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Bao Hua remained completely expressionless upon seeing this, but she immediately made a grabbing motion toward the jade plate, and white light flashed, following which a giant hand that was over 1,000 feet in size emerged out of thin air.

The hand spread its five fingers, and scorching white flames were ignited all over its surface as it grabbed toward the jade plate down below.

Another roar of fury rang out from within the jade plate as the taichi diagram detached itself from the jade plate, then expanded to around twice its original size as it hurtled toward the massive hand. A loud buzzing sound then rang out from the jade plate itself, and the nearby space twisted and blurred as it prepared to teleport away again.

As soon as the giant taichi diagram came into contact with the giant hand, the former immediately began to tremor violently before being crushed into pieces as the massive hand's fingers closed around it.

The scorching white flames instantly incinerated the fragments of the taichi diagram into nothingness, then swept downward to encompass the jade plate as well.

The three Xue Guang clones were naturally very alarmed by this, and three different voices rang out in unison, begging for mercy and cursing Bao Hua at the same time. However, the white flames didn't falter in the slightest, and the pristine white jade plate was almost instantly turned into a scorching crimson color in the face of the fierce flames.

Once the giant hand grabbed firmly onto the jade plate, five white fiery dragons flew out of its fingertips before revolving around the treasure, and the jade plate began to melt away layer by layer.

"No!" A cry of fury and alarm rang out from within the jade plate, following which a miniature pagoda that was only around several inches in size flew out. The pagoda then transformed into a rainbow projection that was over 1,000 feet tall in a flash, and the five fiery dragons were forcibly kept at bay.

The dragons were still thrashing violently and blasting flames out of their mouths, but the rainbow pagoda projection remained firm and resolute.

On top of that, rainbow light flashed from the surface of the projection, and it absorbed a lot of the white flames to bolster itself. However, right at this moment, the giant sun up above began to crash down like a massive mountain at Bao Hua's behest.

The rainbow pagoda projection was indeed extremely profound, but there was no way that the three Xue Guang clones could unleash the treasure's full power. Thus, in the face of the massive sun, it only lasted several seconds before crumbling away into pieces.

The shattered specks of rainbow light converged to form a miniature pagoda again, but on this occasion, it had completely lost its luster.

The massive white sun continued to descend, and the giant plate had no time to react before it was also inundated.

Within the scintillating white light, the jade plate began to melt again, and just before it was completely melted into nothingness, three streaks of crimson light shot forth out of the jade plate, only to be swept up by the scorching white flames and completely incinerated amid three howls of anguish.

These three clones were each as powerful as a late-Body Integration Stage being, but they were completely powerless in the face of Bao Hua.

This was due to the fact that they were merely clones while Bao Hua's true body was present, and the fact that her Great Illusionary Sun Technique repressed most devilish cultivation arts also contributed to this.

Otherwise, even though Bao Hua was once vastly renowned in the Elder Devil Realm, there was no way she'd be able to kill the three Xue Guang clones so easily in her severely weakened state.

Almost at the exact same moment as the deaths of the three Xue Guang clones, another Xue Guang clone was seated on a stone chair at the center of a giant devilish pagoda near Deep Heaven City. He was currently listening to a few Body Integration Stage devilish lords report the latest exploits of the devilish army.

Not only had the devilish army wiped out all of the large human settlements outside of Deep Heaven City, even some of the smaller major families and sects had been eradicated. Now, it was time to begin planning how they were going to completely surround Deep Heaven City.

Just as Xue Guang was listening intently to the ideas being offered by his subordinates, his expression suddenly changed drastically, and he abruptly rose to his feet as he let loose an enraged roar.

"Impossible! How could the three of them have been killed all at once?"

The other devilish lords were naturally given quite a fright by his abrupt furious outburst, and they all glanced at one another with bewildered expressions.

"May I ask what happened, Master Xue Guang?" one of the more prominent devilish lords asked in a careful manner following a brief hesitation.

A series of thoughts flashed rapidly through Xue Guang's mind, and the rage on his face quickly faded as he adopted his usual calm expression. "I sent out three of my guards to do something for me and planted some of my spiritual sense within them, but they screwed up. It's alright, though; I'll just send some others to get the job done."

This ambiguous response left a lot more to be desired, but the other devilish lords naturally didn't dare to pry any further. As such, they could only change the subject and begin discussing their plans to surround Deep Heaven City again.

As for Xue Guang, he sat back down onto his chair with a calm expression, as if that enraged outburst really had been nothing more than a momentary loss of composure.

Deep within a crimson river in the Elder Devil Realm, a roar of fury also rang out without any warning.

The thunderous roar caused the water in the lake to ripple violently, but all of a sudden, the voice abruptly cut off, and no further sounds could be heard.

In the Spirit Realm, the light barrier formed by Yuan Cha's black mirror also immediately shattered as soon as the giant sun descended upon it.

The scorching white flames being released by the sun swept downward without any mercy, and Yuan Cha's face paled even further as she cried for help in a panicked voice.

Black light suddenly flashed from the stone hall down below, and a humanoid figure appeared behind Yuan Cha in a wraith-like manner before raising a pair of slender hands up into the air.

A fist-sized golden bead flew forth, then vanished into the giant sun in a flash.

An earth-shattering boom rang out, and a burst of golden light suddenly exploded within the giant sun. As it did so, a massive hole with a diameter of around 100 feet was blasted into the sun.

In contrast with the white sun's mountainous size, such a hole was naturally rather insignificant, but the black humanoid figure suddenly transformed into a ball of black light. The ball of light then swept up Yuan Cha as well before flying into the hole in the sun at an incredible speed.

"Liu Ji?" Bao Hua's pupils contracted slightly at the sight of the black humanoid figure, and her calm expression was replaced by one of cold fury as she made a grabbing motion downward with both hands at once.

Two flower petals detached themselves from the giant flower beneath her feet, then shot forth toward her hands.

Azure light flashed from her hands, and one of the flower petals transformed into a giant green bow, while the other took on the form of a long white arrow.

Bao Hua's movements appeared to be rather slow and languid as she drew the bow, but she didn't bother to aim before letting the arrow loose.

As soon as the arrow left the bow, it transformed into a streak of white light that instantly vanished on the spot.

Only then did the Liu Ji emerge on the other side of the giant white sun with Yuan Cha, and a sharp screeching sound immediately rang out beside her. Her heart jolted upon hearing this, and she immediately released eight small crystalline shields amid a flash of blue light.

All of the shields were of a translucent blue color, as if they had been forged from glacial ice, and they instantly appeared before Liu Ji stacked one behind another.

The sharp screeching sound abruptly cut off as the streak of white light appeared in front of the eight shields, then vanished again in a flash.

In the next instant, a string of crisp cracks rang out in rapid succession, and the eight small shields exploded in unison.

Liu Ji stumbled backward, and it could be seen that a hole as thick as a thumb had been punched through her chest. A ball of white flames then erupted from the wound before enveloping her entire body.

Despite this, Liu Ji remained completely unflustered. She abruptly opened her mouth to expel a ball of blood essence, which transformed into a cloud of blood mist that quickly permeated through the air.

An astonishing scene then ensued!

As the blood mist came into contact with the ferocious white flames, the latter was instantly snuffed out with ease.

However, Liu Ji had no time to pay any heed to her own injury as she quickly made a hand seal. Black light erupted from her body again, sweeping up Yuan Cha before hurtling away into the distance.

The ball of black light quickly vanished into the distance after just a couple of flashes, leaving Bao Hua to look on with a dark expression.

Right at this moment, five-colored light suddenly began to revolve around the stone hall that had been left behind by Liu Ji and Bao Hua, and countless runes surged forth in a frenzy to form a giant formation down below.

The stone hall was situated at the center of the formation, and it was about to teleport away.

A cold light flashed through Bao Hua's eyes upon seeing this. "Hmph, they may have gotten away, but you two aren't going to be so lucky!"

As soon as her voice trailed off, the bow in her hand vanished, and she pointed a finger at the stone hall from afar.

The giant sun in the air instantly transformed into a white fiery barrier that concealed the entire sky, and at the same time, another giant pink flower emerged beneath the stone hall.

A streak of pink sword Qi shot forth out of the flower before striking the giant formation with unerring accuracy, and the formation instantly crumbled, thereby thwarting the stone hall's attempt to teleport away.

Two low roars rang out from within the stone hall, and it split up into two before transforming into a pair of grey stone giants. The giants thumped their chests in a menacing display, but they were clearly extremely wary of Bao Hua and didn't dare to actually attack her.

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