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Aside from a pair of eyeballs that were flashing with purple light, the skeleton was completely white and devoid of color. Its limbs were waving erratically through the air, and it was uttering an incantation in a shrill piercing voice that induced goosebumps on the listener's skin.

The 13 skeletons around it also raised their heads and let loose sharp cries in unison, then vanished into the skeleton at the center as bursts of black Qi.

That skeleton then began to swell drastically, and light swirled over every single inch of its bones as it began to undergo a peculiar transformation.

A dull thump akin to a rumbling thunderclap rang out, and the skeleton swelled to around 700 to 800 feet in size. Black devilish flames erupted over its entire body, and it resembled a fiendcelestial that had just descended from the heavens. Upon closer inspection, one would discover that there was a series of small skulls embedded onto the giant skeleton's sternum. The skulls were only several feet in size each, and there were 13 of them, clearly having been transformed from the 13 skeletons.

What was even more astonishing was that as the giant skeleton let loose a long cry, a burst of cracks and pops rang out, and 26 pairs of arms emerged from its back.

Each arm was holding a different type of bone weapon, and as the weapons were swung through the air, howling devilish winds and scorching devilish flames swept through the surrounding area.

This was the primary devil of the 13 Hierarchical True Devils, while its constituent skeletons were the secondary devils.

However, this was a rather special method of cultivation where Lord Lan had refined his own body to become the primary devil.

The benefits of this included drastically enhancing his own powers, allowing him to master several types of powerful devilish abilities, and erasing the risk of suffering backlash from the secondary devils.

However, if he were to sustain overly severe wounds in this form, his mind could be corrupted by the devilish power he had attained, and he would be permanently reduced to a mindless primary devil.

As such, if it weren't for the fact that Han Li was far more powerful than he had anticipated, he wouldn't have taken the risk to adopt this primary devil body.

As soon as he adopted this form, a sense of overwhelming bloodlust flooded into Lord Lan's mind, and the fear he held toward Han Li was completely erased. After letting loose a burst of sinister cackling, he abruptly opened his mouth to expel a burst of devilish wind toward Han Li from afar.

The devilish wind was extremely cold and encompassed the entirety of heaven and earth. The primary devil then stepped forward, and its body instantly vanished into the gust of devilish wind.

At this point, Han Li had already pulverized most of the small mountains nearby using his own mountains as projectiles, and the mountain that the primary devil had been standing on before was the only one left.

As the gust of devilish wind swept toward him, Han Li immediately hurled his pair of mountains forward once again.

The two extreme mountains positioned themselves in front of him, and they began to swell drastically once again, reaching over 10,000 feet in height each.

The devilish wind struck the two extreme mountains with tremendous force, and a thick layer of ice immediately took shape on the two mountains.

Han Li stomped a foot onto the ground and launched himself onto the summit of one of the mountains, then peered carefully into the gust of devilish wind with blue light flashing in his eyes.

In the next instant, he suddenly let loose a furious roar as his giant ape hands lashed out like lightning, sending countless golden fist projections hurtling toward a certain spot within the devilish wind.

A burst of unsettling cackling rang out as countless giant blade projections emerged from within the devilish wind, and the surfaces of these blade projections were all riddled with crimson runes.

The seemingly indestructible golden fist projections were all sliced apart one after another, following which the blade projections continued on toward Han Li.

The blue light in Han Li's eyes brightened even further upon seeing this, and he suddenly waved a hand through the air. 13 giant golden flowers immediately flew toward him before transforming into his 13 Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles.

They had been trapped momentarily by the restriction within the devilish formation, and they had only just managed to free themselves.

Without requiring any instructions from Han Li, the 13 beetles expanded drastically to several tens of feet in size each, then instantly conjured up countless projections that appeared before Han Li like countless purple shields.

The blade projections were extremely sharp, but all of them merely vanished amid dull thumps upon striking the beetles.

With how resolute the bodies of the Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles were, there really was barely anything in this world that could truly destroy them, and those blade projections were no exception.

Right at this moment, a giant vortex appeared in the air above Han Li, following which a huge black figure descended from above. The black figure was wielding 26 bone weapons and enveloped in a sea of black flames; the primary devil that Lord Lan had transformed into was unleashing a sneak attack on Han Li.

However, Han Li seemed to have anticipated this in advance and wasn't alarmed in the slightest. He abruptly took a deep breath, and a suit of black armor appeared over his body amid a burst of churning black Qi, and countless black runes erupted from the suit of armor to protect him.

He then rubbed his hands together before separating them and raising them up into the air, casting a giant net of lightning that erupted toward the descending sea of devilish flames.

The black devilish flames and golden lightning clashed amid a resounding boom, and both were instantly significantly diminished as if they were direct counters to one another. Meanwhile, the 26 giant bone weapons came crashing down toward Han Li's head without any hesitation.

A cold smile suddenly appeared on Han Li's face, and golden light erupted behind him as a golden projection with three heads and six arms emerged. The projection swung its six arms through the air and released six balls of golden light.

The balls of light converged above Han Li, then transformed into a golden vortex that was around an acre in size.

This was none other than the Revolving Golden Light!

Under the smokescreen provided by the dazzling golden vortex, a faint green figure also shot forth from Han Li's body, then vanished into the nearby devilish Qi.

Meanwhile, waves of golden light were being released by the rapidly revolving golden vortex, and these golden waves instantly encompassed all of the oncoming bone weapons.

At the same time, the golden projection behind Han Li let loose a low cry, and a burst of enormous suction force erupted from the golden waves.

The bone weapons in the hands of the primary devil tremored violently in the face of this suction force, then quickly flew out of the primary devil's grasp and directly toward the golden vortex.

Han Li faltered slightly upon seeing this, clearly quite surprised that he had managed to disarm the primary devil so easily.

In the next instant, a burst of sinister cackling rang out from the primary devil, and it abruptly pointed a finger toward the 26 bone weapons.

Just as the weapons were about to be drawn into the golden vortex, they suddenly converged and released a burst of piercing grey light.

In the blink of an eye, a giant bone lotus flower took shape, and every single bone petal was riddled with countless runes that were radiating unsettling grey light.

The giant bone lotus revolved on the spot, and released countless blades of light that shot forth in a torrential barrage. All of the golden waves were sliced apart before the blades hurtled directly toward the golden vortex, but the Revolving Golden Light was an incredibly powerful ability that Han Li had only attained after achieving full mastery of the Provenance True Devil Arts, so it naturally wasn't going to be broken so easily.

The three heads of the golden projection behind him began to chant in unison, and it was also casting a rapid string of incantation seals into the vortex with its six hands.

A loud rumbling sound immediately rang out from within the golden vortex, and the golden waves erupting from it instantly became even more powerful, forming a stalemate with the blades of light released by the bone lotus.

The purple light in the primary devil's eyes brightened upon seeing this, seemingly frustrated by Han Li's tenacious resistance. It abruptly reached toward itself with its 26 hands, pulling out a thick bone each, which transformed into another set of 26 weapons that were swept toward Han Li again.

Han Li thumped his own chest with his giant ape fists upon seeing this, then opened his mouth to expel a pillar of golden light. At the same time, he rose up to clash with the primary devil with his bare fists, relying on the incredible defensive prowess of his suit of devilish armor to hold his own in melee combat.

Right at this moment, the 13 Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles also pounced toward the giant primary devil, but the primary devil let loose a low roar as the 13 skulls detached themselves from its sternum, then flew directly toward the 13 beetles with green light erupting out of their mouths.

This green light wasn't able to harm the Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles, but it was imbued with some kind of peculiar power that managed to temporarily trap the beetles.

All of a sudden, the golden projection ceased its chanting and also withdrew its hands seals, and its body took on a substantial form.

A burst of black Qi then emerged from its middle head, revealing itself to be a black Nascent Soul that was several inches tall.

The Nascent Soul was completely identical to Han Li in appearance, and it was holding a blade segment with both hands. It looked up at the primary devil with a cold light in its eyes, then harrumphed coldly as it disappeared into the middle head of the golden body again.

In the next instant, the golden body's three heads moved in unison, and it flipped over one of its hands, upon which the blade segment that the black Nascent Soul had been holding a moment ago appeared in its grasp. The blade segment had expanded to over 10 times its original size to match the size of the golden body's hand, and the golden body's three heads began to chant in unison again.

As it did so, it waved its other five arms through the air, sending countless golden runes raining down upon the blade segment, which began to radiate rings of five-colored light.

At the same time, a burst of power of laws of heaven and earth filled the entire space.

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