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As expected of the True Immortal Realm; just the restriction placed over a mere medicine garden here was so difficult to bypass.

After emerging from the plaza in front of the main palace, the restrictive power from the ground still existed, but it seemed to have abated significantly. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to hurl his Extreme Essencefused Mountain very far, even in his giant ape form.

With that in mind, Han Li didn't hesitate any longer as he rushed directly toward the gate of the medicine garden. After the five-colored light barrier was destroyed, everything within the medicine garden was revealed to him.

The garden wasn't very large, but there was abundant wood-attribute spiritual Qi and the strong fragrance of spirit medicine surging toward him.

As such, even though he hadn't yet made his way into the medicine garden, he knew that he had most likely made the right decision in coming here, and that he would definitely reap bountiful rewards.

The entire medicine garden was surrounded by a low fence that was constructed from some kind of green vines. The gate of the garden consisted of two extremely simple boards that were only around 30 feet tall, and they were slightly ajar.

Through the gaps in the fence, Han Li could roughly see what lay within the medicine garden from afar.

The side of the medicine garden that was facing him was quite flat, and the spirit medicines planted there were all short ones that were less than half a foot tall.

Han Li focused his gaze and ascertained what lay at the forefront patch of the medicine garden. The spirit medicines in this area of the medicine garden all had faint yellow leaves, but at their centers were thumb-sized fruits that were thin and pointy, bearing a resemblance to the red chili peppers of the human world.

These fruits were emanating red light, and from a distance, they appeared to be miniature thumb-sized lamps that were quite endearing to behold.

This entire section of the medicine garden was filled exclusively by this type of spirit medicine, so it was quite apparent that the owner of the garden held this medicine in very high regard.

After ascertaining the appearances of these spirit medicines and their fruits, many thoughts quickly flashed through his mind. He had a feeling that he had read about this type of spirit medicine in the past, but he was unable to recall exactly what it was.

Thus, he strode into the medicine garden with a contemplative look on his face.

Just as he passed through the wooden gate, he was suddenly struck by a moment of enlightenment and finally recalled what this type of spirit medicine was.

He had read about it in a very ancient tome back in the Scattered Star Seas of the human world, and these spirit medicines were completely identical to the description in the records, so there was no mistaking it.

He suddenly paused at the entrance to the medicine garden and cast his gaze toward this patch of spirit medicines, of which there were over 100. A peculiar look appeared on his face, and this seemed to be accompanied by a hint of a wry smile.

"So these are Red Silk Fruits. Such aged Red Silk Fruits would most likely be regarded as great treasures, even by immortals, if they're avid alcoholics," Han Li murmured to himself.

That's right, this peculiar spirit fruit was the main ingredient for brewing a certain type of extremely delectable spirit wine.

Most of the cultivators in the Scattered Star Seas would very likely be aware of Red Silk Immortal Wine to a certain extent.

The rumors in the human world stated that this wine was something that only immortals would have the pleasure of tasting. Furthermore, it seemed that this wine was very vastly renowned, even in the immortal realm, and not just any immortal could drink it at will.

There were many incredible legends about this type of wine, not just in the Scattered Star Seas, but even in the human territories of the Scattered Star Seas. However, regardless of the contents of these legends, the one overall consensus was that this wine was a rare delicacy even in the heavens among the gods.

There were even some ignorant mortals who proclaimed that taking just a single sip of this spirit wine would bestow upon one enormous powers, and allow them to ascend straight to the True Immortal Realm.

Han Li had seen relevant tomes regarding this wine, and he was naturally aware that something like that was impossible.

The main reason behind this wine's scintillating reputation primarily lay in its rich and delectable flavor, and it was extremely difficult to find wine of its equal in all of the three realms.

After taking a sip of this wine, its delectable flavor would remain in the drinker's mouth for over 10 days, and if one were to consume an entire flagon of this wine, they would fall completely into an inebriated state and sleep for three days and three nights, even if they were an immortal. Upon their awakening, they would become infatuated with this wine and constantly try to seek out more.

Of course, regular consumption of this wine could slowly enhance one's physical constitution and also extend one's lifespan to a certain degree. As for the potency of these effects, that was something that was only known to the heavens.

Most of these beneficial effects applied to low-grade cultivators or mortals, but despite this, even the avid wine consumers among immortals regarded this wine as a brilliant treasure. As such, it couldn't be said that these Red Silk Fruits were completely useless, but for one such as Han Li, who rarely ever drank wine, these fruits were indeed rather redundant.

Thankfully, there was another point mentioned in the tome that he had read; the richness and efficacy of Red Silk Immortal Wine were related, in large part, to the age of the Red Silk Fruit that had been used to brew it.

As such, Red Silk Immortal Wine was ranked in several grades depending on the age of the Red Silk Fruit used, and Red Silk Fruit was a plant that only flowered once every 1,000 years, and bore fruit once every 10,000 years.

The plant was also very difficult to nurture and was very prone to dying. Hence, it required dedicated care and attention day and night, and only after it bore fruit would it be able to survive without any supervision.

As such, those who didn't enjoy drinking wine definitely wouldn't put in the effort to plant this type of spirit fruit. Even the immortals who valued wine on par with their lives would have to consider whether it was worth expending so much time and effort just to procure this fruit.

This medicine garden had most likely existed since ancient times, and it seemed that no one had picked these Red Silk Fruits ever since they had come into existence. Countless years had to have passed since their fruition, and one could only imagine the age and medicinal efficacy of these fruits.

If he could use these fruits to brew Red Silk Immortal Wine, perhaps he would be blessed with some kind of unexpected miraculous effect. Even if they weren't particularly useful to him, he could sell the Red Silk Immortal Wine that he brewed using these fruits to those who enjoyed wine, and he would definitely be able to secure an astronomical sum for them.

With that in mind, Han Li's expression finally eased slightly.

Instead of immediately harvesting these spirit fruits, he continued on toward the nearby patches of the medicine garden, and there were two other types of spirit herbs that had also been planted en masse nearby.

One of them resembled ordinary grass, but there were faint golden lines running through the green blades of grass. The spirit plant was emanating a rich refreshing fragrance, and was as smooth and comfortable to the touch as warm jade.

In contrast, the other type of spirit plant was completely different. These spirit plants were around half a foot tall with chaotic, crisscrossing branches and leaves. All of the plants were extremely colorful, and each of them bore several blackish-purple fruits.

The surfaces of these fruits were filled with indentations, as well as spots of all colors, and they were truly hideous to behold.

However, there were many of these spirit plants in this area of the medicine garden, which was why they had attracted Han Li's attention.

Unfortunately, Han Li only managed to identify the latter type of these two spirit medicines, and he had no clue what that grass-like spirit medicine was. Even so, he was still currently ecstatic.

This hideous spirit medicine was none other than the Corrosive Poisonweed, which he had read about in a medicine tome back in Deep Heaven City.

This type of spirit plant had already been extinct in the Spirit Realm for over 1,000,000 years, and as the name suggested, it contained extremely potent poison. It was said that even a Body Integration being would be at serious risk of death if they were to consume parts of this plant.

Coincidentally, the potent poison contained within the stems and fruits of these plants were mandatory ingredients for refining over 10 types of top-tier spirit medicines, including a few types of spirit pills that could directly facilitate breakthroughs for those at the Body Integration Stage, and this was the main factor behind the Corrosive Poisonweed's extinction in the Spirit Realm.

Another factor behind this was the fact that it was impossible to transport and transfer this type of plant. No matter what kind of method was used, if this spirit plant were to be transferred and planted in an alternate environment, it would inevitably be reduced to a puddle of useless black water within a few years.

As for nurturing new plants from seeds, no one had ever succeeded in doing this in the Spirit Realm. As such, this type of spirit plant was harvested into extinction after just a few tens of thousands of years following the discovery of its medicinal efficacy, and no one had discovered any of these plants ever since.

Within this area of the medicine garden alone, there were around 70 to 80 of these spirit plants, and it was undoubtedly the case that all of them had been growing for countless years. If he were to use these spirits plants to refine his pills, their efficacy would definitely be significantly enhanced, so Han Li was naturally quite ecstatic to have discovered these plants here.

Thus, he didn't hesitate any longer as he raised a hand into the air. A buzzing sound rang out as a black bracelet flew forth from his wrist before revolving in the air, then expelling a vast expanse of azure light in front of Han Li.

He then made a hand seal before quickly pointing a finger into the air, and 30 to 40 identical jade boxes that were each around a foot in length emerged from within the azure light. The jade boxes were all flashing with spiritual light of different colors, and Han Li gently rustled his own sleeve again as he said, "Come on out, I have something for you to do."

"Yes, Master."

A tender voice rang out from within his sleeve, immediately following which a ball of white light emerged from within. The ball of white light circled around in the air before suddenly transforming into a little girl who appeared to be around six to seven years of age.

The little girl wore a snowy-white dress and had nine little black braids woven into her hair; she was extremely adorable!

This was none other than Qu'er, who was a manifestation of the soul of Han Li's Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng.

As soon as the little girl was summoned, she extended a respectful bow toward Han Li before appraising him with her large bright eyes, silently awaiting further instructions.

"I've seen you harvest spirit medicines within the medicine garden on several occasions, and you're always able to do so extremely quickly; harvest these three patches of spirit medicines for me and place them into those boxes," Han Li immediately instructed as he pointed at the three patches of spirit medicines.

"That's a simple task; it'll only take me a few moments to complete," Qu'er replied as a smile appeared on her.

She then rose up into the air and suddenly appeared above a patch of spirit plants in a flash. Immediately thereafter, she raised both of her little arms before gently flicking her 10 fingers downward.

10 green threads abruptly sprang forth before hurtling directly toward 10 of the spirit plants down below.

These green threads burrowed into the stems of these spirit medicines in a flash, and Qu'er curled her fingers back slightly, upon which the 10 spirit plants that had been bound by the green threads were silently plucked out of the ground.

Not only were the roots of the spirit plants very even and completely undamaged, there was also no soil clinging to them at all, as if they had already been washed.

The green threads sprang forth once again, and the spirit medicines were immediately flung into one of the jade boxes with unerring accuracy.

Qu'er then continued to flick her fingers through the air, and green threads shot forth relentlessly. The spirit plants in this area of the medicine garden were plucked out of the ground 10 at a time before rapidly falling into the jade boxes that had been prepared, and all of the plants that were in this area were uprooted in just the span of a few breaths.

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