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Chapter 2123: Wu You

Among the group of devilish beings was a young man with a red devilish pattern on his glabella. He was clearly the leader of the group, and he cupped his fist in a salute as he said with a smile, "My name is Wu You; I had intended to invite you here several days ago, but I was delayed due to some matters that I had to attend to."

Even though the young man seemed to be carrying an aura concealment treasure, Han Li was still instantly able to ascertain that he was at the late-Spatial Tempering Stage.

Everyone else in the group aside from him was only at the Deity Transformation Stage, and most of them were at the early-Deity Transformation Stage.

"I heard that you have a large quantity of Foreign Devilish Metal; is that true?" Han Li cut straight to the chase as soon as he and Wu You both took a seat.

"Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn't have invited you here, Fellow Daoist," Wu You replied with a smile.

"I see. How much Foreign Devilish Metal do you have and what price are you offering?" Han Li asked.

"Before we discuss that, there's something else I have to tell you, and we'll only be able to continue our discussion if you have no issues with what I'm about to say next. Otherwise, I'm afraid you'll have to leave empty-handed," Wu You replied as a serious look appeared on his face.

"Go right ahead," Han Li replied with a smile.

"I can see that you're also a very straightforward man, Fellow Daoist. Go and wait for me outside; I'll call for you once we conclude our discussion here." Wu You issued an instruction to the other devilish beings in his group, and all of them gave affirmative replies before departing in a respectful manner, including the Nascent Soul Stage devilish man who had led Han Li here.

After that, Wu You swept a sleeve through the air to summon several black badge-shaped devilish treasures, which formed a black light barrier that isolated the two of them from the outside world.

Han Li's expression changed minutely upon seeing this, and he became even more intrigued to hear what Wu You had to say; it was clear that this was quite an important matter.

"Forgive me, Fellow Daoist, but I must take the necessary precautions before we begin our discussion," Wu You said in an apologetic manner.

"That's not an issue. Can we continue now?" Han Li asked with a hint of a smile on his face.

"Of course. I'm taking these precautionary measures primarily because the batch of Foreign Devilish Metal in my possession was obtained through rather unscrupulous means. I can sell them all to you for an extremely low price, but you have to swear a vow on your inner demons that you won't tell anyone about us no matter what happens after the transaction," Wu You said in a serious voice.

"So what you're saying is, you want me to assume full responsibility for any consequences that arise from our transaction," Han Li said in an indifferent manner.

"Hehe, this is why I enjoy working with intelligent people like you, Fellow Daoist. Having said that, if you leave the city right after we complete our transaction, then no issues will arise; I'm only taking these precautionary measures on the off chance that something does happen," Wu You said with a smile.

"It sounds to me like you're trying to offload the Foreign Devilish Metal as quickly as possible before they get tracked down," Han Li chuckled.

Wu You's smile faded, and he said in a serious manner, "You can think whatever you like; all I'm telling you is that this batch of Foreign Devilish Metal is related to many parties. I won't be able to disclose the specific details to you, and it's up to you whether you'd like to purchase them or not."

"If I refuse to purchase this batch of Foreign Devilish Metal, I assume you have no intention of allowing me to leave," Han Li said after a brief pause.

"That's not the case. I won't do anything detrimental to you; I'll only be using a secret technique to erase your memories of our conversation," Wu You assured.

"That's not a bad idea, but when spiritual sense is concerned, even the most profound of secret techniques could fail, and I certainly have no intention of allowing someone to place a restriction on me," Han Li chuckled coldly.

"Does that mean you're not willing to accept this transaction?" Wu You's expression also instantly cooled significantly.

Han Li's expression eased slightly as he chuckled, "Of course I'm interested! Why wouldn't I be interested in such a fantastic deal? Tell me how much Foreign Devilish Metal you have and how much you're selling them for, and I'll take everything you have."

Wu You was ecstatic to hear this, and he replied, "In that case, I won't have to erase your memories, but you'll still have to swear a vow on your inner demons."

"I have no issues with that. However, let's discuss the terms of the transaction first; I may not be willing to accept it if you don't have enough Foreign Devilish Metal to interest me," Han Li said.

"Would 2,000 pieces of Foreign Devilish Metal be enough to interest you?" Wu You finally disclosed the amount of Foreign Devilish Metal in his possession.

"2,000?" Even though Han Li was already mentally prepared, he was still quite surprised to hear such a large number.

This was virtually equivalent to the amount of Foreign Devilish Metal that he had obtained from all of the shops that he had visited in the past few days, and it was quite astonishing that a Spatial Tempering Stage being had such a large supply at his disposal.

"What price are you charging for them? Also, if they're of an inferior quality, I may not accept all of them," Han Li said without any hesitation.

"Rest assured, all of the Foreign Devilish Metal I have are of the highest quality. As for the price, this is what I'm charging; it's a third lower than the prices being charged in other shops," Wu You said in a confident manner as he displayed a certain number of fingers to Han Li.

"I'm taking on such a massive risk for only a price reduction of a third? That's far too high," Han Li said with a shake of his head.

As opposed to being enraged by this, Wu You asked with a smile, "Then what price would you propose?"

"I can accept half the normal price. Otherwise, I'd rather call off the transaction," Han Li immediately replied, having clearly already considered this matter.

To Han Li's surprise, Wu You only considered this briefly before nodding in response. "Fine, half the normal price it is, then. As long as you swear a vow on your inner demons, that price won't be an issue. Also, the transaction has to take place as soon as possible; how about we meet back here at the same time tomorrow? Of course, if you're still concerned, you can bring some allies along with you."

Han Li was rather taken aback by the urgency displayed by Wu You, but he merely nodded, and said, "Alright, then I'll see you back here tomorrow. As for allies, hehe, we'll see about that."

"You really are a straightforward man, Fellow Daoist; I'll see you tomorrow then," Wu You said with an excited look in his eyes as he cupped his fist toward Han Li in a salute.

Han Li rose to his feet and nodded in response. "I still have some matters that I have to attend to, so I'll be taking my leave now."

Wu You naturally had no objections to this, and the light barrier around them was withdrawn, following which he accompanied Han Li to the door. Only after Han Li had disappeared into the distance did Wu You wave a hand toward the other devilish beings, and all of them returned to the hall.

"Did you manage to negotiate a deal, Brother?" a devilish man who bore some physical resemblance to Wu You asked as soon as he entered the hall.

"Rest assured, the deal has been made, and the transaction will take place tomorrow," Wu You replied with a smile.

The devilish man was ecstatic to hear this and he hurriedly asked, "That's great! We'll finally be able to offload that batch of Foreign Devilish Metal. Are we going to leave Blue Waterfall City right after we make the transaction? "

"Of course we're leaving right away. Have you gotten rid of all of the miners? You haven't left any loose ends untied, have you?" Wu You asked as he turned toward a middle-aged devilish man.

"Rest assured, Boss; everyone who knows about what happened has been killed. As a precautionary measure, I even sealed the mine exit shut, so even if someone did manage to survive, there's no way they'll be able to escape from the mine in a short time," the middle-aged devilish man hurriedly replied in a respectful manner.

"Good. We've already gone against the rules stipulated by the major families in the city by opening a private mine, and we've stumbled upon so many pieces of precious Foreign Devilish Metal as well; if news were to spread of this, we're definitely going to be hunted down and killed, so we have to sell everything as quickly as possible and flee the city for any chance at survival," Wu You sighed in a concerned manner.

"But Boss, why don't we take the Foreign Devilish Metal and sell it elsewhere rather than taking a risk by selling it here? We'll be able to sell the metal at a higher price elsewhere as well," a devilish woman said in an indignant manner.

"Hmph, do you really want all of us to die? If we try to leave the city with that much Foreign Devilish Metal, we'll be killed for sure! Without all the Foreign Devilish Metal, the major powers in the city most likely won't try to hunt us down as long as we escape in time. However, if we continue to carry the Foreign Devilish Metal with us, we'll be pursued to all corners of this realm! On top of that, during my recent research into how so much precious ore appeared in that private mine, I discovered another piece of bad news," Wu You said in a grim voice.

The young devilish man faltered slightly before asking, "What is it, Brother? Will it make our current situation even worse?"

The other devilish beings also became very apprehensive upon hearing this.

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