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Under the influence of this power of laws, the final small mountain nearby crumbled into rubble amid a resounding boom.

All of the fierce winds sweeping through the devilish formation dissipated, and all of the devilish Qi in a radius of several tens of kilometers quickly thinned out.

Countless specks of five-colored light began to appear before surging toward the blade segment in a frenzy, and the incomplete blade segment suddenly became whole again.

A faint buzzing sound rang out from the purple blade, and the fluctuations of power of laws intensified even further.

As for the specks of five-colored light that hadn't yet surged into the blade, they all transformed into five-colored runes.

A cold smile appeared on the golden body's face, and it aimed the purple blade up at the primary devil overhead while roughly doubling its rate of injection of five-colored light into the purple blade.

Due to the enormous amount of five-colored light passing through it, the arm that was wielding the purple blade had turned into a rainbow color, and a terrifying aura that threatened to destroy heaven and earth erupted from the blade.

As more and more of the world's origin Qi was injected into the blade, this aura became even more fearsome.

The primary devil that was battling Han Li in the distance shuddered upon sensing this terrifying aura, and the violent killing intent of the primary devil significantly abated as the logic of Lord Lan returned.

The giant skeleton immediately hurled its 26 bone weapons through the air without any hesitation, then quickly pointed at the weapons, upon which they converged to form a sinister-looking blade that was several hundred feet in length.

The giant blade came crashing down from above while the primary devil shot back in retreat, flying back to over 1,000 feet away in a flash.

However, right at this moment, spatial fluctuations erupted near the primary devil, and a huge green hand shot forth like lightning to grip onto its shoulder in a completely unexpected turn of events.

The primary devil was naturally extremely alarmed by this, but a ferocious look then appeared in its eyes as it expelled a burst of devilish flames out of its mouth.

The huge black hand was set alight and was quickly charred into a blackened state, but it displayed no intention of letting go.

Green light flashed several times in rapid succession, and not only did the hand completely regenerate to its original condition, it was now gripping even more tightly onto the primary devil's shoulder.

Only then did the primary devil begin to panic. It swung several of its arms through the air in unison, and then transformed into a dozen or so bone blades that slashed toward the giant green hand.

A string of sickening cracks rang out in rapid succession as each of the bone blades sliced around a foot deep into the huge hand, but they were unable to progress any further. This green hand was much more resolute than even the average treasure!

The primary devil was truly growing very alarmed now, and it let loose a loud roar as its body disassembled into countless bones in an instant.

The giant green hand was still holding tightly onto seven or eight of its bones, but the rest of the skeleton converged several tens of feet away in its complete form, and it seemed that those missing bones hadn't affected its body at all.

However, during this split-second delay, the Provenance Golden Body down below had already finished what it was doing. Golden runes appeared on the surface of the purple blade before it was slashed toward the primary devil up above.

A tremendous burst of power of laws instantly erupted from the blade, transforming into a giant black wave that surged through the air, reaching the primary devil in a flash.

The primary devil was extremely alarmed by this, and the devilish flames around its body swelled drastically before sweeping toward the massive wave. At the same time, a burst of loud cracks and pops erupted from its body as hundreds of bone blades emerged before flying through the air amid the devilish flames.

A peculiar scene then ensued!

In the instant that the devilish flames and massive bone blades came into contact with the giant black wave, they were all erased from existence in a completely silent manner.

The primary devil was horrified to see this, and it attempted to flee the scene, but it was completely immobilized by the power of laws in the air around it.

Thus, the massive primary devil was completely inundated by the giant black wave in an instant, and it was completely wiped off the face of this realm.

In the instant that the primary devil was destroyed, the skulls locked in combat with the Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles and the giant bone lotus that was opposing the golden vortex all disintegrated into plumes of black smoke.

In the next instant, the power of laws in the surrounding space also vanished along with the massive black wave, and it was as if nothing had ever happened.

After unleashing the power of the purple blade segment, the light radiating from the golden body had dimmed significantly, clearly indicating that it had expended a lot of power as well.

At this moment, a green figure flashed nearby, and a green-skinned Han Li calmly emerged out of thin air. This was none other than the spirit body that Han Li had refined using that immortal zoysia, and it was being controlled by Qu'er.

Even though Qu'er wasn't very powerful at all, the spirit body didn't reject her as she was also a spirit being of heaven and earth. As such, she was able to control the spirit body to great effect.

Having been nurtured for centuries by the green liquid from Han Li's mysterious small vial, the spirit body had reached the pinnacle of the early-Body Integration Stage.

With Qu'er's current powers, she was only able to realize a fraction of the spirit body's potential, but it still proved to be an extremely valuable ally to Han Li. Only after it had momentarily trapped the primary devil was the golden body able to kill it with a single strike using the blade segment. Otherwise, with the primary devil's array of peculiar abilities, it would not have been easy for Han Li to kill it in a short time.

After the primary devil was slain, the golden body and spirit body both vanished into the giant ape's body as a ball of golden light and a green shadow, respectively.

After that, golden light flashed from the giant ape's body, and it quickly shrank down as Han Li reverted back to his human form.

A faint smile appeared on his face as he heaved a faint sigh of relief, but right at this moment, an earth-shattering boom suddenly erupted from another direction.

At the same time, several bursts of astonishing bone-chilling auras erupted into the heavens from the same direction. The smile on Han Li's face instantly faded, and he turned toward the other battle with a cold expression.

At this point, the entire devilish formation had already crumbled, and the black devilish Qi had all dissipated, so everything within where the devilish formation once stood was revealed.

The giant light barrier that had trapped the bald devilish being and the four Heavenly Ghosts had already been shattered, and the devilish lord had emerged in mid-air alongside the Heavenly Ghosts.

The four Heavenly Ghosts wore their usual vicious expressions, but the bald devilish lord's expression had become extremely strained. He could see that the devilish formation they had painstakingly set up had been completely destroyed, and Lord Lan's aura had also vanished without a trace, so he was naturally very alarmed and bewildered.

As an acquaintance of Lord Lan, he was naturally aware of the Hierarchical True Devils that Lord Lan had cultivated. He knew that when fully unleashed, the Hierarchical True Devils were even more powerful than the four Heavenly Ghosts he had summoned.

It had only taken him a very short time to break through the light barrier he had been trapped under, but during this time, Lord Lan had been slain even after using his Hierarchical True Devils, and that was astonishing to the bald devilish lord.

In the instant that the light barrier was shattered, Fairy Silver Light threw up several mouthfuls of blood, and her face became deathly pale.

It was quite clear that she had paid a very heavy price to keep the bald devilish lord trapped within her light barrier.

Han Li turned toward the bald devilish lord, and a cold look appeared in his eyes.

However, before he had a chance to do anything, the devilish lord suddenly made a hand seal and fled the scene as a streak of black light.

He had made a snap decision to flee seeing as the situation had taken a dramatic turn for the worse.

The four Heavenly Ghosts were also swept up into the streak of black light, and as for the Heavenly Asura Gate, it merely vanished as soon as the devilish lord fled the scene, as if it were nothing more than a projection.

Han Li harrumphed coldly as he narrowed his eyes, then made a hand seal to release the 13 Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles out of his sleeve again.

At the same time, a thunderclap erupted behind Han Li, and a pair of translucent wings emerged on his back. He then transformed into his giant four-winged Tian Peng form and quickly sped away into the distance as an arc of silver lightning.

In the blink of an eye, the giant bird and the black streak of light had vanished into the distant sky, and Fairy Silver Light immediately heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that Han Li's speed outstripped that of the black streak of light.

She knew that in her current state, she wouldn't be of any help to Han Li even if she were to give chase, so she simply remained where she was.

She quickly pulled a jade vial out of her storage bracelet and consumed seven or eight pills at once. As a result, she was quite reinvigorated, but a slightly unnatural flush had appeared on her face.

After that, she turned toward the piles of rubble where the devilish formation had once stood, and a contemplative look appeared in her eyes.

Around an hour later, a streak of azure light returned. The azure light faded, and Han Li emerged in an expressionless manner, then dropped a round object from above, which landed right in front of Fairy Silver Light.

The object gave off an overwhelming stench of blood and gore, and it was the head of one of the Heavenly Ghosts. [Translation: Ooga booga, me strong, me kill ghost, me want snu snu right now!]

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