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Han Li wasn't surprised to hear this. He had already plundered the entire medicine garden before Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun had a chance to reach it, but from the size of the medicine garden, one could still roughly deduce the number of spirit medicines that had been planted in there, which was why Qian Jizi was convinced that there were more.

"I do indeed have some spirit medicines that I've yet to reveal, but shouldn't you show me some sincerity as well, Senior?" Han Li countered with a smile.

Qian Jizhi's expression darkened slightly upon hearing this. "Are you doubting our integrity, Fellow Daoist Han?"

"I wouldn't dare. It's just that I've already brought out all of the spirit medicines I've collected from the Vast Glacial Realm, and I only have repeats of the same spirit medicines left. Hence, I would like to see the spirit pills being offered to me in exchange; I'm sure that's not asking too much," Han Li replied in a slow voice, displaying no intention of backing down.

Duan Tianren was holding a thumbs-sized red fruit in his hand, and after engaging in a brief voice transmission conversation with Cai Liuying, he said, "Fellow Daoist Han's request is a reasonable one. Let's show him the spirit pills that we have as confirmation that we're serious about this exchange."

"Many of the spirit medicines that Fellow Daoist Han has brought out are ones that we need, so it is indeed only fair that we also show him what we have to offer. Hence, I'm willing to take the lead and show Fellow Daoist Han the spirit pills I have to offer first," Cai Liuying said with a smile.

Qian Jizi faltered slightly upon hearing this before suddenly bursting into laughter. "Seeing as neither of you has any objections, I would only be making myself look bad if I were to turn down this request."

"Thank you for your kindness, seniors!" Han Li immediately cupped his fist in a grateful salute.

Thus, Cai Liuying flipped a hand over, and spiritual light flashed, upon which three medicine vials appeared before being tossed to Han Li.

"These three types of spirit pills will all assist in breaking your bottleneck, and they're all quite renowned, so I'm sure you've heard of them. They are Silver Floss Pills, Myriad Wonder Pills, and Bitter Azure Pills. I had to expend countless time and effort to secure these pills, and I've used up half of them already, but the remaining half should be sufficient for your consumption. In particular, the three Myriad Wonder Pills will be extremely potent in assisting you in your breakthrough attempt..."

Han Li caught the medicine vials before carefully inspecting their contents while listening to Cai Liuying's introductions.

With Han Li's pill refinement prowess, he was able to easily identify the authenticity of these pills, and after confirming this, he gave a slight nod.

At this moment, Duan Tianren also produced two medicine vials, as well as two medicine boxes, while Qian Jizhi brought out two palm-sized gourds, one of which was red while the other was blue.

After a few minutes, Han Li had verified all of these pills. The pills that Duan Tianren was offering were not inferior to Cai Liuying's, while the two gourds brought out by Qian Jizi contained two types of precious spirit liquids that could only be found on the Thunder Continent.

Directly consuming the spirit liquids wouldn't do anything, but they were important ingredients for refining several types of spirit pills, and they were extremely rare in the Spirit Realm.

A pleased look appeared on Han Li's face, and he flicked his wrist again, upon which even more jade boxes were released from his storage bracelet.

"The spirit pills and spirit liquids that have been offered are indeed all priceless treasures, but just these alone won't be enough to exchange for all of my spirit medicines," Han Li said in a slow voice as he looked at the hundreds of jade boxes he had just summoned.

Duan Tianren was ecstatic at the sight of the hundreds of jade boxes in front of Han Li, and he chortled, "Haha, with our collective wealth, we'll be sure to have something that catches your fancy, Fellow Daoist Han. Go right ahead and tell us what you'd like."

"Indeed, we'll be taking all of these spirit medicines; please feel free to raise any conditions you have, Fellow Daoist Han."

Qian Jizhi was aware that Han Li had a vast quantity of spirit medicines, but he didn't expect Han Li to be willing to bring out so many at once, so he was also ecstatic.

"I don't need any treasures at the moment, but I'm in need of some rare materials. I have a list with me here, and I was wondering if you had any of the items on there. I've also heard that the Crystal Race's Crystal Moon Liquid was considered to be a holy medicine for body refinement, so I would like to secure a vial from Senior Cai if possible. On top of that, I'm also interested in the refinement methods for sentient puppets and Myriad Wonder Pills, and I was hoping to secure those as well." Han Li rattled off a list of many conditions.

Qian Jizi and the others couldn't help but exchange a glance upon hearing this.

"Aren't you going too far, Fellow Daoist Han? Setting aside the materials, only the pill refinement masters have the refinement method for Myriad Wonder Pills. Crystal Moon Liquid is also something that many holy-grade beings are desperately searching for..." Cai Liuying's brows furrowed in a display of displeasure.

"I don't think I'm asking for too much. These are almost all of the spirit medicines I obtained from the Vast Glacial Realm, and if any of them were to be presented to an auction house, countless holy-grade beings would undoubtedly fight to get their hands on them. There are hundreds of these spirit medicines here, and many of them are already extinct in the Spirit Realm. Furthermore, the ages of these medicines are also completely unfathomable, so I think I'm already making a huge concession by asking for such an exchange," Han Li countered in a calm manner.

"There's no way we can give you the refinement methods for Myriad Wonder Pills and sentient puppets. Those are fundamental to our Heavenly Cloud Races and can't be leaked to outsiders no matter what," Qian Jizhi refused in an implacable manner.

"Crystal Moon Liquid is also extremely precious, but I guess I can spare a vial," Cai Liuying said with a pained expression.

Duan Tianren's expression had also darkened slightly, but Han Li didn't pay this much heed. He had only been trying to probe the bottom lines of the three seniors with his proposed conditions, and even though Qian Jizi clearly wasn't open to negotiation, being able to secure a vial of Crystal Moon Liquid was still a massive victory.

Thus, after a brief pause, Han Li said in a calm voice, "Seeing as the refinement methods of the pills and sentient puppets can't be leaked to outsiders, then I won't force the issue. I'll simply ask for the other half of the spirit stones required to activate the super teleportation formation as well; that should be a far easier condition to fulfill."

Cai Liuying faltered slightly upon hearing this before replying with a smile. "Spirit stones? That's certainly no problem at all."

Qian Jizi and Duan Tianren also agreed to this arrangement as their expressions eased slightly.

Seeing as the conditions for the exchange had been established, Han Li summoned an azure jade slip before tossing it toward Cai Liuying.

Cai Liuying raised an eyebrow before catching the jade slip, then injected her spiritual sense into it to find that it was a list of many materials, quite a few of which were vastly renowned to her.

She glanced at Han Li with a hint of a smile on her face before flicking her wrist and tossing the jade slip to Duan Tianren. Meanwhile, she began to examine the spirit medicines Han Li had brought out.

Moments later, all three of them had examined the new spirit medicines, and after confirming that nothing was amiss, they each began to summon different containers such as wooden boxes and jade vials out of their storage bracelets.

Within mere moments, around 60% to 70% of the materials on the list had been assembled.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged, but he was actually extremely astonished.

This naturally wasn't a list of random materials; most of them were actually ones that Qing Yuanzi had requested, and even though most of these materials weren't the ones on the list that were of the utmost importance, they were still all extraordinary items.

As such, Han Li was naturally quite stunned that Qian Jizi and the others were able to assemble so many of them without even batting an eyelid.

However, this also indicated that these three Body Integration Stage beings had indeed made extensive preparations in advance, so they were sincere in their offer to trade with Han Li. Otherwise, they wouldn't be carrying so many precious items with them.

After examining all of the materials, Han Li stowed them away into his storage bracelet in a pleased manner.

At this moment, Duan Tianren suddenly said, "Aside from a few of the materials that we can't track down, I'll get the rest delivered to you within 10 days. Will that be an issue, Fellow Daoist Han?"

"Of course not; I have full trust in your word, Senior," Han Li replied with a smile.

"These are the spirit stones and Crystal Moon Liquid that you asked for. You really are stripping us bare, Fellow Daoist Han; we might have to start borrowing from our friends to make ends meet," Cai Liuying chuckled as she swept a sleeve through the air.

A black leather pouch and a shimmering blue vial were immediately sent flying toward Han Li within a ball of five-colored light.

"Surely you jest, Senior," Han Li chuckled in response as a hint of elation flashed through his eyes, and he made a grabbing motion to draw the two items into his grasp.

He only gave the spirit stones within the leather pouch a rough examination with his spiritual sense before tossing it into his storage bracelet, but he was a lot more thorough in his inspection of the small blue vial.

Not only did he open the vial and use his spiritual sense to examine it several times, he even held it up to his nose and took a whiff of the contents. Only after that careful assessment did he stow the vial away.

Seeing as the exchange had been completed, Han Li naturally wasn't going to stick around any longer. Thus, after extending a bow to the three Body Integration Stage beings, he bade them farewell and departed.

The three Body Integration Stage beings clearly didn't want Han Li to stay any longer, either, so they also bade him farewell.

Spiritual light flashed from the teleportation formation, and Han Li instantly vanished.

"You two can go as well," Cai Liuying said to Liu Shui'er and Shi Kun.


Liu Shui'er naturally accepted the instruction, whereas Shi Kun glanced at Duan Tianren before also doing as he was told after receiving a nod of confirmation from Duan Tianren.

Thus, the two of them also stepped onto the teleportation formation and disappeared in a flash.

When the two of them arrived in the hall on the first floor of the pavilion, Han Li was already nowhere to be found.

The two of them exchanged a glance with wry smiles on their faces.

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