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Chapter 2102: Heavenvoice Lightning Core

"What kind of reasoning is this? Setting that aside for now, even if I do possess the spirit medicine that you're looking for, you have to at least describe its general uses to me. I have a lot of spirit medicines in my possession; how am I supposed to know which one you want?" Han Li asked.

Bao Hua paused momentarily before replying, "I don't know what it's general uses are, either. However, I'm certain that this spirit medicine is something you obtained before entering our holy realm, and it's extremely rare; perhaps it's not even something from the Spirit Realm."

"Something that's not from the Spirit Realm?" Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and the spirit medicines he had obtained from the Vast Glacial Realm immediately sprang into his mind.

The minute change in Han Li's expression naturally didn't escape Bao Hua's notice, and her smile became even more pronounced. "As I suspected, you really are in possession of a spirit medicine of this description. If you hand it over to me, I can allow you to leave this place safely and ensure that Fellow Daoist Yuan Yan doesn't trouble you any further. On top of that, I think I have someone here who will be of interest to you. Hei'e, bring out that little girl."

"Yes, Mistress!" the burly black-armored man behind her immediately replied with a bow before laying a hand onto a yellow leather pouch that was hanging from his waist.

A burst of black light emerged from the opening of the pouch, revealing an unconscious young woman who appeared to be in her teens.

Han Li's pupils contracted drastically at the sight of the young woman; it was none other than Zhu Guo'er!

"This little girl seems to be somehow related to you, so I'm sure you wouldn't abandon her. You give me the spirit medicine I want, and I'll give her back to you," Bao Hua said in a calm voice.

"Seeing as she's fallen into your hands, I presume Fellow Daoist Lin has already perished," Han Li sighed.

"Are you referring to the Body Integration cultivator who was with her? He possessed a true spirit bloodline, but it was of no use to me, so I naturally wasn't going to keep him around," Bao Hua replied in a truthful manner.

"Hmph, if I were to fight with all my power, you two would have a lot of trouble on your hands. Having said that, there's no need for me to take such a huge risk over a mere spirit medicine. I'll bring out a few types of spirit medicine; take a look and see if any of them is the one you're looking for," Han Li harrumphed coldly.

"You've made a wise decision, Fellow Daoist Han! Hei'e, hand the little girl over to him; I'm sure Brother Han wouldn't do anything rash," Bao Hua instructed with a smile.

Hei'e immediately tossed Zhu Guo'er toward Han Li upon hearing this, and Han Li swept a sleeve to release a burst of green light, which carried Zhu Guo'er back to him.

He then swept his spiritual sense over her body to find that she was only unconscious due to a simple restriction that had been placed on her. After ascertaining that nothing else had been done to her, he stowed her away into a special treasure amid a flash of azure light.

After that, he began to consider which spirit medicines he was going to show Bao Hua.

Ever since he had obtained those spirit medicines from the Vast Glacial Realm, he had been constantly gathering relevant information to try and figure out their uses.

However, he was only able to find out this information for a small proportion of these spirit medicines, while the majority of them continued to stump him.

These spirit medicines were from the True Immortal Realm, so they were naturally extremely valuable, but seeing as he didn't know how to use them anyway, he was more than happy to use one of them to avoid a battle against such a powerful enemy.

However, most of the ordinary spirit medicines he had secured from the Vast Glacial Realm wouldn't be of any interest to Bao Hua, so she was most likely looking for one of the rarer types of spirit medicines he had obtained. Having said that, it would naturally be a good thing if he could fool her with one of the other types of spirit medicine.

With that in mind, Han Li made a hand seal, and the small green sword in his hand vanished in a flash.

He then flipped his hand over, and a white jade box appeared amid a flash of white light. The box had several restriction talismans plastered to its surface, and he tossed it toward Bao Hua.

Bao Hua made a grabbing motion with one hand, and the jade box was drawn into her grasp.

She gently laid a finger onto the lid of the box, and the restriction talismans were immediately removed while the lid flew off on its own, revealing a green spirit medicine that was releasing a fragrant aroma and glowing with gentle white light.

Sacred Ancestor Bao Hua's expression changed slightly at the sight of the spirit medicine, but she quickly shook her head, and the lid of the box was replaced before the restriction talismans also returned to its surface.

The jade box was then sent flying back to Han Li, who caught it in an unsurprised manner.

At the same time, a green jade vial had appeared in her other hand, and he tossed it toward Bao Hua as well.

Bao Hua caught the jade vial before removing the lid and inspecting its contents with her spiritual sense, upon which her brows furrowed slightly, and the vial was also tossed back to Han Li.

Sacred Ancestor Bao Hua Yuan Yan wasn't aware of the content of Han Li and Bao Hua's conversation, but he had naturally figured out what was happening at this point.

Despite this, he merely looked on with pursed lips, completely unconvinced that a Body Integration cultivator would truly be able to offer spirit medicine that would be of any interest to devilish patriarchs like him and Bao Hua.

Thus, Han Li brought out eight spirit medicines in succession, all of which were rejected by Bao Hua.

At this point, her expression had darkened slightly, and after returning another spirit medicine to Han Li, she said in a cold voice, "I can't say that the spirit medicines you've shown me are completely useless, but how could medicines of this caliber possibly be of any use of to me? If you're not going to show me anything of a higher caliber, then there's no need to continue this any further."

A hesitant look appeared on Han Li's face upon hearing this, but he then heaved a faint sigh before flipping a hand over to reveal another white jade box.

In contrast with the containers that he had previously brought out, this one was clearly constructed from a far superior material, and there was faint glacial Qi emanating from its surface.

On this occasion, Han Li didn't toss the box toward Bao Hua. Instead, he removed the restriction talismans and the lid of the box to show Bao Hua the spirit medicine within it from afar.

As opposed to being enraged by this, a faint smile appeared on Bao Hua's face as she knew that Han Li was finally showing her the good stuff.

As soon as the lid of the jade box was removed, a burst of glacial Qi erupted out of it, and a chunk of translucent five-colored ice slowly emerged.

Within the chunk of ice was a red branch, attached to which were a pair of thumb-sized walnut-like spirit fruits, one of which was golden while the other was silver.

"Heavenvoice Lightning Core!" Bao Hua exclaimed as a surprised expression replaced the smile on her face.

Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan's expression also changed drastically upon hearing this.

"Heavenvoice Lightning Core? Isn't that something that only exists in upper realms? How could a human cultivator like him possibly possess such a thing? Bring it to me so I can take a look at it!"

"My apologies, Senior Yuan Yan, but I'm afraid I can't oblige to that request. Senior Bao Hua, is this the spirit medicine you're looking for?" Han Li asked after refusing Yuan Yan in a stoic manner.

He had read about Heavenvoice Lightning Core in a certain tome before, but never did he think that it would be this particular spirit medicine, and a hint of excitement welled up in his heart upon making this discovery.

This was a good opportunity for him to bring out the spirit medicines that he couldn't identify himself so that the two devilish patriarchs could tell him what they were.

If he were to find out what these spirit medicines were, they would naturally become a lot more useful to him.

An enraged look appeared on the black-robed young man's face after being dismissed by Han Li, but he forcibly repressed his own fury in the end.

At the same time, he seemed to have become rather distracted, as if he were thinking about something else.

"I've never seen this spirit medicine before, but judging from its appearance, I'm almost certain that this is a Heavenvoice Lightning Core. It's an extremely valuable spirit medicine to certain people using special cultivation arts, but unfortunately, it's not what I'm looking for," Bao Hua said as he stared intently at the spirit medicine within the chunk of ice.

"I see." Han Li swept a sleeve through the air, and the spirit medicine descended back into the jade box before the box vanished in a flash.

After that, he produced a green jade box, then opened it to reveal another chunk of five-colored ice.

Within this chunk of ice was a pristine white flower that was around the size of a large bowl.

Bao Hua's brows furrowed slightly at the sight of this white flower.

Even with her vast wealth of knowledge and experience, she was unable to identify the flower; she could only sense that it was also an extraordinary item.

At the same time, a peculiar look appeared on Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan's face. He felt like he had heard of a similar spirit flower before, but was unable to recall exactly what it was.

Han Li could tell from Bao Hua's reaction that this wasn't what she was looking for, so he stowed the spirit medicine away before producing another jade box.

Thus, he brought out several spirit medicines in succession, but aside from the first Heavenvoice Lightning Core, even the pair of devilish patriarchs were unable to identify the rest of them, and that was rather disappointing to Han Li.

However, as he brought out a silver spirit herb that was also encased in a chunk of five-colored ice, Bao Hua and Yuan Yan suddenly let loose cries of surprise in unison.

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