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At the same time, Han Li let loose an enraged roar as he opened his mouth to expel a thick pillar of golden light directly toward the woman up above.

As for Han Li himself, he transformed into a giant silver four-winged bird with silver arcs of lightning flashing all over its body.

He spread his four wings and vanished into thin air as an azure and white thread of light. In the next instant, spatial fluctuations erupted several thousand feet away, and the thread of light re-emerged before instantly disappearing again.

This woman clearly possessed unfathomable powers, and Han Li currently wasn't in his best condition, so he immediately chose to flee.

In this four-winged Kun Peng form, he was too fast even for the three Xue Guang clones to catch, so he was very confident in his ability to escape.

The woman waved a hand through the air to release a streak of inky-black sword Qi, which vanquished the oncoming golden pillar of light with ease.

However, during that brief delay, Han Li had already traveled so far into the distance that he was nothing more than a barely visible black dot on the horizon.

"You think you can get away from me? How delusional!" A cold light flashed through the woman's eyes as she cast her gaze toward the fleeing black dot in the distance.

She waved a hand downward, and the two stone giants completely emerged from the ground down below. As they flew up into the air, they converged to form a giant dazzling ball of grey light at the woman's behest.

The woman then transformed into a ball of black Qi before vanishing into the massive ball of light, and moments later, the dazzling light receded to reveal a stone hall that was several hundred feet tall.

The hall was entirely grey in color with a dozen or so crude stone pillars, giving off a rather primitive sense of beauty and artistry.

The woman stood at the center of the hall, then gently tapped a foot down onto it before commanding it to give chase.

A layer of white spiritual light instantly appeared over the surface of the stone hall, and it shot forth like a shooting star in pursuit of Han Li.

The stone hall appeared to be quite bulky and maladroit, but it covered a distance of around 1,000 feet after just a single flash, and it wasn't much slower than the four-winged Kun Peng that Han Li had transformed into.

Han Li had also naturally discovered this, and he became even more reluctant to engage his pursuer in battle.

The woman clearly wasn't an ordinary devilish lord, and he certainly wasn't willing to face her in his current lackluster condition.

Furthermore, not only did the woman's aura strike him with a sense of extreme peril, it was also rather familiar to him. It would be very unwise for Han Li to engage her in battle before ascertaining her identity.

Even though he was only slightly faster than his pursuer in his Kun Peng form, the gap between them would still constantly be widening, so he would eventually be able to completely shake her off.

The woman had to be aware of this as well, so Han Li was rather perplexed about what her intentions were. However, he had no time to consider such matters at the moment; he was focused solely on fleeing the scene as quickly as he could.

At their astonishing speeds, a distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers had been covered after just a single hour. At this point, Han Li had already opened up a gap of several tens of kilometers between himself and the stone hall.

This was naturally an extremely far distance for the average person, but for beings of Han Li's caliber, it was a distance that could be covered in mere moments.

Even so, the gap was still steadily widening, and Han Li's heart finally eased slightly as he began to ponder exactly who this woman was.

Meanwhile, the woman was seated on a stone chair at the center of the hall, casting her cold gaze straight ahead in an unblinking manner.

"Hmph, this human brat was nothing more than an ant in a lower realm the last time I encountered him, but since then, he's progressed to the mid-Body Integration Stage in less than 2,000 years and attained such a powerful transformation technique; it appears that he's not to be underestimated. However, he's dreaming if he thinks he can get away from me with these trifling abilities alone! Shi Gan, initiate instantaneous teleportation right away! I'm sure you've had enough time to lock onto him," the woman commanded with a cold expression.

In response, a giant rough face took shape on the ceiling of the stone hall, and it replied, "Yes, Mistress Yuan Cha! The two of us will initiate teleportation right away, but there's still a potential margin for error of around 500 meters that you'll need to account for."

"500 meters is nothing; I'll be able to stop him for sure," the woman said in a nonchalant manner.


The giant face immediately gave an affirmative reply, and in the next instant, the stone hall suddenly stopped in mid-air.

Immediately thereafter, two different strange voices began to chant an incantation, and countless five-colored runes emerged over the surface of the stone hall amid a flash of spiritual light.

These runes were extremely profound, and they flashed violently before detaching themselves from the stone hall, dispersing through the air to form a massive five-colored formation.

The stone hall was situated right at the center of the formation, and it vanished on the spot after a flash of dazzling light.

In the next instant, Han Li suddenly felt a burst of spatial fluctuations appear around 500 meters behind him, and his heart jolted as he turned around, just in time to see a giant formation appear out of thin air.

Five-colored light flashed, and a massive object began to emerge from the formation.


Han Li was adept in formations and instantaneous teleportation techniques himself, so he was naturally immediately able to identify this as a teleportation formation. As such, he immediately stopped in his flight while a vertical black demonic eye appeared on his glabella.

This was none other than Han Li's Law Destruction Eye, and he was forcibly using it in his Kun Peng form; this was something that would've been completely beyond his capabilities back before he reached the Body Integration Stage.

As soon as the Law Destruction Eye appeared, it expelled a black thread that was as thin as a strand of hair. The black thread then instantly transformed into a thick inky-black pillar of light that vanished into thin air in a flash.

A resounding boom rang out, and the black pillar of light appeared right in front of the teleportation formation before striking it with devastating force.

Black and five-colored light immediately intertwined to inundate the entire formation, and after unleashing the attack, the Law Destruction Eye on Han Li's glabella instantly vanished. Immediately thereafter, he flapped his wings and continued to flee, choosing to unleash no further attacks.

Han Li was clearly aware that the attack from his Law Destruction Eye wouldn't actually be able to harm his pursuer, which was why he had made such a quick decision to continue flying away.

As it turned out, he was right. After the explosion of black and five-colored light receded, the space at the center of the giant formation warped and blurred, following which the giant stone hall emerged in a slightly unsteady manner.

Under the influence of the chaotic spatial powers in the nearby area, the stone hall was unable to immediately continue pursuing Han Li. Instead, a white light barrier had appeared around it, and it was swaying incessantly amid the violent spatial fluctuations.

"He has a Law Destruction Eye!" The woman's expression darkened upon making this realization.

After just a few flashes, Han Li was nothing more than a black spot on the horizon again.

"Chase him down!" the woman commanded in an enraged voice.

The giant stone face appeared once again on the ceiling of the hall, and it said in an apologetic manner, "I'm afraid we won't be able to give chase right away, Mistress. Due to the disruption from spatial powers, we'll only be able to continue after making some adjustments."

"Hmph, by the time you're done, that human brat will be completely gone! Let me lend you a hand!" the woman harrumphed coldly before gripping onto the smooth armrests of her stone chair, then injected a burst of inky-black devilish Qi into it.

"Thank you for your assistance, Mistress Yuan Cha; we'll be able to continue right away now," the stone face said in an elated manner.

Thus, not long after that, the stone hall shot forth through the air again.

Even though the stone hall had failed to stop Han Li, the distance between the two had been closed down significantly, and the woman continued to give chase with renewed determination.

Thus, whenever Han Li managed to widen the gap between himself and the stone hall, the woman would make use of its teleportation ability to close the gap.

Having learned her lesson from the first teleportation, she made sure not to get too close to Han Li during her subsequent teleportations. Thus, even with his Law Destruction Eye, Han Li was unable to thwart her teleportation any further.

This was naturally quite worrying for Han Li. He also had his lightning formation that he could use for teleportation, but he was unable to control the destination at all.[1]

If he were to only teleport over a short distance, there was a possibility that he could end up right next to his pursuer. If he wanted to teleport over a longer distance, then he would require more time to set up the formation, so that wasn't a viable option, either.

Furthermore, even if he could teleport himself thousands of kilometers away, he still wouldn't be able to escape the woman's spiritual sense detection, and she'd simply catch up again eventually.

It seemed that she was even more difficult to shake off than the three clones of Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang. Thus, the two continued to fly through the air for over half a day.

Due to the fact that Han Li had intentionally chosen a very sparsely populated path, he didn't encounter any devilish beings that could impede him along the way. However, the woman clearly wasn't going to let him off the hook, so he had to think of a way to shake her off.

Unbeknownst to him, the woman was currently communicating with another devilish being through her antiquated black mirror.

1. Immortal Galaxy Tree: Wonder if the author meant a hastily set up formation? Since Han Li did use the lightning formation to kill that armored giant right at the start of the Deep Heaven City battle, albeit that was an extremely short distance that he was able to see with his own eyes.

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