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“Senior Disciple Han, you really don’t use your ears, do you? How could you not know about such a huge matter? Even if you were secluded, you master should have told you,” Xiao Suanpan said suspiciously.

Han Li didn’t say anything, instead reaching into his pocket, pulling out a medal and handing it over to Xiao Suanpan.

“Senior Disciple Han, there’s no need for that! Of course it could not be your fault! I saw at the first glance that you were clearly a person of integrity!” He quickly glanced at the small medal and started to laugh.

“So can you tell me right now?” Han Li was still concerned about his earlier question.

“Of course, of course.”

“Damn, I almost offended the person in front of me.” Xiao Suanpan worried in his heart, and his lips trembled before a respectful expression appeared on his face.

In the past few years, the Seven Mysteries Sect and the Feral Wolf Gang had been having more and more serious conflicts.  For the sake of control of many prosperous cities of all sizes, both sides had frequently battled and lost a lot of manpower.  Because the Feral Wolf Gang trained and drilled many of their horse thieves at once, to be essentially cannon fodder, when they fought in close quarters they wouldn’t be afraid of death.  Even more so, when they saw blood, they would go even crazier. Although the Seven Mysteries Sect’s martial skills were superior, they were not as unrestrained. So when both sides fought, although the deaths were numerous on both sides the Seven Mysteries Sect usually had more. After several confrontations, the Seven Mysteries Sect superiors could no longer take this sitting down. They took a majority of the Inner Disciples and set out, for the next fight was over a piece of land they absolutely could not lose. Besides, those disciples needed to see the cruelty of the martial world and temper themselves to develop real battle experience.

The result of this fight was that the Seven Mysteries Sect had finally come out on top.  However the inner disciples that were among dead or injured were not low, and many of these older disciples had become crippled. Saying this, Xiao Suanpan sighed in admiration.

After realizing that this strategy was still ineffective, the Sect Leader changed tactics. They first had the less experienced inner disciples do some less important tasks, and go out to gain some experience. Only once they had some experience would they be allowed to participate in life and death battles with the Feral Wolf Gang. After switching tactics, casualties were vastly reduced. Two years after implementing this solution, they allowed the apprentices to “graduate” and earn promotions by participating in these deadly battles.

Just like this, all of the older disciples left, either to gain experience or to do battle against the Feral Wolf Gang. The only ones left inside the sect would be the outer sect members, who have yet to finish their apprenticeship or were underage.

Hearing this, Han Li realized how different his life would be if he ever became an inner sect disciple.


With a loud sound the urumi flew into the air.

Zhao Ziling clutched at his right hand. He fell back a few paces and took in large gasps of air.

He just now met Senior Disciple Li’s ferocious chain blade as it was coming down, unable to dodge it. He was forced to block with his sword but was overwhelmed by the large force. The weapon in his hand flew away.

“Senior Disciple Li, it looks like you won’t be going easy on me. This younger disciple steps down.” Zhao Ziling smiled with difficulty and saluted.

All around them excited shouts rang out.

“Senior Disciple Li’s talented martial skill!”

“Senior Disciple Li’s awesome sword skill!”

“Senior Disciple Li, give this junior brother instructions!”

Each voice not wanting to be quieter than the others shouted louder and louder at their idol and the area soon filled with cheers.

Senior Disciple Li put his longsword away and on his face was a small blush. It looked like he wanted to speak when suddenly his brows furrowed in a frown, as though just remembering something..

He coolly said, “Right now I have some urgent matters to attend to. I must take my leave first.”

He turned around and gently walked away, so gently that it looked like he was floating. This showed his mastery in agility martial skills as he faded away into the woods.  

“Tch! Not only is Senior Disciple Li’s blade skill great, his maneuvering is superb.



The praises echoed all around.

Han Li creased his brows. This Senior Disciple Li’s martial skills weren’t bad. However, doubt crept up in him as it seemed like Senior Disciple Li had been too flashy. Perhaps…

He turned his head and couldn’t help but force a smile.  He was nothing like these peers of his, as he was very perceptive and a deep thinker. He was not a child, but a young adult. His training with the chant had improved his mind far beyond his age.

“I just realized something. Is Xiao Suanpan really your name?” Han Li gave a glance at his companion and asked.

“I am truly called Jin Dongbao. However Senior Han, calling me Xiao Suanpan is fine too.” Hearing Han Li’s question, Xiao Suanpan answered excitedly, almost pridefully.

“Once you get sick or injured, come find me and I will treat you.” Han Li clapped Xiao Suanpan’s shoulder, glanced at the crowd a moment, then headed into the forest.

This left Jin Dongbao confused and he looked quite foolish. A bit later he when he left his stupor, he was completely unaware of what was just said.

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