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“This Senior Disciple Li is so famous! Where did he come from?” Han Li wondered in amazement.

“You don’t even know Senior Disciple Li?”

“It’s because I was in closed door training for several years.”

“Right, right, I forgot you were in seclusion. My memory is truly not that good, I had assumed everybody would be able to recognize Senior Disciple Li and forgot that you, Senior Disciple Han, were in secluded meditation.” Xiao Suanpan quickly said as he realized his mistake.

“Tell me about this Senior Disciple Li, won’t you?”

“Of course, Senior Disciple Han. All of us younger generation know very well the stories of Senior Disciple Li’s.”  Xiao Suanpan watched as Zhang Changgui unsuccessfully tried to send up someone as Senior Disciple Li’s opponent, while Han Li was shocked that famous person could have such a reputation.

“Senior Disciple Han, it is not that this Xiao Suanpan is trying to brag, but it is not surprising that I know of Senior Disciple Li’s stories. Not only I, but also some of the older generation know about him as well.  It was like…” He trembled in excitement and started to tell Han Li about Senior Disciple Li’s accomplishments.  He spoke in such high spirits that spit and saliva flew everywhere, as though he were reciting a heroic legend.

Hearing Xiao Suanpan talk about Senior Disciple Li’s past deeds made him seem a bit like a mythical character.

This Senior Disciple Li had came to the mountains 4 years ago, so he naturally wasn’t of the same generation as Han Li. At the time, he wasn’t able to pass and became a secret disciple. Half a year later, he had ranked first at everything he tried for and had even pitted himself against the Senior Disciples. He had won against 30 other people, completely breaking the record for the examination tests and gaining the attention of the higher elders. Afterwards, what had shocked people the most was that his bones were only of average quality, meaning his growth would be limited. His diagnosis had made everyone pity him, and no elder was willing to accept him as a disciple. After 2 years of practicing fundamentals, he still remained as a regular sect member who practiced a common form of martial arts. The Lightning Fast Blade was a fairly standard style within the middle ranking disciples of the sect.

Senior Disciple Li was a legendary figure, but was also said to have a strong start and would have a weak end. In the end, he could only rely on the unremarkable Lightning Fast Blade style and show off to the later generations, who would be more easily impressed. Recently, he had ranked first in a tournament among 16 disciples, causing him to yet again be the focal point of attention.

At every single competition, Senior Disciple Li was incomparably strong and unstoppable. Not only did he rank highly each time, but he had given face to the lower disciples. At the last year’s competition, he had ranked 3rd among veteran disciples who had been in the sect for over ten years. Although he was a lower ranking disciple, not only was he strong, he was around 27 years old and was far more mature and experienced than Han Li. Many disciples had even thought that if their inner Qi was at the same level as Senior Disciple Li, then getting first place in tournaments would be a cinch.

Senior Disciple Li accumulated a fearsome reputation throughout the mountains by entering many different outer sect events. Even among the new disciples who were still diligently practicing their martial arts, he had gained enough fame throughout the Seven Mysteries Sect that his name was not unfamiliar. Amongmartial artists, he had earned the title of “Tiger Li”. It was even rumored that he was was allowed into the Seven Void Hall and was able to learn even more profound martial arts.

After hearing this, Han Li couldn’t help but feel moved within his heart. If what everything he had heard was true, then this Senior Disciple Li was truly someone to be admired. To have the status that of a secret disciple, meaning that he had failed the initial examination, yet having this much success, one couldn’t help but admire him.

On Zhang Changgui’s side, after many people refused, there was finally a person who was willing to come forward.

This disciple did not look weak at all. Strangely, hanging from his side was an urumi. This urumi was only a thumb’s width and was bendable beyond belief, but, no matter how one looked at it, it looked shabby, a weapon for a mediocre fighter.  (TL Note:

The moment Senior Disciple Li sensed a challenger, he finally opened his eyes, revealing the color of his irises.

He suddenly shouted out loud, shaking the air as if lightning had sounded and deafened the ears of those nearby. The person in front of him had also been affected by this vibration and had immediately looked terrified.

After this shout, his long blade swayed to the side as it followed a chain of sword strokes. In a flash, the sword had seemingly transformed into an additional 9 blades that entrapped his opponent.

This person was very vigilant despite being having been surprised. The urumi floated through the air in a way that seemed like a perfect defense.

“Who is this person?” Han Li couldn’t help but ask.

“That’s Zhao Ziling, the disciple of the 5th elder, practitioner of the one hand style Brushing Willow Sword Art which is hard to deal with.”

“And how does it fare against Senior Disciple Li?”

“He is definitely not an opponent for Senior Disciple Li,” Xiao Suanpan said proudly.

“Why doesn’t Zhang Changgui send out someone who at least has a chance against Senior Disciple Li?”

“Haha! Zhao Ziling is their most amazing contender. None of their disciples are able to beat Senior Disciple Li; it’s just that he has the best chance of doing so and anyone else is no good.” Xiao Suanpan began to laugh at the other side’s misfortune.

Although Zhao Ziling’s swordwork wasn’t too poor, it was missing confidence and was quickly being suppressed by the momentum of Senior Disciple Li’s blade. Any experienced person could tell that Zhao Ziling’s loss was for certain; it was only a matter of time.

After watching for a while, Han Li began to feel some doubt.

“There’s something strange about this. Why isn’t there any older Senior Disciples around here? Of all the people that came to see this event, there’s not even a single elder that can be seen here. The only people here are those within our age group, so what’s going on here?” Han Li spoke out without any restraint.

The moment Han Li had asked this question, Xiao Suanpan’s face had an extremely strange look to it. This had greatly confused Han Li. Could it be he had asked about some sort of taboo?

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