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Chapter 2150: Unexpected Guest

Countless specks of blue light suddenly appeared within an area of around half a kilometer again, then converged to form more translucent humanoid figures, numbering in excess of 100 on this occasion.

Han Li was extremely alarmed to see this.

If all of these translucent figures possessed the same powers as the first eight, then that meant that he would be facing over 100 devilish-lord-level opponents!

Surely even a Sacred Ancestor like Yuan Cha couldn't possess such an incredible ability!

Han Li took a deep breath, and a gash appeared on his glabella, following which a black vertical demonic eye appeared; it was none other than his Law Destruction Eye!

The black demonic eye peered into the mass of translucent figures up ahead, and an enlightened look immediately appeared on Han Li's face as he abruptly reached out with a massive furry hand.

Spatial fluctuations erupted, and the front half of his arm vanished into thin air.

At the same time, golden light flashed in front of one of the translucent figures that had just taken shape before grabbing toward it like lightning.

A panicked look immediately appeared on the translucent figure's face, and it hurriedly crossed its arms to form a barricade in front of itself. A blue ice shield then emerged before it amid a flash of blue light, following which it shot back in retreat like a speeding arrow.

In contrast with the first eight translucent figures, this one didn't dare to take on Han Li's attack at all.

However, Han Li suddenly let loose a loud roar that made the entire space around him tremor as he crushed the blue ice shield with ease, then extended it toward the retreating translucent figure once again.

All of a sudden, his giant golden hand blurred, and the translucent figure felt a burst of excruciating pain spear through its chest, causing it to let loose an involuntary howl of agony.

Its facial features, which originally resembled those of Yuan Cha, quickly transformed into those of an ape, and it looked down in shock and horror at the golden hand that plunged through its chest.

A burst of silver flames erupted from the golden hand to sweep up the devilish ape, and it let loose several more howls of anguish before falling silent.

Only then did Han Li slowly withdraw his arm, at which point the devilish ape had already been incinerated into nothingness.

As soon as the devilish ape was slain, all of the other translucent humanoid figures in the area instantly exploded into specks of blue light that vanished into thin air.

Yuan Cha's expression changed slightly upon seeing this.

That devilish ape was an extremely rare Crystalline Projection Beast in her possession, and not only was it capable of wielding glacial power, it had the innate ability to be able to manifest hundreds, even thousands of clones. Under normal circumstances, as long as its true body wasn't spotted, it would be able to overwhelm all opponents beneath Sacred Ancestors with its countless clones.

Yuan Cha had slain many powerful enemies with this beast, but Han Li had managed to identify its weakness with ease and kill it within the span of just a few breaths. This came as quite a surprise to Yuan Cha, and she was forced to take Han Li a lot more seriously.

However, the Crystalline Projection Beast's devilish core had already been fused as one with her soul, so even though its physical body had been destroyed, she could still resurrect the beast after some time using a secret technique.

As such, even though Yuan Cha had become more cautious and alert, she wasn't all that infuriated.

"Impressive, it seems that you're not just all talk. However, if you think you can oppose a Sacred Ancestor with your paltry powers, then you're completely delusional. I don't know how you were able to escape from all of those other Sacred Ancestors, but you have no chance against me," Yuan Cha said in a cold voice as she made a hand seal, and a pillar of blue light immediately erupted into the heavens from behind her.

In the next instant, a giant wolf projection that was several hundred feet in size appeared above the hall that she was situated in.

The shimmering blue wolf had a pair of purple eyes, and it was giving off a terrifying aura that struck one with a sense of asphyxiation.

In the face of this enormous aura, Han Li shuddered and was forced back several steps in succession.

Even though he was invincible among those of the Body Integration Stage, it was still a stretch for him to face the full power of a Grand Ascension Stage being.

Daoist Xie's expression remained unchanged, but he had swept a sleeve through the air to conjure up a golden light barrier, which shielded both himself and Zhu Guo'er.

The golden light barrier only tremored slightly in the face of the fearsome aura before stabilizing itself, and Zhu Guo'er was left completely unscathed.

"So this is Yuan Cha's bonded devilish projection; it really is very fearsome! Brother Xie, how much of your magic power have you recovered? Can you fight at full power yet?" Han Li asked with a grim expression.

"I'm close to returning to the Grand Ascension Stage, but I won't be able to face her on my own," Daoist Xie replied in a wooden manner.

"You're not alone, Brother Xie. If we don't force her into retreat, she's not going to let us leave, so just fight to the best of your capabilities," Han Li said.

"If we join forces, we do indeed have a decent chance of securing victory," Daoist Xie replied with a nod.

Han Li was quite relieved to hear this, and he immediately thumped his own chest violently, releasing several balls of light of different colors from within his body. These balls of light then transformed into his five true spirit projections, while his Provenance Golden Body vanished into his body in a flash.

In the next instant, he swelled drastically to over 10 times his original size, transforming into a mountainous creature, following which he attained an extra two heads and two additional pairs of arms amid a thunderous roar.

Meanwhile, Daoist Xie stepped forward and transformed into his gigantic golden crab form before releasing countless arcs of silver lightning that formed a massive net around his own body.

Yuan Cha's pupils contracted slightly at the sight of the giant ape and massive crab, and she immediately flipped a hand over to produce a small white hammer.

The hammer was around three feet in length with over 100 eye-shaped golden patterns all over its surface.

The small hammer instantly lit up, and all of the eyes opened in unison, revealing a series of faint golden pupils that began to slowly revolve, creating a very harrowing sight to behold.

Immediately thereafter, Yuan Cha harrumphed coldly as she hurled her hammer through the air, creating a massive hammer projection that came crashing down with devastating might.

A hint of surprise flashed through Han Li's eyes as he discovered that the giant hammer was crashing down toward a mundane-looking small mountain rather than being aimed at Daoist Xie or himself.

With the massive hammer projection's fearsome power, the small mountain would definitely be instantly destroyed if it were to be struck.

Right at this moment, a calm male voice suddenly rang out from within the mountain. "As expected of a Sacred Ancestor, Fellow Daoist Yuan; I didn't think you would discover me so quickly."

As soon as the voice trailed off, a streak of silver light swept up from the mountain before clashing with the hammer projection amid a resounding boom.

Silver and white light intertwined, forming a massive ball of light that instantly exploded to send powerful shockwaves sweeping outward in all directions.

The mountains and trees nearby were all completely pulverized by the shockwaves, instantly clearing out the nearby area.

Once the shockwaves finally subsided, two humanoid figures had appeared in the air above the small mountain.

Han Li hurriedly cast his gaze toward the duo, upon which his heart instantly jolted violently.

The duo consisted of a man and a woman. The man wore a set of silver robes and a faint smile with long black hair that pooled all the way down to his waist, while the woman had an elegant figure and skin that was as fair as snow. She also had a head of long straight hair that looked as if they had been constructed from pure silver, and she was extremely beautiful.

As soon as she appeared, she cast her gaze toward Han Li, and an excited look appeared on her face.

In contrast, a frosty look had surfaced in Yuan Cha's eyes at the sight of the man, and she said, "You dare to enter this area on your own? Aren't you afraid that you'll perish here?"

The man was none other than the demon race's only Grand Ascension Stage being, Patriarch Ao Xiao!

As the Grand Ascension Stage patriarch of the demon race, it was indeed very unexpected to see him in Wood Tribe territory.

As for the silver-haired woman beside him, she was naturally Silvermoon, otherwise known as Fairy Ling Long in the Spirit Realm.

Han Li faltered slightly at the sight of her before an ecstatic look appeared on his face, yet before he had a chance to ask any questions, Patriarch Ao Xiao chuckled, "If you really had what it takes to keep me here, then I wouldn't have appeared in this place. If I were to join forces with these two fellow daoists here, what would be your chances of securing victory? You might be the one who loses their life here if you insist on a battle!"

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