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Chapter 2166: Battle of the Wood Tribe (5)

Even though these Wood Tribe beings weren't using any special cultivation arts, they had fought together on many past occasions, so their attacks and teamwork were completely seamless.

The four Spatial Tempering Stage devilish beings instantly formed a circle with their backs facing one another, then each thrust a palm forward.

They didn't appear to be exerting much force with their palm strikes, but fierce crimson shockwaves instantly swept forth in all directions.

Black runes could be seen within the crimson shockwaves, and the odor of blood and gore suddenly became a lot more pungent.

As soon as the azure streaks of light and azure Qi came into contact with the crimson shockwaves, they were immediately immobilized before quickly melting away at a rate that was discernible to the naked eye.

The surrounding Wood Tribe beings' expressions changed drastically upon seeing this, and they quickly switched to using all types of flying swords and treasures instead.

In the face of the oncoming treasures, the four devilish beings thrust forward their other palms like lightning, and the black runes within the crimson shockwaves instantly began to swell drastically in size.

A string of resounding booms rang out, and all of the treasures were repelled as if they had struck a giant mountain.

The four devilish beings harrumphed coldly as the crimson shockwaves continued to spread outward, while the black runes transformed into black vortexes of different sizes, targeting all of the surrounding Wood Tribe beings at once.

"Look out! Don't take those attacks head-on!" Fei Xiaoxi yelled as her expression changed drastically, and at the same time, she made a grabbing motion to summon a translucent dagger before slashing it downward without any hesitation.

A streak of white light that was over 1,000 feet in length was released by the dagger before slashing down toward the crimson shockwaves.

Even though these Wood Tribe beings weren't her brethren, it would not be a good look for her if they were to all perish under her command.

After hearing Fei Xiaoxi's words of warning, the Wood Tribe beings immediately shot back in retreat in an alarmed manner.

However, two of them were too slow to react and were swept up by the crimson shockwaves, upon which their protective treasures and spiritual light were instantly destroyed, while their bodies exploded amid two howls of anguish before being absorbed as energy by the crimson shockwaves.

The remaining Wood Tribe beings' faces all paled upon seeing this.

Thankfully, the massive streak of light came crashing down at this moment, and the crimson shockwaves were split down the middle, rendering them unable to attack any further.

The remaining Wood Tribe beings hurriedly fled to the edges of the five-colored light with fearful looks on their faces.

The Boundless Blood Devilish Arts unleashed by the four devilish beings was far more powerful than they could imagine.

"Looks like you're planning to step in. You should've done this from the beginning, but even so, the outcome will still be the same; you'll be absorbed by us as energy just like everyone else!" one of the devilish beings chortled with glee while all of them made hand seals in unison.

All of a sudden, piercing crimson light erupted out of their backs, instantly inundating all of their bodies.

Fei Xiaoxi immediately sent her small dagger flying through the air upon seeing this, and at the same time, she swept both sleeves through the air to release two balls of crimson light.

The translucent dagger instantly released countless arcs of lightning that formed a giant white blade that was over 100 feet in size before crashing down toward the crimson light with devastating force, sending countless wind blades and bolts of lightning raining down alongside it.

Meanwhile, the two balls of crimson light transformed into a pair of monsters with ape heads and wolf bodies.

Both of them had a pair of green bat wings on each of their backs, and their bodies were as red as blood. Their mouths were filled with sharp fangs, and each of them had a snake-like forked tongue. The ruthless and cunning looks in their red demonic eyes suggested that they possessed a high level of intelligence, and sharp claws suddenly shot out of their fingertips as they swooped down amid ferocious roars.

A furry fist suddenly emerged from the crimson light down below, striking the giant blade and sending it flying backward while the fist itself remained completely unscathed.

At the same time, bursts of thunderous crimson soundwaves swept upward, forcing the pair of oncoming monsters to slow down significantly in their descent.

Meanwhile, another giant crimson fist emerged off to the side amid a burst of spatial fluctuations, then lashed out like lightning to send the pair of monsters flying with a vicious blow.

The two monsters tumbled through the air for over 100 feet, and most of their bodies had been destroyed.

As for the two giant crimson fists, they merely vanished as if they had never even appeared in the first place.

Fei Xiaoxi drew a sharp breath upon seeing this, and she immediately withdrew the giant blade, which reverted back into a small dagger as it flew back toward her. At the same time, she pointed a finger at the pair of monsters, and their severely damaged bodies instantly fully regenerated.

The pair of monsters snarled at the crimson light down below, but didn't dare to swoop down again.

In the next instant, the crimson light suddenly shattered like a piece of chinaware, revealing a crimson-furred giant that was over 100 feet tall.

The giant had a pair of green eyes, and as it clenched its hands into fists, a string of loud cracks and pops instantly rang out from its body. At the same time, it released an aura that was no less fearsome than that of a late-Body Integration Stage being.

Simultaneously, a band of thick crimson light appeared before revolving around its body, making it impossible for anyone to approach the giant.

Fei Xiaoxi's expression darkened significantly upon seeing this, and she knew that she had encountered a truly powerful enemy. She immediately issued an instruction toward the surrounding Wood Tribe beings before flipping a hand over to produce a green formation flag, which she swept through the air toward the crimson giant.

The five-colored light in the surrounding area instantly began to surge as bursts of invisible restrictive fluctuations filled the entire space.

The Wood Tribe beings were immediately forced to plummet downward as if there were a burst of power dragging them down, but they all calmly chanted an incantation, and green light flashed over their bodies, following which everything immediately returned to normal.

In contrast, the crimson giant merely swayed slightly before steadying itself in mid-air.

However, the restriction activated by Fei Xiaoxi had clearly enraged it, and it let loose a furious roar before lashing out with one of its massive fists.

A burst of crimson shockwaves that was several times more viscous than the previous ones surged forth before transforming into a crimson wyrm that pounced directly toward Fei Xiaoxi.

At the same time, the band of crimson light revolving around the giant's body released rings of crimson mist that swept toward the surrounding Wood Tribe beings.

Fei Xiaoxi wore a cold expression as she abruptly flapped her wings, upon which countless golden and silver runes emerged before transforming into small golden and silver swords that rained down from above.

Immediately thereafter, she opened her mouth to release a ball of white light, within which was a small pagoda that quickly swelled to several hundred feet tall before crashing down with astonishing might.

The two ape-headed monsters also let loose long howls before transforming into a pair of balls of crimson light that descended from above, one from the left and one from the right.

At the same time, the surrounding Wood Tribe beings all retreated into the five-colored light, using the restriction to ward off the crimson shockwaves while releasing treasures to attack the crimson giant.

All of a sudden, Han Li vanished on the spot within the five-colored light.

In the next instant, he re-emerged within a vast grey space, and his expression changed slightly as he inspected his surroundings.

Daoist Xie was hovering in mid-air up ahead with a pair of bodies that had been completely charred black suspended in the air nearby.

The ground down below had been severely ravaged, clearly indicating that a fierce battle had just taken place.

"It's truly incredible that you were able to take care of those two devilish lords so quickly, Brother Xie," Han Li praised with a faint smile.

"Those two decided to use lightning against me, so they naturally weren't going to last very long," Daoist Xie replied in an expressionless manner.

"Alright, now that the three devilish lords have been taken care of, let's go lend Fellow Daoist Fei a hand; those four Spatial Tempering Stage devilish beings are no ordinary beings," Han Li said.

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