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After taking a dozen or so attacks from Han Li's mountains, sweat was pouring down Lord Lan's back, and his entire body was trembling as he stumbled back in retreat. After hearing what the bald devilish lord had to say, he was immediately reinvigorated, and after transmitting his voice in an affirmative response, he immediately began to think of a way to detach himself from this battle.

Blue light was flashing through Han Li's eyes, and he was able to clearly see the changes in expression on Lord Lan's face. He immediately harrumphed coldly, then suddenly hurled his two mountains through the air.

After leaving his hands, then two mountains swelled to over 1,000 feet tall each and hurtled toward Lord Lan at an incredible speed.

Even before they had actually reached Lord Lan, they were sweeping up gale-force winds, and the nearby space was twisting and warping in the face of their power.

Lord Lan's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, following which a vicious look appeared in his eyes. He suddenly gritted his teeth and abruptly pointed at two of the treasures hovering before him, then shot back in retreat with the rest of the treasures.

Meanwhile, the two treasures he had just pointed at hurtled directly toward the two mountains, and in the instant that they came into contact with one another, the treasures instantly self-detonated amid an anguished wail.

Two resounding booms rang out as a pair of giant balls of light surfaced beneath the two mountains, and the mountains' seemingly unstoppable downward momentum was momentarily stopped cold.

However, in the next instant, the two mountains overwhelmed the balls of light and crushed them into nothingness. Immediately thereafter, Han Li appeared beneath the mountains in a wraith-like manner and casually raised his giant ape hands up into the air to catch them as if they weighed nothing more than a feather.

After that, he cast his gaze several thousand feet up ahead with a cold expression, and he discovered that Lord Lan had taken advantage of the detonation of the pair of treasures to temporarily escape from Han Li.

He was currently flying rapidly toward the small mountain down below, and at the same time, the 13 true devils being chased around by the Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles were also hurtling toward the same direction as 13 balls of black devilish flames.

The dozen or so Purple-striped Gold Devouring Beetles immediately set off in hot pursuit, and at this point, all but a few of the blue flying snakes had been eradicated by the countless sword threads.

The flying snakes were an extremely rare type of devilish beast in the Elder Devil Realm, but they were no match for the peerlessly sharp Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.

They would’ve been a lot more powerful had they been unleashed in conjunction with a cultivation art that Lord Lan was supposed to use, but he had found himself completely unable to use the cultivation art as he was too busy fending off attacks from Han Li.

As such, even though Lord Lan was extremely reluctant to abandon those flying snakes, he had no choice but to do so.

Han Li let loose a thunderous roar upon seeing this, and he abruptly stepped forward, covering a distance of several thousand feet in just a few flashes to take him directly above the small mountain.

He then hurled his two mountains viciously downward again, while his giant ape hands clenched up into tight fists and unleashed a devastating barrage of fist projections.

Curiously enough, in the face of such astonishing attacks, a hint of ecstasy flashed through Lord Lan's eyes as opposed to panic or horror. All of a sudden, he swept a sleeve through the air to release a black formation plate, which transformed into a black cloud that completely concealed his entire body.

The two mountains crashed down with devastating force, instantly dispersing the black cloud, but Lord Lan was nowhere to be seen.

Not only that, but a resounding boom erupted from the mountains around the small mountain down below, and each mountain released a pillar of black light, which then transformed into massive formation flags.

Each flag was as thick as a water tank, and they extended all the way into the heavens like giant celestial pillars.

A devilish formation that was around several kilometers in radius then emerged from the ground with the cluster of small mountains as the core of the formation.

The entire sky darkened, and the surrounding space tremored as bursts of black devilish Qi surged out of the mountains in a frenzy.

Countless black runes took shape around Han Li, and the surrounding air tightened, upon which he was completely immobilized and left hovering in mid-air.

Immediately thereafter, the black runes exploded in rapid succession to form countless black threads of light. The black threads flashed erratically before transforming into a series of inky-black chains, and they instantly bound the giant ape in an extremely tight manner.

At the same time, the black devilish Qi down below rumbled and churned, then transformed into a series of giant tentacles that swept directly toward Han Li.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and he displayed no fear whatsoever. Instead, he let loose a low roar, and all of his fur immediately stood up on end, while his body also expanded drastically.

The black chains around him tremored violently as they were stretched to their limits, then shattered into countless pieces.

A fierce look appeared on Han Li's face, and his arms swelled significantly in size as he raised them high up into the air above his head while his fur shot forth as countless streaks of golden light.

The streaks of golden light flashed through the air, sending ripples running through the surrounding space, and an invisible restriction was forcibly shattered. Han Li then made a grabbing motion with one hand, and a giant silver ruler appeared in his grasp. He swept the ruler behind him in a vicious manner without any hesitation, and a pillar of silver light erupted forth, vanquishing all of the oncoming devilish Qi tentacles.

All of a sudden, Lord Lan appeared on the summit of one of the small mountains, and his expression darkened slightly at the sight of the giant ape's ferocious display of power. He harrumphed coldly as he swept a sleeve through the air to produce a glossy black gourd, which immediately tipped itself over to release several streaks of green light that vanished into the nearby devilish Qi.

After that, he flipped his other hand over to produce that black formation plate again, and he opened his mouth to expel a mouthful of blood essence that seeped into the plate as a cloud of blood mist.

In the next instant, all of the destroyed tentacles regenerated back to their original condition and swept toward Han Li again.

However, on this occasion, before the tentacles had even reached Han Li, several bone tridents shot forth from within them.

Each bone trident was only around a foot in length, but their tips were of a sinister green color, and they were releasing a nauseating odor, clearly indicating that they were extremely poisonous.

Han Li thumped his own chest with his massive ape fists upon seeing this, and an astonishing thunderclap rang out as arcs of golden lightning erupted from his body, forming a giant lightning net.

Thunderclaps rang out in rapid succession, and all of the oncoming bone spikes faltered in their tracks upon striking the golden lightning.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Han Li raised his giant ape head and let loose a thunderous roar.

In response, the golden lightning around him brightened even further, then swept through the surrounding area with devastating force.

The bone tridents were struck by thick pillars of golden lightning almost at the exact same time, and even though they had clearly been refined using secret devilish techniques, there was no way they would be able to withstand a strike from so much Divine Devilbane Lightning. As such, they were instantly reduced to nothingness, and the giant tentacles were also reduced to clouds of mist in the wake of the golden lightning.

Lord Lan faltered initially upon seeing this before a look of enlightenment and incredulity appeared on his face. "That's Divine Devilbane Lightning!"

His voice was filled with shock and fury.

Those bone tridents appeared to be quite ordinary, but they were actually treasures that even devilish lords had to be quite wary of. There weren't many things in the world that could counter them, but Divine Devilbane Lightning just so happened to be one of those things.

Han Li threw his head back and chortled to the heavens as he clenched his fists before throwing a vicious punch toward the mountain that Lord Lan was standing on.

Spatial fluctuations erupted as a golden fist that was around an acre in size appeared in the air above the small mountain, then crashed down with devastating force.

Lord Lan's expression changed drastically as he immediately laid a hand over his black formation plate, summoning a burst of devilish Qi that inundated his entire body.

An earth-shattering boom erupted as the giant golden fist struck the small mountain, which tremored violently before crumbling into a huge pile of rubble.

Meanwhile, a burst of devilish Qi emerged out of thin air above another nearby mountain, and Lord Lan reappeared.

He quickly cast his gaze toward the small mountain that had just been destroyed, and his expression darkened even further.

At the same time, Han Li made a grabbing motion with both hands, and his two mountains appeared in his grasp again before being hurled toward another two of the nearby small mountains.

Those two mountains were also destroyed, and the devilish Qi within the devilish formation immediately thinned noticeably.

Lord Lan's pupils contracted slightly upon seeing this, following which a vicious look appeared in his eyes. "You're not breaking this formation! There's no way I'd let you escape from this place alive!"

As soon as his voice trailed off, he gritted his teeth and made a hand seal, upon which a dozen or so crimson pills flew out of his sleeves.

The nearby devilish Qi swirled, and 13 skeletons emerged before devouring the pills, then began to dance around Lord Lan in a frenzy.

Meanwhile, Lord Lan himself abruptly laid a hand onto the top of his own head, and crimson light flashed from his body as his flesh and blood fell away, revealing another terrifying skeleton.

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