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Chapter 2101: Holy Nirvana Physique and Profound Heavenly Sword

The green sword projection appeared to be very ordinary, but upon closer inspection, one would discover that it was formed entirely by green runes that were each around an inch in size.

Furthermore, all of these runes had thin golden and silver patterns running along their surfaces, and the space near the sword projection was warping and blurring slightly.

At the same time, a vast amount of the world's origin Qi was being funneled into the green runes in a frenzy, and the indistinct sword projection was becoming clearer at a rapid rate that was discernible to the naked eye.

"Impossible! That's a Profound Heavenly Treasure!" the black-robed young man exclaimed with an incredulous expression.

"Judging from its aura, it's indeed a Profound Heavenly Treasure, and it seems to be even more powerful than your Black Devil Dagger. During my time in the Spirit Realm, I heard that a new third-ranked treasure had appeared on the Chaotic Myriad Spirit Roll, the Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword, but no one had been able to find it; looks like this is it. It seems that both of us have underestimated the human race," Bao Hua said as a serious look appeared on her face for the first time.

"Wait a minute, if the human race really has obtained a Profound Heavenly Treasure, how could they possibly have given it to a Body Integration cultivator? Besides, without a Grand Ascension Stage cultivation base as a bare minimum, there's no way anyone can even activate the Profound Heavenly Treasure," Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan said as he shook his head emphatically.

"Then how about you explain to me how he managed to withstand my Sympathetic Flower Finger?" Bao Hua asked with a cold smile.

"Perhaps he's only bluffing by drawing upon some of the Profound Heavenly Treasure's aura," Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan said in an unconfident manner.

"That seems to be somewhat plausible; how about you test out that theory, Fellow Daoist Yuan Yan?" Bao Hua asked with a smile.

"Hehe, you're the one who's targeting him; this has nothing to do with me. If you want to verify the situation, then do it yourself," the black-robed young man refused without any hesitation.

"It sounds like you've given up on killing this man; you're not going to change your mind later on, are you?" Bao Hua harrumphed coldly.

"Rest assured, Fellow Daoist Bao Hua; I won't interfere with this matter any further," Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan replied in a decisive manner.

"Fine, I'll take your word for it. Now then, let me see if he's really able to activate that Profound Heavenly Treasure or not!"

As soon as Bao Hua's voice trailed off, she rubbed her hands together, and the pink flower that she was holding vanished in a flash, only to be replaced by a thin pink branch.

The branch was only around two feet in length, but it was completely translucent and had pink runes inscribed all over its surface.

She held onto the branch with one hand before sweeping it toward Han Li from afar, and countless pink flower petals immediately emerged within a radius of several kilometers, then suddenly vanished into nothingness.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and immediately thereafter, pink light flashed in the air around him, following which countless flower petals re-emerged, then transformed into small translucent swords that shot forth toward him from all sides.

Han Li's expression darkened slightly upon seeing this, but there was no fear in his eyes. He took a deep breath before suddenly chanting an incantation, and the green sword projection in his hand withdrew into his palm in a flash.

Immediately thereafter, a burst of indescribably enormous sword intent erupted from Han Li's body, and a gigantic green sword projection that was over 1,000 feet in length erupted out of his arm.

Han Li's entire body was instantly enveloped within the green sword projection, and the oncoming pink swords crashed into sword projection amid a rapid string of dull thumps, only to instantly melt away while the sword projection remained completely unscathed.

Bao Hua wasn't surprised in the slightest to see this, and she gently waved her translucent branch through the air twice more.

The number of pink swords in the air above the pond immediately began to multiply at a rapid rate before raining down upon the green sword projection in a torrential downpour.

The green sword projection was imbued with incredible power, but the small pink swords were also far more powerful than the average flying sword.

As the sustained assault continued, even the green sword projection was beginning to tremor slightly.

A faint smile appeared on Bao Hua's face upon seeing this. She was confident that if Han Li could only use a small portion of the Profound Heavenly Treasure's power, then there was no way that he would be able to withstand this wave of ferocious attacks.

After all, she had injected her essential power into the attack, so it was no less fearsome than an attack from a Profound Heavenly Treasure.

Han Li looked on at the unfolding scene before his eyes from within the green sword projection, then cast his gaze toward his own arm, and a wry smile appeared on his face.

In the next instant, a determined look surfaced in his eyes, and he laid a hand onto the top of his own head, upon which a golden Nascent Soul emerged.

The Nascent Soul's facial features were identical to Han Li's, and it had several tens of miniature azure swords flying around it.

The Nascent Soul made a hand seal, and a series of cries and roars rang out as five balls of golden light flew out of its body, transforming into five projections, which consisted of a giant ape, a rainbow phoenix, a silver bird, a five-colored peacock, and a golden dragon.

The Nascent Soul swept a hand through the air without any hesitation, and the five true spirit projections vanished into its body in a flash.

A burst of piercing golden light erupted from the Nascent Soul's body amid a resounding boom, and after the golden light faded, a burly humanoid figure with three heads and six arms had taken the place of Han Li and the Nascent Soul.

The humanoid figure's entire body was of a shimmering golden color, and there was a layer of golden scales over its skin. There was also an azure horn on his head and an inky-black demonic eye on its glabella.

The humanoid figure turned toward Bao Hu with a cold expression, revealing its facial features to be identical to those of Han Li. However, its eyes were completely emotionless and its appearance was very unsettling to behold.

The black-robed young man looked into the humanoid figure's eyes for only a brief moment, but his eyes were immediately struck by a sharp burst of pain. He hurriedly focused his gaze on the humanoid figure, and an astonished look immediately appeared on his face. "This is the Holy Nirvana Physique! How is he related to Sacred Ancestor Nie Pan? Isn't he the only one who's attained this physique?"

A hint of bewilderment had also appeared in Sacred Ancestor Bao Hua's eyes. "It is indeed the Holy Nirvana Physique, but he hasn't completely mastered it yet and can only just barely summon it. The question is whether he'll be able to undergo the second stage transformation."

Right at this moment, Han Li suddenly let loose a low roar, then abruptly raised his arm, upon which a small dark green sword that was only several inches in length emerged amid a flash of green light.

The sword had countless golden and silver projections revolving around it, and Bao Hua's heart immediately sank upon seeing this. "It really is a Profound Heavenly Treasure! With his Holy Nirvana Physique, it won't be impossible for him to wield the Profound Heavenly Treasure."

Han Li took an ambiguous glance down at the small green sword that had emerged from his arm, then turned toward Bao Hua in an expressionless manner. "Do you still want to continue? If we were outside of this island, I would be no match for you even with this Profound Heavenly Treasure, but if you insist on a battle here, it'll most likely conclude in a mutually detrimental outcome; are you really determined to go through with this? This seems to be the first time that I've ever seen you, so surely you have no reason to challenge me to a battle to the death."

"With the Holy Nirvana Physique and that Profound Heavenly Treasure, you are indeed an opponent that's worthy of my respect; looks like I still underestimated you, after all. Alright, our battle can conclude here, but you have to give me a certain item," Sacred Ancestor Bao Hua as a breathtaking smile suddenly appeared on her face.

Han Li faltered slightly upon hearing this before asking, "What item are you referring to, Senior?"

Bao Hua paused momentarily before transmitting her voice to Han Li, clearly wanting to keep Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan out of this conversation. "I don't know exactly what it is, but it's most likely a spirit medicine."

The black-robed young man's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, but he merely crossed his arms with a cold smile and made no attempt to intervene.

Han Li was rather taken aback by this request, but his expression remained unchanged as he also transmitted his voice in response. "With your powers, what kind of spirit medicine would be beyond your grasp? Why are you looking for a spirit medicine from me?"

"You don't need to know the reasons behind my actions; all you need to know is that you possess the spirit medicine that I'm searching for, and that's why I followed you all the way here," Bao Hua replied.

"In that case, why didn't you attack me and my companions earlier? Surely we pose no threat to you in your eyes," Han Li asked in a puzzled manner.

"That's because I was previously unable to confirm whether you were the one that possessed that spirit medicine, Now that everyone else is dead, it can only be you," Bao Hua replied with a faint smile.

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