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He pointed a finger at the scroll, and it slowly unfurled, upon which a burst of astonishing baleful Qi erupted into the heavens. The scroll was covered by a layer of golden light, making it impossible to see what was on the scroll.

Blue light flashed through Han Li's eyes, and with his spirit eye ability, he was able to immediately glean the contents of the scroll.

There were countless golden flying swords of different sizes all over the scroll, every single one of which was extremely life-like and possessed a unique aura.

Strangely enough, even though the artwork was only several feet in length and width, it struck one with the feeling that it contained countless flying swords.

These flying swords had been depicted in all sizes and positions, with the largest ones resembling gigantic heaven-splitting swords that struck him with the feeling that they were several hundred feet in length. In contrast, the smallest of these swords were only around an inch in length each, yet all of the patterns on the swords were extremely clear, as if they were right before his eyes.

This was none other than the myriad sword artwork that Han Li had obtained within the ruins inside the Vast Glacial Realm.

This artwork clearly contained an extremely powerful cultivation art, and aside from the Spirit Refinement Technique, Han Li had also spent a lot of time studying this artwork, an endeavor which really had allowed him to glean some things from it.

The things that he gleaned from the artwork naturally had something to do with sword arts, and they also had a strong relation to the utilization of spiritual sense.

At his current cultivation base, he could already cultivate the final Azure Coil Sword Formation enclosed with the Azure Essence Sword Art, and this sword formation was more powerful than the Spring Dawn Sword Formation.

However, after witnessing Body Integration Stage beings in action on many occasions, Han Li felt the sword formation to be rather lacking. Thus, he was struck by a moment of inspiration and decided to incorporate what he had gleaned from the myriad sword artwork into the Azure Coil Sword Formation.

Sure enough, the new sword formation became a lot more powerful as a result, and he was able to better control it as well.

Han Li stared at the myriad sword artwork in an intent unblinking manner.

The things he had gleaned from the artwork were collected and named the Sword Observation Art by him, but he knew that he had only gleaned a minuscule portion of what the artwork truly had to offer. It was just that the rest was too profound for a Spatial Tempering cultivator to comprehend.

After a long while, he heaved a faint sigh before sweeping his sleeve through the air, and azure light flashed before the artwork reverted back into its scroll form and vanished into thin air.

A contemplative look appeared on Han Li's face. He had reaped many rewards from the Vast Glacial Realm, and aside from the Spirit Refinement Technique and myriad sword artwork, the one that he held in the highest regard was the Spiritvoid Pill that he had swindled.

Even Body Integration Stage beings like Cai Liuying and Duan Tianren had plotted for tens of thousands of years to secure these pills, so they naturally had to be extremely valuable.

Unfortunately, this was the first time that he had heard of these pills, and they were presumably only useful for Body Integration Stage beings, so this pill wasn't going to be of any use to him before he made his breakthrough.

Aside from the Spiritvoid Pill, he had also obtained many other spirit medicines from the medicine garden within the ruins. However, most of these spirit medicines had been given to Qian Jizi and the others, and he had only retained one of each so he could nurture them to the point where they could produce seeds.

Even though he was still unable to identify those unique spirit flowers and spirit fruits, they were definitely all extremely difficult to find in the Spirit Realm.

The spirit medicine that he held in the highest regard among them was naturally none other than that silver lotus seed pod. This spirit medicine was most likely the most precious one in the entire medicine garden, but he had no idea what it was, so he couldn't do anything with it for now. He could only hope that he would be able to learn how to use these spirit medicines in the future.

Setting those aside, he could brew some Red Silk Heavenly Wine with the Red Silk Fruits. This wine could extend one's lifespan and enhance one's physical constitution, so it definitely couldn't hurt to drink it. Furthermore, the Red Silk Fruits that he had procured had been growing for countless years, so perhaps the spirit wine brewed with these fruits would have some additional positive effects.

As for the Corrosive Poisonweed, that was an important material for refining several types of pills that could improve a Body Integration Stage being's cultivation base, so he could begin refining those pills after he made his breakthroughs.

Aside from those, the completely depleted talismans and that starry sky diagram in the world within the screen were all items that were very much worthy of further examination. Han Li was sure that studying them would be greatly beneficial to his prowess in the areas of talismans and formations.

However, during the past century or so, he had primarily focused his time on cultivating the Spirit Refinement Technique and some other secret techniques, so he hadn't had much time to examine those things. As such, they had been sitting idly inside his storage bracelet this entire time.

After a long while, Han Li exhaled as he focused his attention on his Body Integration Stage bottleneck.

His spiritual sense had been vastly enhanced, and that, in conjunction with all of the spirit pills he had obtained from the Thunder Continent, would greatly increase his chances of making a successful breakthrough.

However, prior to that, he had to refine some spirit pills and treasures first. After all, the Body Integration Stage bottleneck was different from all of the major breakthroughs he had made in the past. Not only did he require a large number of pills to assist himself during the breakthrough process, he also had to set up a formation to draw upon the world's origin Qi to further increase his chances of success.

This formation was one that Han Li had obtained by chance while passing through the territory of a foreign race during his return journey.

It was said that this formation was an extremely closely guarded secret of their race, and if it weren't for a series of fortuitous events, he wouldn't have been able to learn the method to establish the formation.

This formation wasn't necessarily all that complex, but the thought process behind it was quite brilliant, and it required a few specific treasures to form the core of the formation. Han Li would naturally have to refine these treasures himself, which was why he had purchased so many materials from Deep Heaven City.

He flicked his wrist, and his storage bracelet flew through the air as a streak of black light before hovering in the air in a stationary manner.

He waved a hand toward the bracelet, and red light flashed as a crimson cauldron that was around an inch in height appeared below it.

A burst of azure light then swept forth from the storage bracelet, and spiritual light flashed on the ground, following which a series of containers appeared.

Han Li made a hand seal, and the cauldron quickly expanded to several feet in size. A faint smile appeared on his face, and he pointed a finger at the cauldron, upon which a wisp of azure flames erupted from his fingertip.

The flames revolved around the cauldron before abruptly swelling to several times its original size, upon which a scorching aura was released, drastically increasing the temperature within the secret chamber.

Meanwhile, Han Li made a grabbing motion toward one of the jade boxes on the ground, and the lid of the box flew off on its own before a piece of unknown metal emerged from within.

The surface of the metal was of a glossy black color, and there were wisps of spiritual Qi emanating from it; this was clearly a material that had already been roughly refined.

The black piece of metal vanished into the cauldron in a flash, and Han Li swept a sleeve through the air, upon which the azure flames swelled once again to encompass the entire cauldron.

After that, he added one material after another into the cauldron, and only after two months did he finally complete the refinement of all of the treasures and pills that he required.

He then spent another half month or so to carefully set up a huge formation with the mountain as the center.

After all of those preparations were made, Han Li went into seclusion and cultivated for half a year to prime himself into the best condition before finally beginning to attempt a breakthrough.

On this day, the white-haired elderly man from the Gu Family branch was meditating in a cave abode when the ground suddenly began to tremor, following which the entire secret chamber began to quake violently.

The elderly man opened his eyes and was just about to yell out to inquire what was happening when a thought suddenly occurred to him.

His expression immediately changed as he rushed out of the secret chamber as a streak of light, and after just a few flashes, he appeared on a giant rock on the mountain summit, then cast his gaze toward the sea of mist in the distance with a solemn expression.

Moments later, a few more streaks of light rushed over to join the elderly man, and they also directed their attention toward the sea of mist.

There were heavenly phenomena taking place again!

The same thought appeared in everyone's minds at the same time as a dozen or so giant silver pillars of light erupted from within the sea of mist.

Each and every pillar of light was over 1,000 feet tall with faint golden runes flashing erratically on their surfaces.

The sea of mist tumbled violently, and countless specks of lights of different colors were converging toward the center of the sea of mist from all directions.

The elderly man released his spiritual sense, and his face immediately paled. Within his sensory range, all of the world's origin Qi was surging toward the sea of mist in a frenzy. Enormous amounts of spiritual Qi was being released by the nearby spirit veins, and they seemed to have been stirred up by some kind of powerful force.

In the blink of an eye, massive five-colored spirit clouds had appeared above the sea of mist to cover the entire sky.

Loud thunderclaps rang out as bolts of purple lightning appeared within the clouds before intertwining violently like a series of purple lightning snakes.

All of a sudden, a long cry suddenly rang out from within the sea of mist, followed by a tremendous eruption of spiritual pressure.

The spiritual pressure was powerful beyond belief, and even though all of the spectating cultivators were situated hundreds of kilometers away, all of them felt a gargantuan weight crashing down upon them. Some of the cultivators with weaker cultivations bases blacked out on the spot and collapsed with blood trickling out of all of their orifices.

Even the more powerful beings like the white-haired elderly man also experienced momentary loss of vision before involuntarily falling to their knees.

These people were naturally extremely alarmed, yet before they had a chance to do anything, bursts of Buddhist chants suddenly rang out from within the five-colored spirit clouds, and runes of all different colors began to appear.

Right at this moment, an inhuman roar erupted from the center of the sea of mist, where the mountain was situated, and a streak of golden light shot forth. The light then receded to reveal a golden figure that was over 1,000 feet tall.

The golden figure had a pair of huge menacing eyes and was baring its fangs in a ferocious manner; it was a vicious-looking giant golden ape.

As soon as this ape appeared, loud thunderclaps immediately erupted from within the five-colored spirit clouds. Countless purple lightning arcs then converged toward the same spot in the clouds, forming a giant purple wyrm that was not inferior in size to the massive ape.

Another earth-shattering thunderclap erupted, and the purple wyrm came crashing down with devastating force.

The giant golden ape looked on with a ferocious expression and pounded its own chest with its huge fists before leaping up to meet the purple wyrm.

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