the light barrier were instantly eradicated.

However, the expressions of the seven winged women remained completely unchanged upon seeing this, and they opened their mouths in unison to expel a mouthful of blood essence each.

The blood essence instantly transformed into seven bursts of blood mist that infused themselves into the light barrier, upon which the barrier was instantly stabilized, while the eradicated runes also returned.

A cold harrumph rang out from within the sea of flames, and countless streaks of azure sword Qi struck the light barrier like a torrential storm.

In the face of this ferocious barrage, the light barrier flashed violently and began to dim significantly, as if it were about to shatter at any moment.

The elderly man's expression darkened upon seeing this, and he swept a sleeve through the air to release a silver ring, which expanded at a rapid rate, forming a giant halo with a diameter of around half a kilometer before slowly descending from above.

The air down below instantly became extremely viscous, and the light barrier was able to regain its stability.

"Let's see how much longer you can trap me!"

Han Li's cold voice rang out again, and as soon as his voice trailed off, an inhuman roar rang out deep within the sea of flames, following which a terrifying aura erupted into the heavens.

The elderly man's expression changed drastically upon sensing this aura, yet before he had a chance to do anything, the entire sea of flames shuddered before parting to reveal a massive golden-furred fist.

Countless golden fist projections were unleashed by the giant fist, all of which combined as one to form a shimmering golden pavilion-sized fist projection that struck the light barrier up above with a resounding boom.

In the next instant, a scintillating golden sun erupted beneath the light barrier, and an enormous burst of force exploded in all directions.

On this occasion, even with the assistance of the seven winged women and the massive halo, the reddish-black light barrier still completely shattered.

The sea of flames down below was also torn apart, and a shimmering golden humanoid figure rose up into the air before immediately attempting to fly away.

The elderly man's expression darkened even further upon seeing this, and he switched to a different hand seal before stabbing a finger downward in a vicious manner. "Restrict!"

The giant halo began to rotate at a rapid rate at his behest, then descended toward the golden humanoid figure.

In response, the golden figure let loose a thunderous roar, then lashed out with successive blows from both of its fists toward the massive halo.

A pair of loud booms rang out, and two gusts of ferocious winds rose up, forcing the descending halo to a complete standstill.

During this split-second delay, the golden humanoid figure vanished into thin air.

The elderly man's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he immediately pointed a finger up toward the white jade vial that was hovering above his head.

The jade vial instantly tipped itself over, releasing a burst of white flames that formed a fiery barrier that shielded him within.

At the same time, the elderly man made a hand seal, and the giant insect projection reappeared behind him.

"Hmph, you've got decent reactions!"

Spatial fluctuations erupted up above, and a golden humanoid figure emerged, revealing itself to be a giant golden ape that was several tens of feet tall.

As soon as the ape emerged, one of its arms swelled drastically in size, and it reached down toward the elderly man's head in a vicious manner. Meanwhile, a massive golden sword appeared in its other hand, and the sword was slashed downward like lightning.

The elderly man's expression changed drastically upon seeing this, and the crimson insect projection behind him instantly opened its mouth at his behest, biting toward the oncoming golden hand.

At the same time, the white jade vial transformed into a ball of white light that surged directly toward the golden sword.

Han Li chuckled coldly upon seeing this, and countless golden arcs of lightning erupted out of his massive hand amid a loud thunderclap, while the hand itself expanded to several times its original size.

A thump and a clang rang out in unison, and the huge insect projection was instantly destroyed by the giant golden hand.

However, the golden sword was repelled by the white jade vial, while the vial itself remained completely unscathed.

The elderly man drew a sharp breath upon seeing this, and he immediately swept a sleeve upward, upon which the fiery barrier around him transformed into a fiery wyrm that pounced toward the descending hand.

The two clashed, and the golden hand tore through the fiery wyrm's head, but the wyrm instantly split up into several fiery snakes that wound themselves tightly around the hand.

Golden lightning flashed violently around the hand to destroy one of the fiery snakes, but the remaining snakes prevented the hand from descending any further.

However, right at this moment, a peculiar smile suddenly appeared on Han Li's face.

At the same time, spatial fluctuations erupted on either side of the elderly man, and a green figure emerged alongside a golden figure with three heads and six arms.

The green figure opened its mouth to release a green net of threads, while the golden figure raised its six hands, revealing six balls of golden light, which were thrust directly toward the elderly man's back.

With the elderly man's powers, he was naturally able to detect what was happening behind himself, but most of his magic power was focused on the attack he had just unleashed upward, leaving him ill-equipped to defend himself. In this dire situation, a pair of white bone tridents flew out of his shoulders amid a flash of white light, flying directly toward the pair of humanoid figures. At the same time, the protective spiritual light around his body became around twice as dense as it had previously been.

However, neither the green figure nor the golden figure took evasive measures in the face of the oncoming bone tridents.

A pair of loud cracks rang out as white light erupted from their bodies, and one of them shuddered before taking two involuntarily steps backward, while the other merely swayed slightly, but remained standing on the spot.

Most of the bone trident directed toward the green figure had embedded itself into its target's body, but was unable to advance any further. Meanwhile, the other trident had simply bounced off the body of the golden figure.

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