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The Aura Integration Beast was appraising the Body Integration Stage beings on the battlefield with a hesitant look in its eyes. Among all of the beings on the battlefield, these Body Integration Stage beings were the only ones that could pose a threat to it. It was familiar with the auras of two of the Body Integration Stage human cultivators, and it identified them as the ones who had sealed it all those years ago.

As for the auras being released by those devilish lords, those were extremely abhorrent to it as well.

If it were at the height of its powers, then it would've immediately decided to devour all of these Body Integration Stage beings. However, it was still carrying old injuries, and it had been trapped for many years, so it was nowhere near the height of its powers and didn't dare to just recklessly charge into the battle.

Just as it was hesitating about how to proceed, the crimson talisman on its head lit up again, and having just experienced the agony that Fairy Lin Luan was able to inflict upon it at will, the Aura Integration Beast didn't dare to hesitate any longer. It immediately opened its cavernous mouth and released a gust of yellow winds that swept toward the devilish army down below.

All of the devilish beings that were swept up by the yellow wind were torn into shreds without being able to offer up any resistance, and in the blink of an eye, over 1,000 devilish beasts and over 100 devilish cavaliers had been slain.

"Hmph, you'll pay with your life for choosing to oppose us, Aura Integration Beast!" Tie Long harrumphed coldly in an enraged manner as he flipped a hand over to produce a black leather pouch, then tipped the pouch over to reveal a golden flying trident that was several inches in length.

The item then rapidly swelled to around 1,000 feet in size, and Tie Long gripped onto the trident's shaft with both hands before swinging it viciously toward the gust of fierce yellow wind.

An azure trident projection crashed down from above like a waterfall, slicing the gust of yellow wind apart before crashing down onto the ground, creating a giant fissure that was over 10,000 feet in length amid an earth-shattering boom.

Meanwhile, a loud thunderclap rang out from the black leather pouch, and two thick bolts of silver lightning sprang forth from within the pouch before transforming into a pair of giant wolves that were enveloped by silver lightning. The wolves each had a pair of silver lightning wings that were 30 to 40 feet in length, and they let loose menacing howls before pouncing directly toward the Aura Integration Beast.

A hint of disdain flashed through the Aura Integration Beast's eyes upon seeing this, and it swept a giant paw through the air from afar.

A gargantuan yellow paw that was around 1,000 feet in size abruptly appeared above the two giant wolves before descending with devastating might, completely destroying the pair of wolves in an instant.

Tie Long's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he immediately slashed his giant golden trident through the air again to unleash another massive trident projection. At the same time, his pair of giant black hammers also unleashed countless projections that hurtled directly toward the giant beast.

The Aura Integration Beast naturally saw Tie Long's attacks as provocation, and a ferocious light flashed through its eyes as it flapped its wings vigorously, conjuring up a pair of murky yellow clouds that completely concealed its massive body.

The giant trident projection and hammer projections struck the yellow cloud in rapid succession amid a string of dull thumps, but were unable to break the defense.

Tie Long was quite stunned to see this, and he immediately made a hand seal, conjuring up balls of silver lightning around his body that he prepared to unleash on the yellow cloud.

However, right at this moment, spatial fluctuations suddenly erupted overhead, and a giant furry paw emerged out of thin air before crashing down toward Tie Long from above.

Before the paw had even fully descended upon him, a burst of enormous force closed in on Tie Long from all sides, and his body became extremely sluggish, as if he were carrying a mountain on his shoulders.

At the same time, the surrounding air became as hard as iron and steel, and it became extremely difficult to even lift a single finger.

Tie Long was struck by a sense of shock and fury by this sudden development, and he let loose an almighty roar, upon which all of the balls of lightning around him exploded to forcibly blast open the sealed space around him.

At the same time, a giant black projection appeared behind Tie Long, and it let loose a low roar as an astonishing aura erupted from its body.

Black light swirled around Tei Long, and his physical constitution suddenly multiplied in power, allowing him to disregard the immense force weighing down upon him and conjure up over 100 projections. All of the projections were completely identical, and they flew through the air in all directions.

However, the giant paw up above merely faltered for an instant before crashing down like lightning, sending a burst of yellow shockwaves sweeping through the surrounding area.

Most of the projections were instantly destroyed by the shockwaves, and only a dozen or so managed to escape to several thousand feet away before disintegrating on their own, leaving on a single projection, which reverted back into Tie Long's true body.

As soon as he emerged, he cast his gaze toward the massive paw in the distance, and his expression darkened significantly.

At this moment, the yellow cloud up ahead reverted back into a pair of giant bat wings, and the Aura Integration Beast re-emerged before crouching down in preparation to pounce toward Tie Long again.

With its colossal frame, even when it wasn't unleashing any abilities, it still resembled a giant mountain.

Tie Long's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he could only conjure up the same projections and ball of lightning again to evade the massive beast's attacks.

Even though he seemed to have been forced firmly onto the back foot, the Aura Integration Beast wasn't able to land a decisive blow on him, either.

Master Azure Dragon's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, and a cold light flashed through his eyes. He flipped his hands over to produce an azure flying sword in each hand, one of which had two azure wyrms engraved upon it, while the other carried the image of a shimmering golden peacock.

He flicked his wrists, and the two flying swords immediately rose up into the air in unison. One of them transformed into a pair of azure wyrm projections, while the other took on the form of a golden phoenix projection amid a flash of golden light.

The three projections then hurtled directly toward Tie Long as dazzling streaks of light at Master Azure Dragon's behest. It was quite clear that he was planning to kill Tie Long with the help of the Aura Integration Beast.

If he could kill this late-Body Integration Stage devilish lord, then there was a good chance that they'd be able to secure victory, even with the two mysterious devilish lords that had emerged.

Tie Long was naturally extremely enraged to see this, but in the face of the threat posed by the Aura Integration Beast, he didn't have the spare capacity to attack Master Azure Dragon, and the situation was quickly becoming quite perilous for him.

Just as Tie Long was being forced back and Master Azure Dragon was looking on with elation in his eyes, thousands of bursts of astonishing baleful Qi suddenly erupted out of the devilish sea. The inky-black devilish sea also instantly turned as red as blood.

Ferocious howls rang out as a devilish army that was enveloped by crimson light flew out of the devilish sea in an unhurried manner. Each and every one of the devilish beings had crimson patterns running all over their bodies, and were giving off terrifying deathly auras. They were all completely expressionless, and they possessed indistinct ghostly bodies, as if they were malicious spirits that had just emerged from the depths of hell.

Tie Long was ecstatic at the sight of this ghostly devilish army, and he immediately commanded, "Haha, let's see if this beast of yours can continue to keep this up! Infernal Bloodform Guards, trap the Aura Integration Beast and this man in the Infernal Blood Formation and put an end to their lives! Jialun War Devils, attack the city!"

The devilish army known as the Infernal Bloodform Guards immediately swept forth as a massive crimson cloud upon receiving this order. After just a few flashes, they swept up the Aura Integration Beast, Master Azure Dragon, and even Tie Long himself, and the sound of violent clashes instantly began to ring out within the cloud.

Meanwhile, a string of sharp cries also erupted from the devilish army that was attacking the city wall with all their might, and over 1,000 ordinary-looking low-grade devilish beasts suddenly emerged from the army. After just a few flashes, they reached the silver light barrier outside the city wall, then transformed into Jialun War Devils.

Ever since the commencement of the battle, they had been posing as low-grade devilish beasts through the use of a disguise technique. Now that they had finally gotten close to the city wall, they were being unleashed on the city by Tie Long.

These war devils each had three heads and six arms, and two of their monstrous heads were blasting forth all types of attacks such as fireballs and wind blades. All types of heavy weapons also appeared in their hands before being swung toward the light barrier in a torrential downpour of ferocious attacks.

The silver light barrier was indeed very powerful, but it was already becoming rather unsteady from being attacked by the devilish army for so long, and now that the Jialun War Devils had also joined in on the attack, the barrier was beginning to shatter in several places.

The Jialun War Devils charged onto the city wall and began to massacre their human foes. The human warriors and low-grade cultivators were no match for these powerful devilish beings, and bloodcurdling cries rang out as they all retreated in a panicked manner.

Some of the high-grade cultivators up above tried to step in, but they were instantly surrounded by several Jialun War Devils per person and quickly killed on the spot.

As a result, the city wall was plunged into a state of complete chaos, and morale plummeted as the human army looked on with horrified expressions.

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