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Chapter 2167: Battle of the Wood Tribe (6)

"It's up to you," Daoist Xie replied in a completely uncaring manner.

Han Li nodded before pointing a finger at the pair of devilish bodies, releasing two crimson balls of fire that quickly incinerated the bodies into ashes.

At the same time, he made a grabbing motion with his other hand to summon a green formation plate.

Just as Han Li was about to use the formation plate to teleport him and Daoist Xie out of this space, an earth-shattering boom suddenly rang out up above, and the entire space began to tremor violently as if it were about to collapse.

Han Li was quite startled by this and didn't dare to delay any longer as he immediately tossed his formation plate forward, which formed a light formation amid a flash of white light.

Immediately thereafter, he arrived at the center of the formation, followed closely by Daoist Xie.

Han Li cast an incantation seal, and the light formation released a burst of piercing white light alongside a loud buzzing sound, following which he and Daoist Xie instantly disappeared.

In the next instant, countless white rifts appeared in the surrounding space, and it really did collapse amid a string of loud cracks.

In the air above a nondescript mountain, spatial fluctuations erupted, and a white light formation appeared, containing both Han Li and Daoist Xie.

Han Li wore a dark expression, while Daoist Xie's expression was as neutral as ever.

"What happened? Why did the restriction suddenly fail?" Han Li asked in a grim voice as the light formation reverted back into a green formation plate and returned to his hand.

"Bad news, Brother Han; the holy tree tells me that the third formation core has been destroyed, which means that we'll no longer be able to use some of the restrictions in this formation, and the power of the other restrictions will also be weakened," Cao Ji's grave voice replied from the formation plate.

Han Li's heart jolted upon hearing this, and he hurriedly asked, "A formation core has already been destroyed? How is that possible? How did the devilish beings find it so quickly? Even if they managed to find it, how were they able to destroy it so quickly with other Body Integration Stage fellow daoists guarding it?"

"Hold on, I've just received a message from a fallen fellow daoist at the third formation core sent before he passed away... This is bad! Six Sacred Ancestor clones had arrived together to kill all of the fellow daoists and destroy the third formation core. It seems that someone among the devilish army also has a very good understanding of the formation, and those Sacred Ancestor clones were able to track down the third formation core right away," Cao Ji replied in a furious voice.

"If there's someone within the devilish army with a very good understanding of the formation, then our formation core and the first formation core will most likely be attacked soon by Sacred Ancestor clones as well. The defensive restrictions of the formation will be effective against normal devilish lords, but they won't be able to stop Sacred Ancestor clones for long. Fellow Daoist Cao, don't worry about conserving the formation's energy and expand the restriction's sensory range by twofold; inform me as soon as you discover something. I'll take care of our opponents here quickly so I can face the incoming enemies," Han Li instructed in an implacable voice.

"Alright, I'll do my best, Brother Han," Cao Ji agreed through gritted teeth after a brief hesitation.

After that, the light from the formation plate faded, and Han Li was silent for a moment before suddenly chuckling, "Hehe, looks like this mission won't be as simple as it first seemed. Brother Xie, let's go and take care of the current set of enemies first."

Han Li then pointed a finger at the formation plate, and spatial fluctuations instantly began to surge through the air around them. A burst of five-colored light swept past, and he and Daoist Xie instantly vanished on the spot.

Elsewhere within the five-colored light, Fei Xiaoxi had already pulled out all the stops and was opposing a dozen or so crimson wyrms with several colorful balls of light.

These crimson wyrms all had bright crimson Qi that contained boundless blood essence swirling around their bodies, and they were extremely fierce and vicious.

At this point, the number of Wood Tribe beings hidden within the light restriction had been reduced to only nine, but they were still using their treasures to attack the red-furred giant with all their might.

However, all of those attacks were easily kept at bay by the revolving bands of crimson light, which would release crimson shockwaves in retaliation, knocking back the treasures and causing the protective restriction around the Wood Tribe beings to waver perilously.

The fallen Wood Tribe beings had clearly all been killed by the crimson shockwaves that had managed to scatter the five-colored light, and at this point, the two ape-headed monsters had already transformed into around a dozen projections that were unleashing countless claw projections toward the furred giant, but they didn't dare to get too close to it.

Even though Fei Xiaoxi was just barely managing to keep the giant's attacks at bay, she had been completely forced onto the back foot.

As for the giant, it was swinging its huge arms through the air with black runes surging around its body, and the crimson wyrms that it was controlling were gradually becoming thicker and larger.

Fei Xiaoxi was still able to maintain a calm expression, but internally, she was starting to grow quite anxious. She had thought that with her cultivation base advantage and the dozen or so Spatial Tempering Stage beings assisting her, she would be able to trump her enemies' special cultivation method, but she was quickly discovering that she had made a grave error.

The Boundless Blood Devilish Arts was extremely powerful, and the crimson wyrms it created were no less powerful than actual wyrms. Fei Xiaoxi had unleashed powerful abilities to kill a few of those wyrms, but they were easily replaced with a wave of the furred giant's hand.

If she were to target the giant instead of those wyrms, then her attacks would simply be thwarted by the bands of crimson light, so under these circumstances, Fei Xiaoxi could only rely on the formation's power to slowly wear down the giant, but the situation was gradually worsening for her.

Just as she was considering requesting assistance from Cao Ji, a rumbling boom suddenly rang out beside her, and two humanoid figures emerged amid a flash of five-colored light.

They were none other than Han Li and Daoist Xie.

Fei Xiaoxi was stunned by the sight of them.

"Interesting! As I suspected, those four Spatial Tempering Stage devilish beings are manifested by the same being. To think that they're able to force you onto the back foot; the devilish arts they're cultivating must be quite extraordinary," Han Li said with a hint of surprise and intrigue in his eyes.

"Brother Han, why are you here? Could it be that you've already taken care of your opponents?" Fei Xiaoxi asked with a complex expression.

"Indeed, the other enemies have already been eradicated; let me give you a hand here," Han Li replied with a nod, and before Fei Xiaoxi had a chance to say anything further, he made a hand seal and instantly transformed into a giant golden ape that was over 1,000 feet tall amid a flash of brilliant golden light.

As soon as the giant ape appeared, it made a grabbing motion with both hands, and two balls of light, one black and one azure, emerged in his palms before transforming into a pair of small mountains.

A thunderous roar rang out as Han Li's arms expanded even further, and he then hurled his pair of mountains viciously toward the crimson-furred giant.

A sharp screeching sound pierced through the heavens, and the pair of mountains blurred before transforming into a pair of balls of light that vanished in a flash.

The crimson-furred giant had become extremely panicked at the sight of Han Li and Daoist Xie, and it was already beginning to think of ways to escape.

However, before it had a chance to do anything, Han Li had already unleashed his attack, and the giant immediately attempted to extricate itself from its battle against Fei Xiaoxi, but it was already too late.

Crimson light flashed violently from the giant's body, and a resounding boom suddenly rang out as the pair of extreme mountains re-emerged out of thin air before crashing directly toward it.

A look of alarm and fury immediately appeared on the giant's face, and it didn't have time to summon its crimson wyrms back to itself, so it could only transform the band of crimson light around itself into a massive crimson shield that was several tens of feet tall and around a foot thick.

A pair of resounding booms rang out almost in unison, and the crimson shield was extremely powerful, but the pair of extreme mountains hurled with the extraordinary strength of the Giant Mountain Ape was far too overwhelming for it to withstand.

The first extreme mountain only faltered slightly upon striking the crimson shield, but countless thin cracks instantly appeared on the shield.

By the time the second extreme mountain crashed into the first one, the crimson shield was instantly shattered without being able to offer any further resistance.

Thus, the two extreme mountains hurtled directly toward the crimson-furred giant, whose face paled significantly as it let loose a thunderous roar.

All of a sudden, the black runes surging around its arms suddenly transformed into a pair of black gauntlets, and it lashed out viciously at the oncoming pair of extreme mountains.

At the same time, its body swelled drastically in size, and its aura was inflated by almost twofold as countless crimson threads erupted out of its fur in unison.

It was clear that it had unleashed a secret technique that was burning through its latent potential as a final roll of the dice.

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