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Time passed by slowly, and the tremors running through the pavilion continued to persist. The occasional earth-shattering boom could be heard even through the restrictions around the pavilion, and it was quite clear that the battle outside was an extremely intense one.

However, Han Li and the azure-robed men were completely unmoved and continued to sit in silence.

Six hours later, the tremors running through the hall abruptly ceased, but at the same time, a burst of harrowing fluctuations swept forth amid a string of rumbling explosions.

Normal cultivators and low-grade devilish beasts wouldn't be capable of releasing such fluctuations, so it was clear that the high-grade beings of both sides had already sprung into action.

Judging from the intensity of the energy fluctuations and the frequency of the explosions, the devilish army seemed to have deployed all of their elite forces at once. Otherwise, the battle wouldn't be this intense.

Even as these thoughts flashed through Han Li's mind, he remained completely expressionless.

All of a sudden, an ear-piercing screech tore through the restrictions outside and traveled directly into the pavilion, and even Han Li's ears were beginning to throb with pain upon hearing this sound.

His expression changed slightly as he immediately swept a sleeve through the air, releasing a burst of grey light that formed a barrier around the entire hall. He then cast his gaze toward the 36 azure-robed cultivators, upon which he discovered that all of them were groaning with pain with their hands over their heads, and there were faint traces of blood trickling out of their ears.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, and he suddenly gave a cold harrumph. The sound was quite a harsh one, but as soon as it traveled into the ears of the 36 cultivators, the agonized looks on their faces were instantly significantly alleviated, and they managed to sit up again.

A long while later, these cultivators finally managed to repress the discomfort they were suffering from by circulating their magic power through their own bodies, and their leader turned to Han Li with a grateful salute. "Thank you, Senior!"

"Don't mention it. I require your assistance, so I naturally won't let any harm befall all of you. Judging from the power of that voice, a devilish lord must've joined the battle. Take this time to recover as much as you can; we won't be staying here for much longer," Han Li said.

"Yes, Senior Han!" The man gave an affirmative reply before hurriedly closing his eyes to meditate once again.

Meanwhile, a contemplative look appeared on Han Li's face, and he released his spiritual sense out of the pagoda again.

At this point, the Four Celestial River Treasures were already nowhere to be seen. As for the massive army of devilish beasts, around 90% of it had been wiped out, and the remaining devilish beasts were all severely wounded.

The super devilish beasts were also close to being completely wiped out, and there were only a little more than several of them left on the battlefield. All of them had extremely frail auras, and it was clear that they wouldn't be able to play much more of a role in this battle.

In the place of the army of devilish beasts was an army of armor-clad devilish beings, of which there were around 7,000,000 to 8,000,000. All of the devilish beings among them who were at the Nascent Soul Stage or above had risen up into the air, while the remaining devilish beings could only charge toward the city wall on foot.

Within a certainly heavily-guarded secret area in Deep Heaven City, there was a super formation that was currently being activated. The formation spanned an area of over 10,000 acres, and it was comprised of over 1,000 smaller formations. The super formation was releasing an invisible flight restriction that encompassed the entirety of Deep Heaven City, as well as the surrounding nearby area.

However, in contrast with normal flight restrictions, this one seemed to only affect devilish beings, while all humans remained immune to its effects.

Unfortunately, the devilish beings were superior to the cultivators guarding the city wall both in numbers and in terms of overall powers, so even with this disadvantage, they were still able to storm onto the wall, where a chaotic battle had ensued.

The protective light barrier around Deep Heaven City had already vanished, and in the air above the city, there were high-grade beings from both sides locked in fierce battles.

Groups of beings who were at the Deity Transformation Stage or above were waging battle in the air, and all types of attacks were clashing overhead amid a constant string of resounding booms, creating a spectacular light show up above.

Among the battles taking place in the air, there were a few that were particularly eye-catching.

In one battle, a black devilish cloud had intertwined with a vast expanse of blue liquid, and they were rapidly rotating to form a giant vortex that was over 100 acres in area.

Loud thunderclaps rang out incessantly from within the vortex, and a blue humanoid figure with blue lightning flashing all over their body was engaged in a fierce battle with an inky-black humanoid figure.

Not far away from the vortex was a massive grey light barrier that encompassed an area in excess of 10,000 feet. Within the light barrier was a giant devilish projection that was expelling gusts of ferocious winds out of its mouth. These gusts of wind then transformed into huge wind blades that swept toward an opposing elderly man, who was wielding a giant fan with both hands.

As he waved the fan through the air, blue and red light surged toward the wind blades before transforming into powerful fire and water-attribute energy, and both sides were evenly matched.

In another battle, there was a black-robed man with a small crimson drum held in one hand high over his own head. He was striking the drum with his other hand, and a burst of red soundwaves were proliferating through the air all around him.

His opponent was a giant devilish bird with the head of a beauty. The bird had an entirely green body with four wings on its back, and it was emitting an ear-piercing screeching sound that managed to hold its own against the red soundwaves.

There were no other human, demonic, or devilish beings within a radius of several kilometers around them, clearly indicating that their soundwave attacks were capable of impacting a huge area.

The sharp screech that had torn through the restrictions around the pagoda that Han Li was situated in had been unleashed by none other than this devilish bird.

Thankfully, both of them were using soundwave attacks that could nullify one another. Otherwise, if their soundwave attacks were to disperse throughout the battlefield, countless casualties would result.

After scouring the battlefield to ensure that the Xue Guang clone hadn't yet joined the battle, Han Li immediately withdrew his spiritual sense.

His mission was only to oppose that Xue Guang clone. Seeing as Deep Heaven City was still able to hold its own against the devilish army, there was no need for him to step in.

As the devilish lords and elders of the city began to enter the fray, the battle became a lot more intense.

There were clearly more devilish lords than the Body Integration Stage elders of Deep Heaven City, but the humans and demons were making up the numbers by sending out groups of Spatial Tempering cultivators, all of whom were wearing strange attire of different vibrant colors.

Derisive smiles appeared on the faces of the devilish lords, yet just as they were about to crush these seemingly mismatched opponents, some of the cultivators suddenly pulled out pills that they quickly stuffed into their own mouths. Immediately thereafter, their bodies expanded drastically in size, and thick fur appeared all over their skin while their teeth transformed into sharp fangs. They had all adopted half-demon forms, and their auras had clearly been significantly elevated as well.

It was clear that the pills they had just taken were meant to stimulate their latent potential.

Meanwhile, another group of cultivators raised their hands to release a series of inky-black bracelets, and in the next instant fierce Yin winds were swept up as a series of huge purple-armored puppets emerged out of thin air.

These puppets had pale faces that were completely devoid of blood and pairs of bright green eyes. This was a batch of extremely rare corpse puppets.

As soon as these corpse puppets appeared, green light flashed through their eyes as they pounced toward several devilish lords up ahead. Hundreds of these puppets had been summoned at once, and as they rushed forward, fierce Yin winds were swept up behind them.

The devilish lords chuckled coldly as they conjured up massive devilish palms to swat the puppets down from the heavens, or expelled streaks of black light out of their mouths to slice the puppets apart with ease.

In the blink of an eye, the army of puppets had been completely wiped out, yet just as the devilish lords were about to attack the cultivators who had summoned those puppets, all of the dismembers puppets suddenly regenerated back to their original condition amid bursts of tumbling black Qi.

Immediately thereafter, these puppets pounced toward the devilish lords again.

"Immortal bodies! These puppets aren't as simple as they look!" one of the devilish lords exclaimed.

Meanwhile, there were several hundred black-robed cultivators seated in an expressionless manner on the ground within a stone pagoda in Deep Heaven City. Before each of them hovered a black wooden puppet that was around half a foot tall, and these wooden puppets had grey runes all over their bodies, as well as faint black Qi swirling all around them.

These cultivators were constantly making different hand seals, causing the puppets to twist and move as if they were living beings.

Just as the devilish lords were reeling from the discovery that these puppets possessed immortal bodies, another group of cultivators abruptly stomped their feet down onto the ground, and a series of massive formation plates emerged beneath them.

Flashes of light immediately appeared around the devilish lords, and these cultivators instantly appeared out of thin air. All of them were holding flags that were flashing with five-colored light, and they were waving the flags through the air as if their lives depended on it.


A resounding boom rang out as layers of five-colored clouds and mist surged out of the flags in a frenzy to completely inundate the devilish lords.

Within the clouds and mist, silver runes tumbled and surged incessantly, and roars of shock and fury immediately rang out. Bursts of violent auras crashed around from within the restriction, but not even a single devilish lord was able to escape.

However, as a result, the auras were becoming more and more violent, and a string of rumbling booms began to ring out.

Right at this moment, the demonic cultivators who had taken on half-demon forms all summoned golden and silver talismans that they plastered onto their own bodies, and they all transformed into gusts of demonic winds that rushed into the cloud and mist.

The rumbling within the cloud and mist instantly intensified even further, and the demonic and devilish auras clashed and intertwined, seemingly evenly matched with one another.

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